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15 Quotes About Moving on and Letting Go of the Past

Moving on with your life and letting go of the past can be incredibly difficult. It can be hard to start a new chapter in life. But at some point, you have to let go and move forward with your life. Be it from a job, a relationship, or anything not serving your best interests.

In times of major life changes, sometimes simple words of wisdom can inspire. Reminders to have faith, stay strong, and embrace the unknown can provide comfort.

When you know that change is the only thing in life that is certain, moving on with your life and letting go of the past feels a tiny bit easier. Change is the natural flow of life. It helps to find a way to trust in that natural flow, to embrace the changes. Nothing ever stays the same.

Moving on and facing the unknown can feel lonely. After all, you are the only one experiencing your feelings- no one else knows what it’s like to feel your unique struggles. During times of change, it helps to give yourself extra support and care. And to find comfort and support however you can.

Read through these inspiring quotes about moving on and letting go to nurture positive thoughts about change. And fill your heart with faith!

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Inspiring Quotes About Moving On and Letting Go

Please enjoy these moving on & letting go quotes.

1. Accept what’s happened, move on, and let go of the past with a faith-filled heart. Know that by letting go of the past, you are allowing room for something new on an energetic level.

When you come to a place of acceptance about the past, you can more easily let go. Have faith that new, fresh, positive experiences, people, and situations are entering your reality.

moving on quotes letting go

2. You can’t let go and move on with your life if you keep obsessing over the past. You’ve got to stop overthinking and focus on something new. A good book, time in nature, or doing something creative can help.

Do something mentally engaging to break the cycle of living in the past.

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moving on quotes letting go

3. You know it’s time to move on when you constantly feel like you’re hitting your head against a brick wall. When you’re constantly stressed, fighting, and huffing up a mountain. Just stop. Let go. move on with your life.

Stop struggling so much. Know when it’s time to move on.

moving on quotes letting go

4. Choose to walk away. Choose not to engage in drama and toxic energy. Place your attention on positive things and let go of negativity.

You have the power to live a happier life by not responding to negative energy.

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moving on quotes letting go

5. Surrender and let the winds of change guide you in a new direction.

Moving on and letting go is all about surrendering to change.

moving on quotes letting go

6. Moving on isn’t easy but fighting with change is harder.

You can never go back to the past, just as you can’t stop the river of life from flowing into the future.

moving on quotes letting go

7. You will love so many people in your lifetime. And not just romantic love. People come and go. You’ve got to let them.

Never be afraid of being alone. Have faith that your heart will be filled with love and friendship.

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moving on quotes letting go

8. Moving on is hard. But the possibilities that letting go reveals are thrilling.

Feelings of fear or sadness are normal when moving, switching jobs, or ending a relationship. But sometimes you can shift your thoughts to excitement and adventure. Imagine the possibilities!

moving on quotes letting go

9. The past is an old VHS playing on repeat. But you’re not in that movie anymore.

Moving on and letting go from the stories we tell ourselves about the past is the hardest thing. But it can be done!

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moving on quotes letting go

10. It’s ok to stop reading if you don’t like the book. There’s nothing wrong with moving on or letting go.

Very rarely are we truly obligated to something. You can make a change if you wish. Put down the book, pick it up later if you want. Or not.

moving on quotes letting go

11. You deserve a bright, beautiful future. Let go of the darkness of the past.

Your past does not define you.

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moving on quotes letting go

12. When we don’t understand why something is happening, it can be hard to trust in God. But your faith is your greatest strength.

Trust in God, The Universe, or a higher power. However you define the divine. Faith brings comfort, calm, and strength.

moving on quotes letting go

13. Let go and allow the magic of the universe to get to work.

When you let go and surrender, the ways of magic can get to work. God can perform miracles in your life.

moving on quotes letting go

14. When you let go of what’s not working for you, bigger and better things have room to grow.

We live in an infinite universe with so many possibilities. So let go of what’s not serving your highest good. Don’t settle, reach for the stars!

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moving on quotes letting go

15. You don’t have forever- you have to find a way to move on.

There is so much more waiting for you, so please keep your head up. Don’t despair, don’t be hard on yourself if you’re having trouble letting go. But know that life moves quickly- don’t miss opportunities for joy. You deserve happiness now!

moving on quotes letting go

Concluding thoughts on change and letting go

I hope you enjoyed these quotes on moving on and letting go of the past.

It’s been a time period of intense change over the past few years. And change is not always easy- but it can be a beautiful thing.

Change is growth and opportunity. Excitement and betterment. And although you may have to truck through muddy waters, so much good awaits. So why not focus on the possibilities for good. For happiness and joy. Trust in God and know that you are here in this time on earth for a reason. Let go of fear, move on from the past, and say yes to living life in the now. Please let me know what you think in the comments.

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