Journal Prompts for Weight Loss

35 Journal Prompts for Weight Loss With Free PDF Printable Worksheet

Have you ever thought of journaling for weight loss and better physical health?

These 35 journal prompts for weight loss will get you thinking deeply about how to create a healthier lifestyle. Because when you know what emotions, lifestyle factors, environmental factors, and other influences are behind the challenges you face, you are better able to conquer those challenges. Including weight loss challenges!

You can download these journal prompts for weight loss for free. Then write them whenever you feel like it. A PDF printable is included at the end of this article (no email required.) Simply read through them, then download and print them out. You can even create a whole journal around the topic of weight loss ideas and better health if that inspires you.

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journal prompts for weight loss

How can journaling help with weight loss?

Journaling is a fun and relaxing activity for self-care. You can journal any time to explore your emotions, de-stress, set goals, make plans, and more.

Writing in a journal is a great way to deal with stress, anxiety, and depression. All of which can affect weight and physical health. Journaling can also help you plan healthy eating habits and think of ways to have fun with fitness. It’s easier to take action when you have goals mapped out on paper, especially when it comes to weight loss.

Weight-loss journal ideas

There are so many weight loss journal ideas. From bullet journal diet and exercise trackers to journaling emotions.

But all you really need to start a weight-loss journal is a notebook, pen, and some weight-loss journal prompts to explore.

If you’re feeling crafty, you may want to decorate your journal with ribbon or colorful tape. You can use different colored pens if you choose, or just keep it simple altogether.

You can write in a completely free-form style, or dedicate sections of your journal to food logs, recipe ideas, exercise logs, positive affirmations, and other categories.

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Keep your weight loss journal positive

Know that your weight-loss journal is a safe place to express your plans, goals, and innermost feelings. The emotions that surface as you journal can be difficult, so be kind to yourself, and go easy.

By writing you are using your mind to affect your body. You are empowering yourself and strengthening your resolve. You are examining the root cause/s of your excess weight and that can feel a bit like detective work at times. It’s not always clear what’s causing excess weight. We are all different, and factors like food intolerance, genetics, environment, social factors, and emotional trauma can affect weight.

Be proud of yourself for facing your weight loss challenges and use positive self-talk. You can heal. You can get healthy. Always use positive language and keep your mindset healthy and strong. Even if you feel down or overwhelmed, locate and hold on to that positive center in your heart.

Furthermore, don’t worry about writing neatly or within the lines in your journal. You don’t even need to write full sentences! There is no right or wrong way to journal, so don’t be afraid if your journal looks a bit messy. Your weight-loss journal is for your eyes only. It serves to heal and inspire you for better health.

Find a comfy spot, grab a cup of tea, and let’s begin!

*Disclaimer- This article is for entertainment purposes only. No medical advice or information is included in this article. Always talk to your doctor about your health concerns and before making any health-related decisions. See privacy policy & disclosures for more details.

35 Journal Prompts for Weight Loss

  1. What does your ideal body look and feel like?
  2. How would being at your ideal weight affect your life?
  3. What are your favorite ways to be active?
  4. What outdoor activities do you enjoy?
  5. Write 5 positive affirmations to support yourself in your weight loss. For example: “I am learning to love my body.”
  6. List your 10 favorite foods, no matter what they are.
  7. How can you still enjoy those foods or healthier versions of them?
  8. List 10 new healthy foods to try.
  9. Google then list 10 new recipes to try.
  10. What challenges have you faced as a result of your excess weight? Mean comments? Physical limitations?
  11. How can you release the shame associated with your weight? Ideas: Prayer, journaling, counseling.
  12. How can you forgive yourself, give yourself grace, and love yourself?
  13. Who or what else needs to be forgiven or let go of so that you can heal your body?
  14. What are your bad food habits and how can you begin to shift out of those habits?
  15. What new food habits can you create to support weight loss and better health?
  16. How does your physical environment affect your weight and overall health? For example; Do you live in a walkable area? What’s your job like?
  17. How does your social environment affect your weight and overall health? For example: How supportive is your partner, family, friends, or co-workers?
  18. List some ways your physical surroundings could be changed to support weight loss. For example: Can you change jobs if your job is sedentary? Can you move to a new area? Can you expand your social network?
  19. How do your emotions affect what you eat? Do you eat out of boredom? Exhaustion? Convenience?
  20. Write down what would make meal planning easier. Do you need food blog inspiration? New cookbooks? A meal planner?
  21. What inspires you for good health?
  22. What scares you about losing weight or having your ideal figure? (Maybe nothing, but this is a good question to ask yourself.)
  23. How can you keep yourself feeling motivated and positive?
  24. How can weight loss feel more natural and effortless and less difficult? How can it feel more joyful?
  25. Considering your ethnicity or heritage, what foods did your ancestors eat 150+ years ago? What does the term “traditional foods” mean to you and have you tried eating traditionally?
  26. List 10 ways to eliminate processed foods from your diet. For example: Swapping out processed grains in cereals and bread for more potatoes, rice, and starchy vegetables.
  27. Write out a playlist for exercise.
  28. What is holding you back the most from losing weight?
  29. How has past trauma affected your eating habits?
  30. How can you create more overall happiness in your life so that you can have more energy, motivation, and strength to heal your body?
  31. Regarding your body image, what self-talk would you like to eliminate, and what self-talk would you like to create?
  32. Describe how you identify yourself on as many levels as possible. How does your personal identity connect to your weight?
  33. What is your self-esteem like and how can you improve it?
  34. How can you accept yourself fully for who you are now, with no contingencies?
  35. What do you love about your body and what are you most grateful for regarding your health?

PDF printable journal prompts for weight loss

Download and print your journal prompts using the link below:

PDF printable weight-loss journal prompts

I hope you find these questions valuable for your health journey.

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Final thoughts

I hope you enjoyed these weight loss journal ideas and journal prompts for weight loss. Hopefully, they can help you dig deeper into the factors affecting your weight and overall health.

Self-knowledge is very empowering. I’ve found that writing about anything that is challenging me always helps to untangle the confusion and gain clarity so I can problem-solve. May these journal prompts empower you to do just that.

Please take care of yourself and go easy on yourself in your weight-loss and wellness journey. Be your own cheerleader, and keep positive.

Have a lovely day!

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