Amazon Product Photography the Easy Way, No Photoshop Skills Required

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So you’ve been working hard to start up your online business. You’ve come up with your product idea, made or had your product manufactured, and are ready to sell on Amazon. Now all you need are the photos for your product listing. But not just any photos. Excellent photos that show off your wares perfectly.

In this article, I’ll share with you the easiest way to get that perfect #ffffff white background which is required by Amazon and which is desirable for most products selling on any online platform. 

Amazon Product Photography White Background

You know how essential high-quality photos with #ffffff backgrounds are for selling your product. The only problem is, you don’t have photoshop and have no idea how to achieve that perfect white background. It sure ain’t happening on your dining room table with a piece of white paper as the background.

After some clicking, you’ve discovered that professional photography is way too costly. What you need is a simple solution for excellent but easy Amazon product photography. Well, look no further. I happily present to you:

Amazon Product Photography the Easy Way

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Step 1- Purchase a Lightbox

You will need to purchase a lightbox. The one I use and recommend is the Amazon Basics Portable Photo Studio.

This lightbox works perfectly for most items as long as they fit inside. (Measures 25” x 30” x 25”.) This lightbox, essentially a mini photo-studio, comes with lightbulbs. Set up and storage is a breeze. The instructions for use are clear, and most importantly, you can easily take photos that portray color accurately.

Can you get a perfectly uniform #ffffff white background with this lightbox alone? No, that would be impossible. You need this lightbox for the accurate portrayal of the product itself.

It’s not so easy to get an accurate product photo using a DIY background, even outside in the sun, with or without a camera flash because of shadows and lighting. The lightbox does the job of eliminating those two problems. Yes, it is a small investment, but it’s still way less than hiring a photographer and your photos will look great with minimal effort.

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Step 2- Take Your Amazon Product Photos

Once you have the lightbox, all you need to do is take your photos. You can use your phone or any decent camera, just try to adjust your camera settings accordingly. If you don’t know anything about your camera settings (like I don’t!) do a little google research or use a camera app. I have an android phone and use this free camera app.

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Step 3- Use an Editing Service

Here’s the best part- Forget about editing your photos yourself and simply email your photos to Piscera. You are going to thank me because I just saved you so much hassle!

Piscera is straight-up awesome! (I am not affiliated with them in any way, just a happy customer.) I sent them 6 photos of my first product taken with my phone and lightbox and they returned those 6 photos to me, perfectly edited with #fffff white backgrounds and all ready for Amazon.

For around $10!!!

In less than 24 hours!!!

BAM, checked that task off the weekly to-do list.

Concluding Thought on Amazon Product Photography the Easy Way

That wasn’t so hard, was it? Thank goodness for Piscera for professional editing.

Piscera is so worth it for those of us with no photoshop or editing skills. No hassles, no worries, just perfectly edited Amazon product photography. Thank you Piscera!

Please refer to Piscera’s website for pricing, timeframes etc. Each job they do is surely different, so I’m not speaking for them on how soon they’ll have your pics ready and at what price. Just check them out:)

That’s it, folks. I hope you found this article helpful and I hope it saves you time and hassle! Please leave any comments below.

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