30 Fun Holiday Journal Prompts {+ Free PDF Printable Journal Prompts!}

The holiday season always comes so fast; let’s slow down a bit with some fun holiday journal prompts!

You can easily download and print these free journal prompts today as a PDF worksheet, no email required. Work on them now, or save them for another time. You’ll find these journal prompts work great for most ages; older kids, teens, and adults.

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holiday journal prompts

Writing is the perfect way to relax, especially during the busy holiday season. And using journal prompts makes it easier than ever to write what is in your heart. Journal prompts are a fun way to celebrate Christmas and feel excited about this special time of year.

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These fun holiday journal prompts will inspire all the magic of Christmas in your heart. They are whimsical, creative, and very merry!

So grab a warm cup of cocoa or hot beverage of choice, get cozy in your favorite chair, and get journaling!

*Please take note that you can download your free pdf printable worksheet at the end of this blog post.

30 Holiday Journal Prompts to Inspire the Magic of Christmas

  1. Describe your perfect Christmas tree.
  2. Journal your holiday wish list.
  3. What would you give to each of your loved ones, if you could give anything in the world?
  4. What would your elf name be? How would you look?
  5. Describe the ideal food spread at your holiday party.
  6. And who all is coming?
  7. What does Christmas magic feel like to you?
  8. Journal what makes you feel cheerful and festive.
  9. What is the best gift on earth?
  10. Describe your happiest holiday moments. Or write about some you’d like to create.
  11. List some fun holiday activities outside.
  12. What are you most grateful for this holiday season?
  13. What does peace on earth and joy to the world look like to you?
  14. List your favorite Christmas movies.
  15. What is your idea of the perfect relaxing Christmas vacation?
  16. Describe how your spirituality is connected to the holiday season.
  17. Write about the perfect Christmas morning.
  18. List 10 Christmas crafts to try.
  19. 5 Ways you can give back during the holidays.
  20. Describe your ideal holiday décor- Do you like traditional colors? What kind of Christmas lights? How much sparkle?
  21. Write a Christmas poem or song.
  22. How do you plan on enjoying the holidays to the fullest?
  23. Name 10 little things that make you smile this time of year.
  24. What would you name your reindeer?
  25. What are the best gifts that keep on giving?
  26. The best gifts that you can’t see, feel, or touch?
  27. What Christmas traditions do you love or want to create as traditions?
  28. Describe 5 perfect holiday outfits. Or 5 festive costumes.
  29. Journal 10 ways to use candy canes for baking or arts & crafts.
  30. How have you have been naughty and nice this year?

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Holiday journal prompts PDF printable worksheet

Download your free PDF printable holiday journal prompts below:

Holiday journal prompts PDF printable worksheet


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Concluding thoughts

I hope you enjoy these 30 fun and free journal prompts for the holidays. They were a joy to write!

I just love winter festivities and feeling cozy and getting crafty and eating decadent treats…. Oh, the list of everything I love about the holiday season goes on. What do you love the most about the holidays? What do you think about these holiday journal prompts? Please let me know in the comments below.

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Happy holidays and joy to all!!

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