Positive Health Affirmations List

25 Positive Health Affirmations with Free Printables Cards

You’ll enjoy these positive health affirmations for well-being. Free PDF printable affirmation cards & worksheets included!

When faced with illness, positive health affirmations can help your well-being tremendously.

Your thoughts are powerful. And positive affirmations can help to set your mindset for recovery and total health.

Mindset makes a huge difference in your behavior. And your behavior- your choices & the actions you take- directly affect your health and well-being.

Read through these 25 health affirmations. Then journal or say the affirmations out loud to support your good health and well-being.

You can download and print these health affirmations as a PDF printable list and use them anytime. You can also download and print them as affirmation cards. The links to both downloads are at the end of this article, 100% free, and no email is required.

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25 Positive Health Affirmations for Well-Being

  1. My health is improving each day.
  2. My body is capable of healing.
  3. I deserve to feel great each day.
  4. I’m learning what my body needs and how best to take care of myself.
  5. My food choices are healthy and balanced.
  6. I love eating fresh, nutritious food.
  7. I sleep soundly every night and it feels amazing.
  8. My body is well-rested.
  9. My body is strong and fit.
  10. Nurturing my body with good food, sleep, and self-care feels amazing.
  11. I love to be active.
  12. I’m so grateful for my body.
  13. I am energized and full of inspiration for feeling great.
  14. I’m feeling better and better each day.
  15. My focus is on the positive.
  16. I give kindness and compassion to myself.
  17. I am resilient.
  18. My mind feels calm and peaceful.
  19. I make good decisions about my well-being.
  20. My immune system is strong.
  21. I am open to new ways I can improve my health.
  22. I am supported and loved.
  23. Total health and healing is my reality.
  24. My lifestyle is healthy, relaxed, and happy.
  25. I respect myself, advocate for myself, and have healthy boundaries.

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Using positive affirmations effectively

Use these affirmations as a helpful guide for your well-being. Say them or write them often. Repetition helps build the habit of positivity into your thought patterns.

Do not get discouraged if one of these affirmations doesn’t feel true for you. You can always adjust how you say an affirmation. Simply re-state an affirmation in a way that is still positive but feels more authentic or doable for you.

For example, I’m in the process of healing. (If you are not fully healed yet.)

If you fall in love with one particular affirmation, then try thinking of other related affirmations. Write them down. Create some art around them. Keep building on the positivity.

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Free PDF printable affirmation cards & worksheets

If you found these affirmations helpful, you can download and print them anytime. Below you will find both the printable worksheet and the printable affirmation cards.

Here is the printable worksheet:

25 Positive Health Affirmations for Well-Being PDF Printable Worksheet

printable health affirmations

And these are the printable affirmation cards you can download:

Free printable affirmation cards for health and well-being

Printable Health Affirmations Cards Free PDF Printable.

Concluding thoughts

You are not powerless against the challenges you face. Although optimum health and well-being can feel challenging- elusive even- you are strong.

Give yourself love and compassion. Tell yourself kind words of support. Fill your mind with positive thoughts that make you feel hopeful.

Keeping your thoughts positive takes work. A positive mindset must be mindfully cultivated. And affirmations can help.

I hope these positive health affirmation cards and worksheets help you in your journey to total health and well-being. Please let me know what you think in the comments!

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