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About Dream Dash Journal: A Creative Lifestyle Blog

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Welcome, I’m glad you’re here!

This page is all about Dream Dash Journal. Keep reading to learn how this blog started, what it’s all about, and why you may enjoy it. 

What is Dream Dash Journal?

Dream Dash Journal is a creative lifestyle blog about spirituality, personal development, art & more that aims to better your life and inspire your mind!

You will enjoy this blog if you are interested in:

  • Spirituality & metaphysical topics.
  • Journal prompts and writing.
  • Wellness, self-care, and personal development.
  • Free printable art, journal prompts, & worksheets.
  • Inspirational quotes.
  • Art ideas.
  • Tips for bloggers, Etsy sellers, and creative entrepreneurs.

How Dream Dash Journal began.

Dream Dash Journal was created in the Spring of 2018.

It was originally inspired by Bullet Journal.

The Bullet Journal method of journal-writing is about writing tidy lists. Nice, neat lists to increase productivity & get organized.

Great concept!

To be honest, when I first heard of Bullet Journal I was like What?! Someone took the concept of writing neat and tidy lists and made it a brand?? Seriously?? Genius.

I loved the idea that someone turned the ancient human practice of list-making into a brand. But as a writer and avid journaler, the Bullet Journal way of journaling felt completely opposite to my own natural writing tendencies.

When it comes to journaling, my lists look anything but neat. More like a mad scientist wrote them!

Thinking about this led me to wonder:

What about those of us who are a bit messier expressing our thoughts?  What about the doodles in the margins? The scribbles, circled words, and made-up abbreviations? 

I wanted to create my own brand around what might be thought of as “The opposite of Bullet Journal.”

And so here we are today with Dream Dash Journal!

What Does “Dream Dash Journal” Mean?

The idea behind the name Dream Dash Journal is that you dash (synonym for write quickly) your dreams down in your journal.

The name was basically inspired by how I saw myself writing. At the same time, I could envision many people writing the same way; dashing down their ideas on the fly.

Since I knew I wasn’t the only person who was a messy journaler, I wanted to coin this messy journal writing style (this creative energy) with a name or an identity of some sort.

A blog to inspire you creatively and spiritually

This blog is all about inspiring people to be creative, write, think about life deeply, develop spiritually, and manifest happiness.

Both personal development and spirituality have become big topics on the blog. 

There are articles about manifestation, using affirmations, crystals, angel numbers, tarot, and other related metaphysical topics. There’s a bit about love and relationships, too.

For my writing, all topics related to spirituality or personal development come from personal life experiences. I’ve lived a very full life. I have a lot to talk about, LOL! 

You will find plenty of articles about journaling, art projects, free art prints, inspirational quotes, and selling art on Etsy as well. 

I hope you love the blog and it inspires you with positive words, creative ideas, free art, an unusual perspective, and tons of inspiration to live your best life!

Popular articles

Art & More 

Dream Dash Designs on Etsy

Have a look at Dream Dash Designs on Etsy for art prints in many different styles.

Discover abstract art, kid’s art, boho art, quotes, signs, and more. All art is digitally downloaded printable art.

Tartaria Love on Etsy

Tartaria Love is a brand new T-shirt and art print shop created out of my love of the current hidden history research movement. 

Books on Amazon

I have two books on Amazon:

The Ultimate Book of Journal Prompts

1,001 Powerful Life-Changing Quotes

Check them out today! 

Free Small Business Planner for Entrepreneurs

This planner is beautiful and helpful for organizing your thoughts and business ideas.

*I used to sell a journal on Amazon as well, but it’s now being phased out. I’d love to sell made-in-the-US journals but cannot find a decent product at a reasonable price for the customer.

About me

My name is Kristen and I’ve always been a dabbler & creative. I have worked so many odd jobs over the years. I have sold on Amazon, Etsy, and eBay, at craft shows, and in art galleries. I have an art and a nursing background and have had many crazy adventures in my life. I’m a creative entrepreneur at heart and feel extremely fulfilled and incredibly grateful to be blogging and selling things I create for a living.

In addition, I enjoy reading, being outside, homemaking, homeschooling, old-school rock n’ roll/ heavy metal, questioning everything, and being a Mom of three. I’m from a tiny town in Maine. 

Thanks for reading!

Kristen of Dream Dash Journal


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