5 Simple Nighttime Prayers & Affirmations for Anxiety

If you find yourself tossing and turning, not able to fall asleep because of worry and anxiety, you are not alone. Many people struggle with worrisome thoughts right before bed. Nighttime is when you can finally get a minute to think after a busy day. So naturally, it’s a time when your mind starts to wander.

That is why it helps to say a few prayers and affirmations to put your mind into a peaceful state before bed. Prayers and affirmations can empower you to feel more peaceful, less anxious, and fall asleep easier. And they may even protect against bad dreams.

You don’t have to be religious to pray. These prayers and affirmations are for anyone who resonates with them. You can use these prayers and affirmations every night before bed for better sleep. I find they help tremendously to give me strength and calm.

Since I started my nighttime prayer routine, I fall asleep faster and have had much more peaceful dreams. I feel mentally stronger with less anxiety. Check them out and see for yourself!

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Disclaimer: These nighttime prayers and affirmations are not meant to be a cure for any medical condition. Please talk with your doctor for any medical concerns.

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Powerful Prayers and Affirmations for Nighttime Anxiety

1.“God, please protect my mind.”

We all have our everyday struggles. Work, financial issues, relationship issues, and more. Not to mention pain from the past, uncertainty about the future, and more. It can be a lot to deal with mentally and emotionally.

That is why I pray to God to protect my mind from all negative, dark, or anxious thoughts. Saying this payer before bed makes me feel powerfully protected.

You could say this prayer as an affirmation, i.e., “My mind is protected.” Or “My thoughts are powerfully protected.”

Additionally, you can substitute another word for God if you like, such as angels, Goddess, etc. Whatever feels right to you. Personally, I’m comfortable with the word God and feel strongly spiritual, so I use it.

Know that any positive force you call on for protection can help shield your mind from worrisome thoughts before bed, or anytime you ask for protection. This nighttime prayer is incredibly powerful.

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2.“I only consent to peaceful, positive dreams.”

If you have been experiencing bad dreams, this nighttime affirmation can stop them in their tracks.

No one knows what dreams are exactly, or what causes different types of dreams. Do we communicate with different entities, energies, and spirits in dreamland? If so, then it stands to reason that we have a choice about who or what we interact with in dreams, just as we do in real life.

That is why consenting to only peaceful, positive dreams is so important. Saying “Yes” to good dreams allows for interaction with positive entities/energies and blocks negative ones.

With this nighttime affirmation, you are by default saying “No” to scary dreams and negative energies. However, you are affirming in the positive; that you consent to good dreams only. Rather than an affirmation such as “I don’t consent to scary dreams.” Because in the former, you are using the language of the negative thing you do not want.

This simple affirmation of positive dreams is a powerful shield against bad dreams. Every night since I started this prayer a few weeks ago, I have not had bad dreams. Weird dreams, yes. But scary dreams? No. Try it and see if it works for you.

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3.“Universe, I trust you.”

Affirming your trust is extremely powerful. This simple affirmation strengthens your relationship with God, the Universe, Goddess, your angels, etc.)

If you can feel this affirmation in your heart as truth, it will set you free. You will feel a true absence of worry when you turn your fears over to God.

The power of God supports you. You can surrender your worries to it. You don’t have to control any outcomes, and you don’t have to always do or say the right thing. You don’t need to have all the answers.

God knows the way. God will guide you if you ask for guidance. This way of innerstanding allows you to relax. Trusting in a higher power frees your mind to let go of controlling or predicting outcomes so you can fall asleep easier.

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4.“I forgive my mistakes”

If you tend to worry about what you said or start reminiscing on some past failure or humiliating moment, then this is an affirmation you need.

Even if the affirmation doesn’t feel true for you, with practice, it can become your truth.

It’s powerful to realize how imperfect we all are. Incredibly imperfect. So, forgive yourself and let the shame and worry go. Whatever you did that you still feel like crap about- forgive and let it go. If there is anything you know you need to do, like apologize, then make a commitment with yourself to do so asap. But other than setting something right, you need to give yourself grace.

While you are at it, say a prayer or affirmation to forgive anyone who has hurt you. It doesn’t mean they are right or that you will forget, just that you have decided to let it go for your own wellbeing. Let your nighttime be filled with peace and grace.

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5.“I’m ready for the next level of happiness.”

Isn’t it beautiful that we live in an infinite universe? There is always more to discover, and our souls are continuously expanding. As humans, we have so much potential for love, joy, inspiration, fascination, fun, and pure bliss.

Even if you are quite happy, there is always room for more happiness. Even if you have it all, there is still more to have. That’s the nature of the universe.

There is nothing wrong with infinite expansion; it doesn’t mean you are never satisfied with what you have. Wanting more doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate what you have. Rather that you embrace life fully and live without limits.

You cannot have something without agreeing to have it on some level. We each create our own realities with what we allow into our lives. That is the Law of Attraction.

This idea can be difficult to accept, considering that horrible things happen. How could anyone possibly agree to horrible things happening?

As an answer, some say that perhaps we agree to have certain experiences before birth, for our soul’s evolution. That idea resonates with me.

At any rate, it may help to agree, affirm and ask God/Spirit/the Universe for the good things you desire in life. No matter if you are in the pits of despair or already riding high on life. Ask for that next level, feel it, and consent to it. Say yes to life getting better and better.

Concluding your nighttime prayers with affirming the next level of happiness just feels good. To end on a hopeful note of what good is to come.

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Final thoughts about the power of nighttime prayer

Ask for protection, consent to positive dreams only, trust in God, give yourself grace and affirm your next level of happiness. Using these 5 simple prayers and affirmations at night can empower you to feel calmer and sleep better.

You don’t have to battle your worries before bed. You don’t have to toss and turn with what-ifs. You can turn your fears over to God through prayer. You can create boundaries about what kind of energy you allow during sleep. You have more power than you may realize to calm your mind and get a better night’s sleep.

Furthermore, as I like to tell myself: You have done the best you can, and the day is over.

If you have more things you need to get done, problems to solve, or urgent business to attend to then go do it now if you can. Or write it down for tomorrow.

But if you cannot (and usually we can’t right before bed) then there is nothing you can do. You may as well sleep.

I hope you enjoyed these prayers and affirmations for nighttime anxiety. I hope they help you sleep more soundly and feel more empowered for good dreams. There is nothing like a peaceful night’s sleep, and you deserve it.

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