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11 Creative Writing Prompts for Writers & People Who Need a Break

If you enjoy creative writing prompts to get you thinking out of the box, you are in the right place!

These fun writing prompts will distract, entertain, amuse, and inspire your imagination. Whether you’re a practicing writer, in need of entertainment, or simply a person who enjoys games such as sudoku or mad libs, you’ll be sure to enjoy these 11 creative and fun writing prompts!

Fair warning- these writing prompts are very random. They are not necessarily intended for anyone under 18 years old.

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Writing Prompts

To help you along with your own creative writing, (and to have a bit of fun) I’ve included my own answers to each unique writing prompt. I hope you don’t mind. I needed a break just as much as you do!

Let’s get started!

11 Creative writing prompts for writers

1. 10 Things you literally never worry about

Mattresses, the colors available for kitchen sponges, twigs in a forest in Romania, whipped cream, aardvarks, what restaurant you’ll eat at if you ever go to Indianapolis, broken staplers at the dump, dust bunnies at Walmart, a spec of sand, birdcage design.

2. 5 Times you had 5 reasons that you couldn’t do something

It’s cold out. My stomach hurts. I’m too busy. I’m too tired. I’m out of bananas.

3. Describe someone who’s living on the edge, someone who’s living on a prayer, and someone who’s living just for midnight

The woman who lets go of the past and moves across the country even though she knows no one where she’s going. That guy speeding while eating a footlong sub. The singer who’s about to go on stage and be amazing.

4. 7 Reasons why she said “No” to a second date

She hates his shirt. He speaks in a weird monotone voice. She still wants her ex. He ordered oysters and she’s vegan. He just assumed she wanted to kiss him even though clearly she did not. She learned he collects vintage Santa Clause figurines.

5. Give me detailed instructions on how I should get your room ready for you. Be a diva about it.

First of all, I will need a bowl of fresh organic fruits. Evian water. Pinot Noir. Raw cacao truffles. Make sure my sheets are 5,000 thread count. Open the blinds. Set the room temperature to 71 F. Draw my bubble bath, and make sure some relaxing EDM trap music is playing.

6. How did you manage to get invited to this amazing party on a rooftop in Midtown with a pool, hot models in bikinis, and tons of free sushi?

I’m on a work trip. I came to this party with my colleague who knows someone who knows someone. We were chatting with different people, and now I can’t find him anywhere. When I saw him last, he was singing at the top of his lungs holding someone’s cat.

7. You’re pouring a glass of lemonade from a blue glass pitcher on the patio on a summer day. Who’s with you and what serious topic are you discussing?

I’m sitting with my lawyer. I have recently won a Powerball ticket for 10 million dollars.

8. 5 Ideas that seemed great at the time

Consuming the entire bowl of queso dip. That leopard print thing. Telling that person to F off. Walking instead of driving. Thinking you could do it yourself.

9. Why are these two men (or women) fighting over you and why is pizza stuck to the window?

They are both in love with me, of course. I threw it trying to break up the fight and it caught

10. 3 Reasons someone has a loofa when they are not going to take a bath

He’s a famous artist who only uses loofas to express himself. She’s going to clean out the gutters on the roof. She is trying to root her orchid plant.

11. The most hilarious disaster/epic fail you’ve ever seen

Once someone tried to steal my friend’s 18-rack at a party but ended up falling down three flights of stairs, breaking their leg, and needing an ambulance. (Ouch!)

Oh ya- and that time my roommate and I caught a plant on fire and had to call the fire department at 1:00 am. Yes, a plant. Long story.

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Creative writing prompts conclusion:

That’s it! I hope you’ve enjoyed these 11 unique and creative writing prompts.

If you follow this blog, you know I typically write about relatively normal, happy, and creative journaling ideas. Along with spirituality and creative lifestyle topics. I guess I just felt like writing some weird sh*t today.

If you enjoyed this article, there are more fun journaling and creative writing prompts listed below. And please do let me know what you think in the comments!

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