Get Unstuck With These 3 Effective Productivity Methods

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Have you ever needed to get something done but felt completely stuck? Couldn’t seem to move forward or make any progress on your project?

Getting stuck happens to me at times, but I know it’s only a temporary feeling. Why? Because I’ve learned some ways to outsmart feeling like I’m at a standstill. And I’m going to share them with you!

Hopefully, these 3 stealthy methods to get unstuck and increase productivity will help you move along so you can effectively accomplish your creative projects, work, or personal goals. Read on to learn what they are.

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Get unstuck

How to get unstuck

Getting unstuck can feel impossible at times, but you can move forward. You can accomplish your creative projects and personal goals. Work can indeed be finished! My three main methods for shifting my energy into a more productive zone are:

  • Micromovements
  • Incremental upgrades.
  • Power gathering.

Let’s go into detail about each method.

1. Micromovements to get unstuck

Micromovements are an effective method of getting stuff done and being productive invented by the author known as SARK. (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy.) She is an amazing author of many books including “Juicy Pens, Thirsty Paper” where this idea is presented.

SARK defines micromovements as small actions that take 5 seconds to 5 minutes to complete. They work by breaking down a large task into smaller, more manageable chunks. When you practice micromovements, you can accomplish your tasks often without even noticing. Or at least, accomplish them in a way that feels way less overwhelming. With micromovements, it’s much easier to mentally absorb the idea of each small movement before you make it, so you have less resistance to it.

For example, I don’t want to get started with emails because ughhhh.

So the micromovement would be to simply turn on your computer and get to the email page, then walk away. Come back and read them later, and when you do, your email page will already be open, making it that much easier to open and read each email.

This method really works and has helped me with my creative ventures, from blogging to my Etsy shop and more. I literally do micromovements all day long. Empty just the top rack of the dishwasher. Open computer to Bluehost for my blog. Flip laundry. Feed the baby. You get the idea.

SARK writes about creativity, being an artist, self-help, inspiration, and more. I highly recommend checking out her books. My favorites are:

“Succulent Wild Woman.”

“Make Your Creative Dreams Real.”

“Juicy Pens, Thirsty Paper.”

“Glad No Matter What.”

2. Use Incremental Upgrades to move forward productively.

Incremental upgrades are an amazing tactic invented by the writer, entrepreneur, and businesswoman Denise Duffield-Thomas. She talks about incremental upgrades as a way to gradually and over time make upgrades to reach higher levels of success and life betterment. She says: “The trick is to increase your minimum standards.” What a great tip to get unstuck! Read more from Denise here.

In my view, incremental upgrades work on an energy level. It’s about raising your energetic frequency to move further along in life with whatever you are doing by making small and simple upgrades wherever you can. I believe this method absolutely brings abundance, higher standards of living and being, and much positivity. There are so many things in life that can be upgraded easily, either for free or very little money. Upgrading any area of your life, no matter how small, adds up to a better experience of life overall and can help manifest more positivity and growth.

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3. Power-gathering techniques for getting unstuck

Power gathering is the act of absorbing energy through elements of the earth. It’s all about setting an intention to let the forces of nature assist you on an energetic level. This may sound a bit woo-woo but hang out with me on this. It’s quite an effective method.

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Examples of power-gathering

  • Laying out in the sun with the set intention to absorb solar energy to give you the pep you need. Or with the intention to let the heat melt away the stress.
  • Going to a magical place with a wide-open view, such as the beach or the rooftop of a building, and enjoying the open, infinite space. Let the space fill your spirit with a sense of possibility.
  • Swimming in the ocean with the intent to let go of the past. Releasing old energy to the ocean to be dispersed. When you step out of the water, some of the struggle is gone.

The energy required for a goal, change, or project can absolutely be accessed from outside sources when you’re feeling depleted or low on energy.  Energy is everywhere and it doesn’t all have to come from sheer force inside of you. Crystals next to your computer can give you the inner strength to start working when you don’t necessarily feel like it. Flowers bring beauty into your life.

Concluding thoughts

These three powerful productivity methods can help you finally get unstuck, move forward, and accomplish your creative projects or personal goals.

Of course, these methods must be implemented along with action and a growth mindset. You obviously can’t just lay out in the sun all day and expect the work to do itself. Plus, you might get a sunburn.

I’m sure there are more really great methods out there to talk about. If you have anything to add, please leave your comment below. Thanks!

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