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25 Journal Prompts for Success and a Positive Growth Mindset {+ Free Printable}

Are you on a quest to become successful at work or in your personal life?

Journaling is a helpful way to examine your thoughts and feelings around success.

Journal prompts are especially useful because they get you writing about questions you may not have thought of before.

In this article, get 25 journal prompts for success and a positive growth mindset, along with a free PDF printable that you can download and use anytime.

Use these journal prompts to discover how your mindset is helping or hindering you achieve your goals and dreams.

Once you uncover what thoughts and feelings are holding you back, you can begin to shift those thoughts and feelings. You can then create a new, successful timeline for yourself by way of a positive growth mindset and taking action in the right direction to accomplish your goals.

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Journal prompts for success

How does mindset affect success?

Often, when we are used to things being a certain way, we don’t question them. We may overlook our feelings, thoughts, and circumstances and take them for granted. We may fail to see how our past, our culture, and society have shaped our belief system around success.

That’s where journaling can reveal your mindset around success. Mindset is crucial to become aware of in any aspect of life. The accomplishment of every single goal or dream starts first with a positive growth mindset.

What is a positive growth mindset?

A positive growth mindset means you believe your talents and skills can be developed with effort. A PGM is an optimistic mindset by nature, but it’s more about having a belief in self-growth and ultimately, your ability to succeed.

This is as opposed to a fixed mindset, in which one believes their gifts, talents, and abilities are “set” and they cannot learn or achieve something because “that’s just how it is” or “I can’t because I’m ____ ” (fill in the excuse.)

Someone with a PGM knows they can achieve just about anything they set their mind to if they have passion, positivity, and work hard.

A positive growth mindset may just be one of the most important variables in achieving success. That’s why we need to journal about it!

So without further wait, here are 25 journal prompts for success and a positive growth mindset. Find the free printable journal prompts for success at the end!

25 Mindset Journal Prompts for Success

  1. What is your definition of success right now?
  2. How does success look to you 5 years from now?
  3. What actions can you take to meet your goals today, this week, this month?
  4. How much do you believe in yourself and why?
  5. What kind of support network do you have to support your goals?
  6. What messages about success did you get growing up?
  7. Who or what shaped your ideas of success?
  8. How flexible are your plans for success? How detailed are they? And how important are they?
  9. What do you tell yourself about success?
  10. And what do the people around you and society say?
  11. Do you think you deserve success? Why or why not?
  12. How will you feel once you reach success?
  13. What successes have you already experienced in your life?
  14. List all your strengths and how you can use them to build success.
  15. How can you work around your weaknesses?
  16. What message do you want to send to the world with your success?
  17. What do you need to heal or what needs fixing first to become successful? (Maybe nothing, but it’s good to know.)
  18. Name 10 emotions tied to the word “success”.
  19. What are your hobbies and interests, and how can they fuel your success?
  20. How committed to success are you?
  21. What excites you the most about having success?
  22. What will you do with your success when you reach it?
  23. Write out a 5-year plan for your success.
  24. Describe how hard work is connected to success and how you feel about working hard for success.
  25. How can you improve your outcomes for success?

How to keep up a positive growth mindset about success

Maintaining a positive growth mindset is ongoing. You won’t always find it easy, but you gotta keep at it.

If I feel I’m not doing well with something,  I try to remind myself that it’s Ok. I will learn or improve if I keep trying. It’s Ok not to be perfect, and failing is learning. Basically, I give myself grace and use positive self-talk. And I am telling you, it works!

After a while, it becomes second nature to maintain a positive growth mindset.

Manifesting even more success with journal writing

More ideas for success journaling include using affirmations for success, journaling your shareable ideas, and journaling your ideal lifestyle. With journaling, you can continuously refine your plans for success.

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Journaling affirmations for success

You can try writing positive affirmations for success and mindset in addition to journaling.

An example of using affirmations for success would be something like “I feel more and more successful every day.

Affirmations train your brain to think a certain way. And thinking affirmations of success can help to manifest success by increasing motivation and inspiration.

Journaling your shareable ideas

You can plan out what you want to share in your journal first to test-drive ideas. I journal new blogging and art print ideas all the time. You could journal new teaching ideas, new health care ideas, new business ideas, and more.

Lifestyle design journaling

Another great way to journal your success is to write about your ideal lifestyle, using every possible detail. Journaling your ideal life is a great way to help manifest it, as writing helps you get crystal clear on what you want. Once you know what you want, you can make a plan to attain it.


Trying to uncover what’s holding you back from success is always worth pursuing.

If you have a certain goal or you desire success in any area of your life, then you owe it to yourself to achieve that goal and have the success you desire. You owe it to yourself to be persistent and make your dreams come true.

Your mindset is everything, and developing a positive growth mindset in itself is a success. There aren’t too many successful people without that kind of mindset.

I hope you enjoyed these journal prompts about mindset and success! Let me know what you think in the comments.

Download success journal prompts here

Free printable mindset journal prompts for success -PDF printable journal prompts.

Please let me know what you think in the comments.

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