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My name is Kristen and I’m the founder and author of Dream Dash Journal- a lifestyle blog about journaling, spirituality, personal development, positive quotes, crystals, tarot, art, angel numbers, and more.

I started Dream Dash Journal in 2018 and have been joyfully developing it ever since.

On this page, learn all about my site, how it started, and a bit about me.

Kristen Tudeen Dream Dash Journal

Dream Dash Journal’s Beginnings

Dream Dash Journal began in the spring of 2018.

I was initially inspired by the Bullet Journal method, which is all about carefully written, well-organized list-making intended to boost productivity and organization.

I thought that the concept of creating a brand around journaling was genius, but Bullet Journal didn’t align with my writing style. I’m a messy writer. All my journals are filled with doodles, scribbles, and made-up abbreviations. They look like a mad scientist wrote them.

Thinking about this inspired me to create a brand that is sort of “the opposite of Bullet Journal.” A brand that celebrates a more expressive and free form journaling approach. Thus, Dream Dash Journal was born, along with Messy Journal Magic.

Journal Writing Course

What Does “Dream Dash Journal” Mean?

The name Dream Dash Journal means to jot your dreams in your journal, writing quickly and intuitively. (Dash is a synonym for “jot” or “write quickly”)

This Blog’s Purpose

Dream Dash Journal is designed to spread creativity, happiness, and inspiration.

I hope to encourage readers to embrace a positive mindset, trust their intuition, seek out spirituality, be creative, journal often, and manifest happiness.

Both personal development and spirituality are significant themes within this blog. You’ll discover articles about angel number meanings, crystals, positive quotes, affirmations, tarot, manifestation, love, the Law of Attraction, journal prompts, and various metaphysical topics.

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Free Printables

There are many free printables on this site, from journaling prompts to art to printable cards. I enjoy offering useful free printables to my readers and designing stuff, too!

Check out this beautifully designed printable planner for creative entrepreneurs.

And these personal timeline printables.


All journals on the journals page all super-affordable and available on Amazon. You will see all links to purchase lead there.

Journaling Course

If you want to journal for personal growth but find it difficult to write, check out my course, Messy Journal Magic.

This course will help you transform your life and manifest your best future!

Journal Writing Course

Etsy Shops

Dream Dash Designs has a wide range of art print styles, from abstract to boho, quotes, and more. All art is available for digital download.

Tartaria Love is a T-shirt and art print shop created out of my passion for the hidden history research movement. 

Books on Amazon

The Ultimate Book of Journal Prompts

1,001 Powerful Life-Changing Quotes

About Me

I’ve always been a dabbler, a bit of a rebel, interested in art, metaphysical topics, and mysteries.

Astrologically, I’m a Virgo sun, Leo moon, and Aries rising. My angel numbers are 1 and 6.

My hobbies include homemaking, art, journaling, hiking, and watching hidden history old-world videos on YouTube.

I have 3 kids and am happily married to my soulmate.

I live in Maine, USA.

Why I Love Blogging

As a creative entrepreneur at heart, I find immense fulfillment and gratitude in blogging. I just love it so much- writing, editing, SEO, research, graphic design, Pinterest- all of it.

It took me a long time, and I traveled down many dead ends to find my passion career-wise. I was never happy in any of my previous jobs. In fact, I was totally lost for the longest time.

Before I started blogging, I used to wonder what all my random knowledge on metaphysical, spiritual, art, health, and personal development would be useful for. It feels amazing to finally put my unique skills and ideas to good use. That’s one reason I feel so inspired to encourage others to seek out what they love, set goals, and manifest their dreams.

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