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5 Ways to Unblock Your Mind & Shake Up Your Energy

Have you been looking for ways to clear your mind and create life changes? Are you trying to maximize your creativity or manifest something in your life?

In this article, I share with you 5 methods I use to shake up my energy when I want to manifest, gain clarity, make a change, or need a creative boost. Using these methods, I have experienced some amazing opportunities in my life, both on the micro and macro levels.

All techniques involve harnessing universal energy in a positive, light-filled way to assist with life changes, clarity, and creativity. I write about these techniques from a place of no particular religious affiliation. Anyone, regardless of their belief system, can try these ideas. So, keep reading to learn how to unblock your mind, shake up your energy fields, and create space for what you’re trying to manifest.

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Unblock Your Mind

Unblock your mind“>

Let’s talk about meditation to unblock your mind

Meditation is one of the most popular ways to unblock your mind. Meditation allows you to physically relax, which can help to untangle thoughts and emotions. It also helps you focus, be present, and tap into universal energy.

Other meditative-like practices, such as deep breathing or journaling, are also physically still ways to unblock your mind and tap into universal energy.

Being still in meditation or meditative-like activity is an effective way to gain clarity. But stillness is not for everyone all the time.

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Getting physically active to shake up your energy

Have you ever considered using intention mixed with physical action to unblock yourself during meditation?

Meditation combined with active physical movement holds tremendous potential to shift or unblock your mind and energy.

Physical movement can create dramatic feelings and sensations, which are everything when it comes to manifesting. It’s the feeling that holds all the power when you are trying to manifest something.

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Sometimes energy shifts require stillness, and sometimes energy shifts benefit from more intense activity. It all depends on your mindset and what you are trying to accomplish.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to suggest you run a marathon to shift your energy. (Unless you like that idea- then go for it!) Instead, I present to you a list of active yet non-exhausting ways to unblock your mind and shake things up energetically. Enjoy!

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5 Active ways to unblock your mind and shake up your energy

1. Take an amusement park ride

Last summer, I went on a bunch of amusement park rides I hadn’t been on for ages. Typically, rides make me a bit sick, but I pushed past my resistance. It felt good to nudge myself out of my comfort zone. The physical movement/experience felt powerful and thrilling. It definitely shook up my energy on a physical and psychic level.

I’m not trying to make you throw up by suggesting you ride the Zipper. Know your limits! This is just an idea to consider.

You could also take a ride on a jet ski, unicycle, snowmobile, 4-wheeler, or inner-tube being pulled by a speedboat. Set your intentions, then use any a-typical method of propelling your body through space and time to help shake up your energy and unblock your mind. Woohooo!!!!!

2. Tree energy to unblock your mind

This sounds so 1960’s hippie to say, but it’s awesome to hug trees.

If you lean up against a tree and relax, you can feel the tree’s energy. Tree energy is a warm, calming sensation. I find that most trees feel similar energy-wise, at least in the area I practice.

Tree energy is related to growth, strength, and stability. Try standing straight against the tree, heels touching the base of the tree, back leaning into the trunk, and head touching.

Release your stressful, blocked energy into the tree, visualizing the energy flowing up to the top of the tree and dissipating out of the leaves into the sky. Or, visualize the blocked energy moving down the tree, through the roots, and into the soil. When you’re done, make sure to thank the tree for helping you with your energy blocks.

3. Gardening with intention

All plants are full of beautiful energy and can help with prayer, healing, or transformation. Herbs and flowers hold beauty and vitality. They have short life spans, reminding us to live “in the now.”

If you like gardening, you can use dirt/soil to work through problems as you shift and sift to make room for the plants.

Planting is good for new beginnings as well as for releasing negative energies into the dirt to dissipate. Gardening can be about getting in touch with your inner self and your connection to the natural world. It can symbolize simplifying and getting back to basics. Also, self-love and self-care.

Meditating while gardening is a wonderful combination. Plus, gardening works your muscles.

4. Swim in a natural body of water

Water has so much power to dissolve problems and move energy.

Different bodies of water work in different ways to unblock your mind. A bubbling brook holds different magic than a still lake, so depending on what you have available, choose the water that makes the most sense for what you’re trying to manifest.

As a general rule, I think of calm still water as better for creating peace, healing, creating love, or forgiveness. Big waves or rushing rivers might be better for creating dramatic life changes, speeding things along, releasing anger, washing away troubles, or accessing creative power.

5. Take a walk outside in intense weather

Don’t go out in dangerous weather, but when it’s raining and blowing, why not grab your raincoat, boots, and umbrella? It’s just H20.

The energy from dramatic gushes of wind, (not hurricanes!) pouring rain, flurries of swirling snow, or warm sun can be used to create powerful energetic change. Here are some ways intense weather works to unblock your mind and shake up your energy:

  • Wind assists with movement and change.
  • Rain can help dilute problems, let them go, and wash away worries.
  • Snow crystals embody magic, beauty, angelic support, and comfort.
  • Sun energy provides security, abundance, love, and calm. Sun energy draws to you. It’s powerful for creating and manifesting wealth, physical energy, mental energy, and confidence.

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Another Idea- using fire to shift your energy

Fire can be used to speed up manifestation, let go of problems, seal deals, confirm endings, create excitement, or take charge. Obviously, use extreme caution with fire!

An example of using fire to unblock your mind would be to sit or stand next to and safely tend a small campfire while meditating, journaling, or saying affirmations. You could also try writing problems on a piece of paper and then burning it.

Concluding thoughts

Learning to feel and mold universal energy is something anyone can practice.

Using forces of nature along with engaging in active, intentional activities can help unblock your mind and shake up your energy in different ways. Universal energy is always available to help us solve problems, feel happier, and be more creative.

I hope you found this article useful, let me know in the comments!

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