Feminine Handwriting Fonts

20 Feminine Handwriting Fonts Free for Commercial Use {So Beautiful!}

Get 20 beautiful and feminine handwriting fonts free for commercial use!

Each pretty and feminine handwriting font is totally free for commercial use, so no worries about Copywrite issues if you want to use any of these fonts for products or art you plan to sell.

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Where to use these free feminine handwriting fonts:

These lovely handwritten style fonts are perfect for designing art prints, wedding invitations, creating greeting cards, art projects, and Pinterest pins.

They are wonderful for use on your blog and for your website logo as well. Use them any place a pretty font is desired for your design work.

I use some of these free fonts for art prints I design and sell on Etsy, on my Etsy banner, on Pinterest pins I design, and other places on this blog.

For inspiration for art prints, you can check out examples here.

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The pretty handwritten fonts I’m showcasing for you today were selected with a feminine aesthetic in mind.

Why? Because I like to design beautiful things, and you do, too!

The swirls, brush strokes, and loops in these free fonts are simply delightful! Beautiful free fonts for all!

So, without further wait, here are 20 beautiful and feminine handwriting fonts, totally free!

Free feminine handwriting fonts:




Cutie Star


Wild Youth









Dancing Script




League script


feminine handwriting fonts free for commercial use

Free feminine handwriting fonts conclusion:

I hope you enjoyed these 25 beautiful and feminine handwriting fonts- totally free for commercial use. I just love free, don’t you?

What lovely creative projects do you plan to use them for?

Please let me know in the comments below and share your blog link, Etsy site, art, and more! Yay for beautiful free fonts!

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