Creative Art Journal Page Ideas

15 Creative Art Journal Page Ideas For Inspiration

If you enjoy art journaling, you’ll love these 15 creative art journal page ideas!

Each of these art journal pages is from artists found on Instagram, so be sure to check out each artist’s Instagram page for more inspiration.

New to art journaling? We will talk briefly about how to get started. Let’s go!

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Creative art journal pages

How to get started art journaling

Art journaling is a creative, relaxing, and fun activity. It’s great for kids and adults alike, and the perfect hobby for de-stressing your mind. Your art journal is your own special place to explore art techniques, record your thoughts, and have fun. All you need are a few inexpensive supplies and some art journal inspiration!

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I know you’ll love these 15 creative art journal page ideas, so without further wait, let’s have a look and get inspired!

15 Creative Art Journal Page Ideas

1. Paint some pretty flowers

Isn’t this black floral page gorgeous? The aesthetic of one entire page of flowers, with a complementary page featuring a quote, is so pretty.

This is an easy idea you could re-create in your own style, with any quote you like. Note how the floral page is outlined (framed) in black, and the black lettering on the right side complements the black floral perfectly. The watercolor splash background is lovely, too.

These journal pages are by Insiya Rangwala (@rangbyinsi)

creative art journal pages









2. Create a sunset sky background

Sunsets make a great background for an art journal page. They are both beautiful and easy to paint. The city silhouette on top, plus the white lettering and black background on the left page, add dramatic flair to these art journal pages.

These art journal pages are by Insiya Rangwala (@rangbyinsi)

creative art journal pages

3. Fabric for your art journal pages

I love how Nilakshi Sarkar (@shii_paints) used felt and stitching here on this beautiful journal page. What a great art journal page idea! Sew first, then glue down and add embellishments. That bit of yellow tape on top of the purple is perfection, and I love the dried flowers. Very pretty!

art journal page ideas

4. Dried flowers plus book pages

I just love the element of dried flowers, don’t you? Dried flowers look especially lovely atop an old book page, as we see below. What a great idea for an art journal page!

Take note of how the blue painted background of the page on the right complements the dried flower, just as the text on cardboard complements the book page. Perfection.

These beautiful art journal pages are by  Nilakshi Sarkar (@shii_paints)

art journal page ideas

5. A poppin’ color palette and a bold quote

Bold turquoise, black and white is a simple yet aesthetically pleasing color palette choice. Black plus white plus any bright color always looks good.

The idea of a simple and bold color palette with an equally bold quote is awesome. Infinity is such an interesting concept to ponder. Something about a deep, thought-provoking quote and a (black + white + bright) color palette feels so right.

This inspiring art journal page spread is from Radhika (@the_amateur_artist_13)

art journal page ideas

6. Grayscale background

The grayscale background plus the mix of materials used in these art journal pages creates a stunning effect.

You could create a grayscale background using pencil, charcoal, or watercolor. Then add your embellishments on top. I love the black butterflies and that orange yarn- so unique! These inspiring art journal pages are by Radhika (@the_amateur_artist_13)

creative art journal pages

7. Monochromatic color scheme

Using a monochromatic color scheme, as beautifully demonstrated by Ramya ( is such a great idea for art journal pages. Varying shades of any one color is aesthetically pleasing and easy to create. So pretty!

art journal page ideas

8. Paint splatter background

A paint splatter background is an easy and fun art journal page idea! Not only do I love this quote, (this is soooo me) but I love this shade of pink. I love everything about this work of art.

Art journal pages by gudiya (scribbled_journal)

art journal page ideas

9. Gorgeous hand lettering plus watercolor background

The idea of hand lettering your favorite quote atop a watercolor splash background is terrific! Pranidhi_M (@sheis_pranidhi) sure is talented- take note of the way she emphasizes her letters with little lines around them. Really cool!

If you try to re-create this journal page idea, make sure to paint your watercolor splash first, then let dry before lettering on top. And use a non-bleed pen.

art journal page ideas

10. Tell a story

These beautiful art journal pages by (@myartsyideas) have a lot going on- photos and handwriting and doodles and more!

Part of what makes these art journal pages so aesthetically pleasing is the monochromatic color palette. But the idea I’m really into here is the way this artist tells a story with different images. The books, paintbrushes, and sunflowers convey a certain emotion. The effect is mysterious and quite powerful.

art journal page ideas

11. Write letters, goals, and plans

Writing a letter to yourself, or writing your plans or goals is a terrific idea for your journal. Here, the artist writes about self-worth. I like the dashed lines she uses on the page, and also in the photograph of the journal pages themselves.

Beautiful art journal pages by @myartsyideas

art journal page ideas

12. Red, white, and blue

This art journal page really pops! Red white and blue is a terrific journal page theme idea. On this page, the stars, wavy strips, and the simple text go so nicely together.

We may be experiencing tons of chaos in the US right now, but we are a beautiful country, with beautiful people, and part of a beautiful planet. This makes me feel so much love- God bless America and all the people of our earth!

This beautiful art journal page is by Ashleigh (@blue_moon_journal)

art journal page ideas

13. Affirmations plus pretty florals

Affirmations are a great idea for your art journal pages. Here we have pretty flowers surrounding a positive reminder! Absolutely perfect!

Inspirational art journal page by Mandy Ford Art & Illustration (@mandyfordart)

art journal page ideas

14. Inspiring quotes with dreamy ombre watercolor

Just like affirmations, inspirational quotes make wonderful focal points. On this art journal page by Mandy Ford Art & Illustration (@mandyfordart), the green ombre watercolor elements are a beautiful complement to the black handwritten quote.

art journal page ideas

15. Negative space

In these art journal pages, the negative space between the torn pages creates a bold effect.

Negative space is an interesting idea to play with. Here, the white of the negative space not only gives breathing room to the eye but also brightens the tan and blue color palette, making those colors pop. And the sketch of the lettering is such an interesting textural contrast with the torn pages. So visually pleasing!

Beautiful art journal pages by Gianne (@giannestagram)

creative art journal pages


I hope you enjoyed these 15 creative art journal pages! I certainly felt inspired by putting this blog post together. Please check out each artist’s Instagram page for more inspiration, and share on social media to support their work. What ideas have inspired you most? Please let me know in the comments!

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