Art journaling is a fun and rewarding activity, and easy for anyone to try.  I hope you enjoy these gorgeous and inspirational art journal pages from some very talented artists on Instagram.

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art journal pages



Have you ever tried art journaling? I started art journaling when I was a teenager. Only the term “art journal” wasn’t really well known back then. My art journals were (and still are) full of doodles, sketches, and writing. Maybe a little collage here and there. I’ve saved every single one over the years.

Art journaling is such a fun hobby, and so satisfying to create gorgeous art journal pages. Art journaling is fun for kids, too! Wondering how to get started art journaling? You can check out the post below for some tips.

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Know that there is really no right or wrong way to art journal. And inspiration can be found anywhere! Maybe you find an old magazine or letter, maybe you discover an object that would make an interesting stamp. Or maybe you have a poem in mind to start with. Anything goes!

I’m excited to share these gorgeous & inspirational art journal ideas with you today, so without further wait, here we go!

15 Inspirational Art Journal Pages

1. A cool retro background

Loving this gorgeous art journal background by @cattaleiiasoul. It reminds me of vintage wallpaper. Notice how the strip of tape on the left page perfectly balances the negative space in the photo on the right page.

Art Journal Pages

2. Paper rip

The black beneath the ripped white paper is so satisfying. This inspirational art journal page is also from @cattaleiiasoul.

Art Journal Pages

3. Handlettering

How about the aesthetics of the lettering on this page? Gorgeous work by @willa.wanders. 

Art Journal Pages

4. Pretty textiles

This velvet ribbon is so delightful. Imagine giving an art journal like this as a Christmas gift! That’s what this art journal reminds me of: a lovely gift I want to receive. By @willa.wanders.

5. Division of space

One thing I love about these art journal pages by @rynwyrd is how the artist divided the space on the pages into 3 sections as a layout. It tells a story in a way that feels like reading a graphic novel. And I love the gloomy feel. It’s November in Maine for me at this moment in time, and this is our weather today.

Art Journal Pages

6. Passage of time

These art journal pages from @rynwyrd inspire me to think about the passage of time. How different times of day, different lighting, looks in nature.

Art Journal Pages

7. Color palette inspiration

These colors are so yummy! And something about this reminds me of an alien world. Cool inspirational art journal pages by @rynwyrd.

art journal pages

8. Old book pages

There are many ways to use old book pages in your art journal. Here, @marudles has demonstrated beautifully by using it as a background with bolder, larger text on top.

Art Journal Pages

9. White illustration on dark background

I love this gorgeous dark painted background with the white illustration on top! How lovely the white text looks, too. These pages by @marudles really pop!

art journal pages

10. Floral elements

The combination of mixed media used here by @laia_journal is just too pretty! Peachy floral images alongside handwritten messages and type… stunning.

art journal pages

11. Vintage prep

I’m getting vintage, slightly preppy vibes from these lovely art journal pages by @laia_journal.

Art Journal Pages

12. Color contrast

Those skies! Gorgeous the way the color of her skies pop against the brown paper with black text. Gorgeous art journal pages by @gia.sayuri.

art journal pages

13. Mood expression

The words on this journal page by @gia.sayuri match the feeling of the mountains to perfection.

Art Journal Pages

14. Shabby Chic

Bits of material such as lace and dried leaves add a pretty, Shabby Chic vibe. Gorgeous work by @ttikyu.

Art Journal Pages

15. Mixed media

It’s so fun to use mixed media for your art journal! Photos, tickets, handwriting, and floral bits make up these lovely art journal pages by @ttikyu.

Art Journal Pages


I hope you enjoyed these 15 gorgeous and inspirational art journal pages from some very talented artists found on Instagram.

Please check out each artist’s Instagram page for more details and further inspiration.

Thank you to the artists for allowing me to showcase your work in this fun blog post which was a joy to put together! Please let me know what you think in the comments below!

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