Cute Fonts For Kids

15 Cute Fonts For Kids {Free & Easy to Read!}

This year, I’m homeschooling my oldest daughter for the first time. I’m finding it to be fairly easy so far. There’s a lot of flexibility and room to get creative.

My #1 goal is to make homeschool as fun as possible. So of course, being a blogger and graphic designer, I wanted to find some cute fonts for our school projects.

Different fonts could be used for language arts, arts & crafts, and other school projects. Not to mention homeschool printables, worksheets, and art prints for my Etsy shop!

So I started searching online for some free fonts for kids, and got inspired to create this blog post!

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The fonts featured here today are some of the best free fonts for kids that I could find. Cute, whimsical, and easy to read.

Most on this list are free for commercial use. That means you can use them for designs that you sell.

For each font listed, I have indicated below whether it is for personal or commercial use. Because you are busy and don’t have time to click through each link for this information 🙂

Ways to Use Free Fonts for Kids

Depending on whether these fonts are “free for commercial use” or “personal use”, you can use them for:

  • Your blog.
  • Graphic design projects such as Pinterest pins.
  • Memes.
  • Art & crafts projects.
  • Homeschool projects.
  • Worksheets.
  • Product design for your online store.
  • Create invitations, cards, stationary.
  • And more!

I’m really excited to use some of these fonts. I had fun collecting the very cutest ones to share with you! Who knows, I may end up using some of the “free for commercial use” fonts for T-shirts or art prints in my Etsy shop.

I think you’ll find this curated list of free fonts for kids most helpful!

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15 Cute Fonts for Kids

1. Kids Alphabet

Free for commercial use.

2. Lady Like BB

Free for personal use.

3. Too Freakin Cute

Free for personal use.

4. Butterfly Kids Regular

Free for commercial use.

5. Comic Andy

Free for commercial use.

6. Jean Sun Ho

Free for commercial use.

7. Chubby Dotty

Free for commercial use.

8. RM Typerighter Medium Font

Free for commercial use.

9. Little Orion

Free for personal use.

10. Handy Candy

Free for personal use.

11. Boyz r Gross

Free for commercial use.

12. Autour One

Free for commercial use.

13. Whackadoo

Free for commercial use.

14. Wafer

Free for commercial use.

15. Umba Slab Bold

Free for commercial use.

Final thoughts

What projects do you see yourself using these fonts for? Are you a crafter? An artist? A teacher or homeschooler? I hope you love these fonts and find them easy to read. Please let me know in the comments below!

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