Our spirit guides are always there to listen to us and provide answers or guidance to us, however subtle.

Spirit guides can help with love, career, health, and personal challenges. They can relay messages about specific questions or needs, as well as assist in more ambiguous or confusing life challenges. Your guides can bring clarity, give direction, and bring comfort.

To get to know who your spirit guides are if you’re not sure, simply ask! Eventually, maybe sooner than later, you’ll have a good idea about who they are.

Read on to get inspired for questions and things to ask your spirit guides, knowing they are always there to support you!

Spirit Guides

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Connecting with your spirit guides

Often, our guides communicate to us through intuition, synchronicities, messages in the media, or through our inner voice.

Spirit guides can even work a little magic in the form of “signs.”

When you receive a sign from your spirit guides, you’ll know it!

This could be a white feather, a lucky escape from a close call, a book that falls off the shelf or meeting the right person at the right time. Spirit guides, along with angels, elves, and other beings from the unseen realm work all kinds of magic for humans!

So in case you haven’t connected with your guides recently, or want to find new ways to connect with helpful energies, here are 111 things to ask your spirit guides.

111 Questions to Ask Your Spirit Guides:

  1. Ask details about your past lives.
  2. Who are your spirit animals?
  3. Any messages the guides can relay about any deceased loved ones.
  4. Are there any leftover energies or old spirits still with you from any of your past lives?
  5. Ask them about life after death.
  6. Ask them to describe the universe or the unseen realms.
  7. Inquire their names and try to obtain an image of them.
  8. What is your spirit guides definition of God/s?
  9. Get details about that ghost haunting your friends’ basement and how you can help it move on.
  10. Relationship help regarding your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse.
  11. Ask questions about your children.
  12. Ask about your parents, your siblings.
  13. Get details about your future love interest.
  14. Ask your spirit guides to help you connect with people you’re trying to reach.
  15. Let them guide you to do your best work.
  16. Ask them to clarify events from the past.
  17. Get new perspectives from your guides.
  18. Ask them to show you a new way.
  19. To guide you in your career.
  20. Find out what you need to change about yourself.
  21. Any mistakes you’re currently making.
  22. What you could be doing better or differently.
  23. Why you can’t have something you want.
  24. Why you feel triggered by something.
  25. Ask your guides to clarify confusing emotions.
  26. Or to make sense of someone’s confusing behavior.
  27. Ask them to help you succeed.
  28. To help you face adversity, grief, trauma, or obstacles.
  29. For inner strength.
  30. For peace.
  31. Ask them to take some of your burdens away.
  32. To help you forgive someone or yourself.
  33. To heal the past.
  34. Ask them to help you set up a bright happy future.
  35. Ask them to show you true love.
  36. Let them help you manifest love.
  37. Ask to be guided to the right mentors.
  38. Ask them to help you discover your passion.
  39. How to achieve your best physical health.
  40. To increase finances.
  41. Help you heal your relationship with money.
  42. And your relationship with your body.
  43. Your family relationships, friendships, romantic relationships.
  44. Ask your spirit guides to help you find a new opportunity.
  45. Ask how you can better the world.
  46. To lead you to your truth.
  47. To reveal your hidden skills.
  48. Ask to see more beauty in the world.
  49. And find the silver lining in anything.
  50. Ask for the support you need to come to you.
  51. Let them show you what to avoid/ignore.
  52. Show you what to focus on.
  53. To bring you peace.
  54. To bring peace to the world.
  55. Help those in need.
  56. For protection.
  57. Ask what’s the best possible outcome.
  58. The worst possible outcome.
  59. Ask for a parking space.
  60. Let your guides help you with your work.
  61. Help with writing, art, music, or any creative activity.
  62. Ask to find the right words to say.
  63. Ask them to help you do your best.
  64. To help you forgive.
  65. For help during childbirth, or surgery.
  66. Ask to help heal someone else- put a white light around someone.
  67. Ask your spirit guides to guide your parenting.
  68. To guide your lifestyle choices.
  69. To even and uplift your emotions.
  70. Handle your anger.
  71. Ask them to allow you to be impeccable with your word.
  72. Ask for help being tough in a tough situation.
  73. To be guided to insights.
  74. To help you be flexible.
  75. Summon power when you’re feeling vulnerable.
  76. For inspiration.
  77. Ask your guides to reveal someone’s intentions or truth.
  78. Get help with public speaking or performance.
  79. Help with learning something new.
  80. Help meeting a deadline.
  81. For red lights to be green to get you there faster.
  82. Ask them to help you avoid disasters.
  83. Ask them to help you understand the best foods for your body.
  84. And the worst foods to avoid.
  85. Dream interpretation.
  86. If you should take a chance on something.
  87. Whether or not to do something.
  88. If he/she is “the one.”
  89. Ask if you should try plant medicine.
  90. Get guided to the root reasons for your depression or anxiety.
  91. Ask why something happened. IE, to teach you something. To help you grow.
  92. What re-occurring events or synchronicities are trying to tell you.
  93. Ask them to clarify the sign you have received. What does it mean?
  94. Ask your spirit guides how to get to the next level of happiness and abundance in life.
  95. Find out what’s really going to make you happy.
  96. Let them help you get to know yourself better.
  97. Ask your ideal place to live.
  98. Ask who to trust.
  99. Let them help you speak your mind and live your truth.
  100. Ask what really matters.
  101. And what’s finished that you can move on from.
  102. Ask your guides to show you your future.
  103. What direction to take.
  104. Where to go on vacation.
  105. How to make more money.
  106. To help you be the best version of yourself.
  107. To help you love yourself and take care of yourself.
  108. Ask them to help any random stranger.
  109. Ask how you can make your connection to your guides stronger.
  110. Find ways to be more psychic.
  111. Ask what you can do to inspire other people.


Communicating with your guides can be a simple as a conversation in your head. For a bit more oomph or intention in manifesting with your spirit guides, you can use crystals, burn sage, or tap a spirit drum.

And by the way, you can substitute the word “God” “angels” or any other term you like instead of “spirit guides.”

It’s a nice feeling to think of higher, positive, loving forces being there for support.

I hope you enjoyed these 111 questions to ask your spirit guides. Let me know what you think in the comments!

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