Sunday Afternoon Activities List

67 Chill Sunday Afternoon Activities for Self-Care and Relaxation

Sunday fun day, or more-low key?

If you want to spend a chill Sunday afternoon relaxing but you are undecided on what to do, you will love these 67 laid-back and fun Sunday afternoon activities!

Each one of these Sunday afternoon activities is carefully considered for maximum enjoyment with no stress. Because sometimes you just need to put chores, errands, and work aside and have a rest day.

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Chill Sunday Afternoon Activities

Sundays are for chill and relax

Sundays are the best, right? There is much less pressure to “do all the things” on a Sunday than on Friday, Saturday or any other day of the week.

Sundays are perfect for downtime, family time, and personal time. Sure, you could spend Sunday getting your ducks in a row for the following week by meal prepping and such, but sometimes you need a more laid-back kinda day.

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That is why today we are talking about 50 fun Sunday afternoon activities for self-care and relaxation. These activities are ones that I personally recommend to de-stress and unwind on the traditional day of rest. They include some interesting ideas that you probably haven’t considered, (I’m talking about #’s 8 & 9 specifically!)

I hope these Sunday ideas light you up with excitement and inspire you!

67 Chill Sunday Afternoon Activities:

  1. Sit outside in the sun and relax.
  2. Go for a stroll.
  3. Get lost in a good book.
  4. Listen to an inspiring or thought-provoking podcast.
  5. Make the perfect simple meal.
  6. Make a small campfire in the backyard.
  7. Doodle.
  8. Watch cake-decorating videos.
  9. Practice frosting techniques with a frosting kit and instant mashed potatoes as a substitute for frosting. (Same consistency. Do not eat.)
  10. Write in your journal.
  11. Start an art journal.
  12. Play catch with your dog or kids.
  13. Write a letter to a loved one.
  14. Go somewhere with a nice view.
  15. Go to a body of water.
  16. Listen to music.
  17. Pray and think grateful thoughts.
  18. Organize something small.
  19. Take a bath or shower with some Epson salts and essential oils.
  20. Do some yoga or light exercise.
  21. Go for a drive somewhere interesting.
  22. Go out for coffee or a smoothie.
  23. Have a long phone conversation.
  24. Write a letter to your younger self.
  25. Have a root beer float.
  26. Do a manicure or pedicure with some quality, non-toxic nail care products.
  27. Go shopping.
  28. Go to the park.
  29. Try making your own DIY laundry detergent: 1 cup borax, I cup super washing soda, ¼ cup soap flakes. Use 1 tablespoon per load. (Best prices at big box stores, but you can also get ingredients on Amazon. You will save a ton of money over the course of a year making detergent, and it’s so easy!)
  30. Research new recipes to try and pin them on Pinterest.
  31. Paint with watercolors.
  32. Print some free printable art for your home.
  33. Create an Amazon wish list for yourself.
  34. Browse Etsy.
  35. Go hunting for cool rocks, sticks, or shells outside, depending on where you are.
  36. Visit your local spiritual bookstore.
  37. Get a psychic reading.
  38. Write about your life.
  39. Garden.
  40. Look at organizing ideas online.
  41. Go for a bike ride.
  42. Go to a bookstore or library.
  43. Make a fairy house outside out of whatever sticks and rocks you find.
  44. Write a fun to-do list of activities for the week.
  45. Learn some new funny jokes then text them to your friends.
  46. Watch some corny TV shows from the ’90s or early 2000s.
  47. Rearrange your furniture.
  48. Watch some inspiring arts & crafts videos on Instagram or YouTube.
  49. Make an ice cream sandwich.
  50. Play around on Canva and create some graphic design art. It’s free!
  51. Practice photography.
  52. Practice hand lettering or calligraphy.
  53. Research fun outdoor activities in your area and mark your calendar.
  54. Get your hair done.
  55. Text a long-lost friend.
  56. Take a long relaxing nap.
  57. Sign up to SkillShare online to take classes on just about anything.
  58. Start a blog.
  59. Create a photo collage.
  60. Make something out of beads, like a beaded wall hanging.
  61. Read your Tarot cards with crystals to empower the tarot cards.
  62. Research your astrological chart.
  63. Diffuse some essential oils.
  64. Research other countries and watch interesting travel videos.
  65. Browse new house plants at your local garden center.
  66. Read funny memes.
  67. Fix something around the house that needs fixing. Or buy a new one.

Concluding Thoughts for a Chill Sunday Afternoon

After a nice relaxing Sunday afternoon and evening, you are more likely to wake up Monday feeling energized and motivated for the week ahead. So what if you didn’t get the entire house cleaned, the dog washed, and all the shopping completed? It’s ok to not get stuff done. It’s ok to have a quiet day. Sometimes, you just need to unwind and chill out instead of working so hard.

What other fun and relaxing activities do you enjoy on a Sunday? With all the hot weather we’ve been having where I live, I plan to take the kids to the lake all day. And maybe BBQ after! Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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