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111 Spiritual Affirmations to Help When You’re Awakening {+ Printable}

Do you wonder if you are experiencing a spiritual awakening?

If you’re asking yourself this question, then you probably are.

Spiritual awakening can feel like a rollercoaster. There are moments of joy and enlightenment, but you may also feel disconnected from other people, lost, frustrated, or confused.

That’s why it’s so important to find support, help, and advice to get you through the jumble of emotions that spiritual awakening can bring up.

Use these spiritual affirmations to support your awakening. Know that you are not alone in spiritual awakening and the grief it can bring. You are part of a great number of people awakening at this time on earth. Energetic support, though invisible at times, surrounds you.

You are a spiritual being having a human experience. You are never separate from God. (Or source energy, the Divine, or whatever you want to name it.)

May these affirmations for awakening fill you with inspiration for self-growth, trust in God, and love. The Great Awakening we are collectively experiencing on this planet is a wild ride. You are not going crazy, you are evolving!

Free printable affirmations are included at the end of this article.

spiritual affirmations

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What are spiritual affirmations?

Affirmations are positive statements you think, write, or say out loud.

Spiritual affirmations are specifically focused on positive spiritual growth. Using spiritual affirmations is a way to support yourself during times of awakening. They are a helpful tool for shifting your thoughts to become more trusting in God, loving, gracious, peaceful, and accepting of the flow of life. Especially when used often.

How can affirmations help with awakening?

Affirmations work by creating new neural pathways in the brain. They are most helpful when repeated often because repetition is part of what helps shift ways of thinking.

Spiritual affirmations can open your awareness up to experience the love of God and the magic of The Universe. Expanding your spiritual awareness can inspire greater trust in God, therefore reducing the emotions of stress and fear. Positive affirmations of any kind can help change negative perspectives.

Let’s get right into the affirmations. Then keep reading for more about how to use these affirmations and some tips to help spiritual awakening. You can also download the printable affirmations at the end of this article.

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111 Spiritual affirmations for awakening

  1. I am an infinite being.
  2. I am love.
  3. I am light.
  4. I am free.
  5. I am filled with positive energy.
  6. I feel my energy expand.
  7. I feel my frequency raise.
  8. My vibration is high.
  9. My vibration attracts love, light, and abundance.
  10. I love myself.
  11. I am beautiful.
  12. I trust in God.
  13. I feel God’s love.
  14. I am an extension of God.
  15. I am part of infinity.
  16. I am divinely guided.
  17. I am surrounded by positive energy.
  18. I am at one with nature.
  19. I am aware of the Divine in my daily life.
  20. I see the awesomeness of God everywhere.
  21. I trust my intuition.
  22. I trust my spiritual journey.
  23. I trust the divine timing of my life.
  24. I trust my struggles have a reason or something to teach me, even if I don’t know what yet.
  25. I radiate light and love.
  26. I radiate health and beauty.
  27. I radiate joyfulness.
  28. I am peaceful and relaxed.
  29. I am blessed in so many ways.
  30. I am abundant.
  31. I am loved by God.
  32. I give myself grace.
  33. Love fills my spirit.
  34. My spirit is brimming with joy.
  35. My spirit is brimming with excitement for life.
  36. I am aligned with my divine purpose.
  37. I am aligned with my desires.
  38. I am aligned with love.
  39. I trust that everything is working out for my benefit.
  40. Where I’m at in life is perfect.
  41. I accept and forgive my mistakes.
  42. I accept and forgive the mistakes of those who have hurt me.
  43. I am becoming more awakened every day.
  44. I see and feel with clarity.
  45. I listen to my intuition.
  46. I take chances with confidence.
  47. I allow my needs to be met.
  48. I take action in the direction of my desires.
  49. I advocate for myself.
  50. I care for myself.
  51. I live with integrity.
  52. I make good choices.
  53. I see the silver lining.
  54. I see the good around me.
  55. I see the good on people’s faces.
  56. Good is overcoming evil.
  57. Infinite positive energy is swirling beneath the surface of what I can perceive.
  58. I am ever-expanding in joyful ways.
  59. I prioritize feeling calm, joyful, and energized.
  60. I am whole and complete as I am.
  61. All that I need is available to me.
  62. The whole Universe conspires for my benefit.
  63. God loves me no matter what.
  64. I am powerful.
  65. I am strong.
  66. I have everything I need to be happy inside of me.
  67. I am a spiritual being having a human experience.
  68. I can shift my reality.
  69. I can choose optimism.
  70. I am grateful for being able to experience life.
  71. Life is a gift that I cherish.
  72. I am divinely protected.
  73. It’s ok to feel the discomfort of awakening; I know the discomfort won’t last.
  74. I’m part of a massive shift in consciousness.
  75. I am connected with others.
  76. I live in harmony with God.
  77. I always get just what I need for my own growth.
  78. God’s plan for me is perfect.
  79. God’s timing is perfect.
  80. The truth will prevail.
  81. Good wins, God wins.
  82. My spirituality empowers me.
  83. My trust in God strengthens me.
  84. I turn my fears over to God.
  85. I allow God’s loving energy to soothe my soul.
  86. My awakening is part of God’s plan for me, and it’s in perfect timing.
  87. I am supported by positive Divine forces.
  88. I’m awakening at the best time for my personal growth.
  89. I see opportunity wherever I look.
  90. When I need God’s help, I ask.
  91. I know God is always available to me.
  92. My spirituality strengthens me.
  93. I see beyond the boundaries of this world into the spiritual realm with ease.
  94. I manifest my desires with ease.
  95. My frequency is aligned with other awakened souls.
  96. My energy attracts love and abundance.
  97. I chose to see lessons in difficulty.
  98. I embrace failures as lessons for growth.
  99. I keep vibing higher and higher.
  100. I keep expanding in infinitely joyful ways.
  101. It’s amazing what I can attract and accomplish.
  102. My energy feels incredible.
  103. I feel inspired for life.
  104. Life is good to me.
  105. My spirit feels magnificent.
  106. My higher senses are getting stronger and stronger.
  107. My positive energy attracts the right people.
  108. All my dreams are coming true.
  109. I thank God every day.
  110. I feel gratitude and joyfulness.
  111. I help others grow just by being me.

Tips for using spiritual affirmations

Use you emotions

The key to using affirmations in an impactful way is to use your emotions. As you say, write, or think each statement, feel the statements as real. Your emotions are the key to shifting your energy and creating new vibrations.

It is a universal law that like attracts like. So when you vibrate positive and loving energy, energy that is filled with trust and awareness of God’s love, then you will attract that good energy back to you. When you look for goodness in life, you will find more goodness.

Spiritual awareness is like a snowball- it grows and grows. The more you notice the beauty of God’s creation, the more beauty will appear in your life for you to notice. Beauty such as more abundance, more love, and more to be grateful for. Even little “coincidences.” Signs from God, your spirit guides, or angels.

The more heightened your awareness of God & the unseen realm, the more you will experience those magical moments which take your breath away.

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Practice affirmations daily

Affirmations work best when practiced regularly. Daily if you can.

Regularly using affirmations, as mentioned, creates new neural pathways in your brain. They help train your brain to think in different ways. So the more often you practice different thinking, the easier it will be for the new ways of thinking to become your norm. And for your reality to shift to reflect your new mindset.

So, for example, say you are used to thinking and feeling that you are all alone. But then you practice affirmations about being part of God, and part of a collective group of people who are awakening. You can train your brain to know and feel that you are, in fact, not alone.

You are part of all-that-is, and in particular, you are vibrating with a large number of people who are awakening at the same intensity that you are. In changing your thought patterns with affirmations you will feel that oneness.

Additionally, by way of universal law, once your thoughts are aligned with the new vibration of oneness, you will attract the support you feel to you in real ways.

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Trust in your spiritual journey

Things may feel topsy-turvy now. Even downright terrible. But awakening is like a re-birth. When your thoughts and perceptions start to open up, new energy can present itself to you.

You may attract new and wonderful people into your life. Find opportunities that you didn’t realize existed, or discover a new calling within yourself.

Take the time to do some deep self-reflection. And trust that your life is unfolding in exactly the way it needs to for your personal growth and development.

We can’t always see the big picture, but we can choose to trust in God and affirm that trust. Everything happens for a reason.

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More ways to help spiritual awakening


Writing in a journal is one of the best ways to process feelings in a safe and private space. Especially during times of spiritual awakening.

Write about how your spirituality has evolved. Any feelings your awakening have triggered, and so much more. For help with writing about spirituality, you may enjoy these journal writing prompts:

25 Powerful Spiritual Journal Prompts for Spiritual Awakening {With Free Printable}

Prayer and meditation

Prayer and meditation can open up your mind and heart to guidance. To receive blessings and wisdom in different ways. You never know how your prayers might be answered.

They may come through some wise person you meet. Through visions you have during meditation. Or via the perfect book. Asking for insights, strength, and help opens your energy to receive that help however it may come to you.

Additionally, prayer strengthens your connection to God, your angels, and spirit guides. While meditation calms and centers.

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Music has the power to transform emotions. It can bring inspiration, re-ignite memories, and so much more. Listening to my favorite music connects me with a side of myself that words cannot describe. An inner core of my being that is purely connected to God.


Making art shifts your focus onto simple problem-solving. Onto beauty and creativity. And away from stress. Creativity comes directly from the Divine and making art can be a spiritual practice in that it strengthens your connection to Source Energy.

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Reading spiritual books and studying written material is, in my opinion, the best way to increase your understanding of how to grow spiritually.

Reading increases knowledge of personal development and expands awareness of how The Universe works. When you read the ideas, opinions, and knowledge of others, you can then filter the information through your own intuition and enhance your awakening greatly.

There are many amazing spiritual teachers (authors) to learn from. A few of my favorites include Dr. Wayne Dyer, SARK, and Bob Proctor.

Connection with others

Connecting with like-minded people is one of the most helpful things you can do when you are awakening. If you don’t know any awakened people, then reading, finding people on social media, and watching awakened content creators on YouTube videos is another way to connect.

Final thoughts

Spiritual affirmations probably won’t solve problems overnight, but they will empower you on your spiritual journey. They will provide comfort and strength. And help your train your thoughts to be optimistic and trusting.

We all want to be the best version of ourselves. Aligning our thoughts with the loving vibration of God will help us be our best selves.

A special prayer I like to ask of God is Please take me to the next level. Of innerstanding, happiness, love, or whatever I need. Try it for yourself. But know this prayer can have some powerful results, so if you do seek the next level then buckle up buttercup!

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments. And have a lovely day!

Free printable spiritual affirmations

You can download the 111 spiritual affirmations from this article using the link below. Then simply print them out and use them as you wish. Enjoy!

Spiritual affirmations PDF printable

spiritual affirmations

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