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17 Angel Signs: How Angels Reveal Their Presence

Have you ever had a strange coincidence, serendipitous event, or unusual occurrence happen in your life and felt a little sparkle of mystery? A warm and tingly feeling in your heart?

It may have been a sign from your angels.

We all have angels watching over us, along with other loving spirits. Our angels are there to support and guide us. They can provide us with comfort, protection, wisdom, inspiration, and strength.

Angels will reveal themselves to those who are receptive to receiving their messages. And they do so by giving signs that they are present, along with signs to guide us. These clues are known as angel signs.

angel signs

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Angel signs can be subtle or extremely obvious. The signs can happen just once or multiple times to catch our attention. Angel signs become more evident with increased spiritual awareness. And grow more obvious the stronger your angel connection becomes.

So how do you know you are getting signs from angels? Or even angel warnings? Angel communication differs and depends on the person. Only your intuition knows for sure. Angel signs may seem random at first notice. But you’ll recognize them by how they feel- like a bell going off in your intuition.

Some angel signs will be highly personal. Only you can recognize them. The interpretation of those signs will depend on your personal understanding. But some signs and meanings are more widely known.

Here are some common angel signs to be aware of, along with the meanings of those signs. We will talk about angel warnings thereafter. Please take the meaning of the signs and warnings with a grain of salt and filter what is written here through your own personal understanding and experience.

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17 Common Angel Signs and Meanings

1. Feathers

Spotting a feather on the ground is thought to be a clear sign from your angels, especially a white feather. But black, gray, brown, and other colors are significant, too. Feathers are good luck.

Meanings: Feathers symbolize protection, spiritual guidance, and are often a sign from loved ones who have passed. They symbolize taking chances, trusting in The Universe, and love.

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2. Coins

Finding coins in unusual places can be a sign from your angels. Especially if the date on the coin holds significance for you. Or if the coins you find ad up to a certain number. For example, if you find a penny and a nickel, maybe it’s time to start paying more attention to your “sixth sense” (six cents.)

Meanings: Coins symbolize luck, wealth, abundance, and opportunity.

3. Angel numbers

Seeing certain numbers or number patterns everywhere you go is a widely recognized angel sign. These mysterious numbers are known as angel numbers.

For example, seeing 111, 11:11, 311, 333, 444, 555, 234, 369, 515 and so on. If you notice a certain number every time you look at the clock, on license plates, signs, etc, know that you are not the only one! Numbers are one of the most common ways angels communicate.

Meanings: Every number has spiritual significance and each number pattern has its own meaning. So if you are seeing a certain number, consider it may well be your angel number. Follow your intuition to find your angel number while you learn more about this phenomenon.

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4. Serendipitous events

Angels often give a sign by assisting in the alignment of serendipitous events in your life. Angels may conspire with The Universe to put you in the right place at the right time. To keep you out of harm’s way, put you in the path of the right person, or lead you in the right direction.

Serendipitous events have much to do with how you are manifesting your own life as well. We all have free will. So whatever good you are energetically putting out is what angels will support happening for you. And possibly work a little magic on your behalf, too!

Meanings: The meaning of the serendipitous event will depend entirely on the situation. But usually, when things flow or work out in your favor in a magical way, it means you are on the right path and your angels support you.

5. Things out of place

Another way angels let their presence be known is through things out of place. Such as in the event of seeing something significant to you where it does not belong. This angel sign is one way your loved ones who have passed communicate messages of love and support to you. This happens to me frequently and in ways that are undeniable.

Meanings: Communication from loved ones that have passed. A nudge in the right direction. Or a cautionary sign.

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6. Coincidences

Much like serendipitous events, coincidences are a common angel sign. You know, like when you think There is no possible way! What are the chances?? about something that has happened. Some events simply cannot be explained logically. And angels or divine intervention are the only logical explanation.

Meanings: The meanings of coincidences are entirely dependent on the situation. Usually, a positive and encouraging sign that you are making the right choice. And sometimes a sign to simply make you more aware of an angel’s presence and grow your spiritual beliefs.

7. Rainbows

Rainbows are a beautiful message from your angels. They are rare to see, and when you do, it’s special. They bring warm feelings to your heart. And inspire a sense of wonder. These good feelings can be a catalyst for manifesting more good into your life.

In this way, rainbows are a blessing and bring good fortune. When you see a rainbow, look for the pot of gold metaphorically. Both in the moment and in your life. When you notice the good, more good presents itself for you to notice.

Meanings: Rainbows mean you are loved and supported. They help you manifest more good. They are a sign of love in all forms- friendship, family, romance, and pets. And can be a sign from loved ones who have passed.

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8. Books and articles

Ever had a book jump off the shelf? Or came across just the right words at the right time? Books, articles, and other forms of the written word can be angel signs. Especially when words move your heart unexpectedly, or you keep reading the same message everywhere.

Meanings: A sign from your angels to pay attention. Heed the words! Depending on the words, book, or article, the meaning will vary.

9. Visual or sound media

Do you keep on hearing or seeing repeated messages online, on television, or on the radio? Angels frequently give signs through the media. It’s an easy medium for them to work with!

Meanings: Angel signs in the media all depend. The message may be a confirmation, guidance, warning, or a message of support. It’s up to you to interpret the specific message.

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10. People

Many people who enter our lives are angels in disguise. Not only do angels walk among us, but angels send messages through other people. For instance, maybe you meet a stranger and they give you just the right advice. Maybe you overhear words of wisdom spoken between wise women. Or hear a podcast by someone amazing.

Recently, when I was feeling anxious, I overheard a young man rapping along to his music. He was singing some lyrics “God’s plan, it’s God’s plan.” Then made direct eye contact with me.

Meanings: Signs from people can exist solely to confirm the presence of angels. They can guide you to trust and relax. Or to make a choice. They can be a warning or a confirmation.

Some people who are angels in our lives help us to manifest more good. For example, long ago I had a guy friend who loved me very much. He treated me like gold. I wasn’t in love with him, but looking back, I can see he was an angel. He showed me the meaning of love. Enough for me to understand what love was vibrationally and to manifest true and lasting love with my husband of now almost 12 years.

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11. Animals

The presence of certain animals can indicate the presence of angels, or be a sign from them. Butterflies are a common angel animal. Birds, dolphins, cats, and lizards are angel messengers, too.

Do you have a connection with a certain animal? Do you have a spirit animal? You may see this animal in unusual places. Seeing your animal may be a sign in the realm of “seeing things out of place” as noted earlier in this article.

Meanings: Depending on the animal, the sign might indicate love, support, guidance, or confirmation. If you see an animal that scares you, such as a snake, it might be a warning. However, just because an animal is scary doesn’t mean your angels are warning you. Sharks, for example, are a symbol of power and strength. Use your intuition.

12. Flowers

Flowers are often signs from angels. Especially when seeing them in combination with other signs or seeing them “out of place.”

Meanings: Remember the good times. Think fondly about the past and the good that is present. Flowers are love signs, messages of support, and a reminder to love and forgive yourself and others. Signs from loved ones who have passed. A sign to relax and think peaceful thoughts.

13. Rocks

Rocks along with crystals and all types of stones can be angel signs, depending on how and where you discover them. Again, think about “things out of place.”

Take note of rocks with a ring around them. Those are lucky and are for wish-making. Rocks with natural stones are magical, known as hag stones.

Meanings: Strength, resilience, fortitude. A sign to believe in magic, to trust in The Universe. A sign to trust yourself because you know when you need to take action. Or to do absolutely nothing.

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14. Sounds

Hearing sounds, especially ringing or bells, can be a sign from angels. To be clear, this is not medical advice. Talk to your doctor about unusual sounds or noises. Some people have psychic or spiritual awareness that is more auditory in nature, that is all.

Meanings: Spiritual awakening and growth, guidance. Confirmation of the right decision. A “Hello” from your angels. Have you ever heard the saying “When bells appear, angels are near”?

15. Flashes of Light

If you have ever experienced a flash of light when you are worried or upset, this is likely an angel’s sign. Flashes of light often happen in moments of extreme distress. Or moments of revelation when all the pieces of the puzzle fall together.

Meanings: A sign of angels giving you comfort. That it’s all going to be Ok. Inspiration, motivation, insight. Encouragement, strength.

16. Smells

Like hearing unusual noises, smelling certain smells may be an angel sign. Because again, people experience extra-sensory perception through all their senses, and smell is one of them. You may smell your grandmother’s perfume for example. Or something that reminds you of your childhood.

Meanings: Different smells have different meanings. A smell could be a sign that a loved one’s spirit is near, or a sign to take a certain action. The smell could also exist to provide comfort or warning.

17. Sensations

Finally, let’s discuss sensations as angel signs. Like a tingle up your spine, or a feeling in your stomach.

Usually, sensations accompany other angel signs, but sometimes sensations occur from thoughts alone. As in the case when a random thought seems to pop into your mind from nowhere that gives you a little shiver. And you wonder What’s that all about? 

Meanings- Follow that lead, trust your gut. Investigate. A warning. Or a positive big fat YES! It will depend.

Can you get warning signs from angels?

Angels do give warning signs. And usually, they give warnings in ways that are clear for you to recognize.

Angel warnings are more internal. Meaning, they are connected most often to your intuition (sixth sense) or your 5 senses rather than something outside like an object (coin, feather, etc.) Usually, angel warnings present as:

  • A gut feeling
  • An inner knowing
  • An unusual smell or strange sound
  • Feelings or sensations
  • Seeing shadows, premonitions, flashes of insight, or having a moment of clairvoyance

Warning signs versus positive signs

The way most people experience angel warnings is much different than seeing angel signs. Angel warnings often include an ominous, strange, unsettling, or negative feeling. While neutral or positive angel signs feel more positive.

The angels give warning sides less frequently. For one, they don’t want to cross your free will or influence your energy in this way to make choices unless it’s dire. And for two they don’t want to associate themselves with lower vibrational energy.

Angels want to be conservative about embodying/mimicking and conveying/communicating bad energy to you through their signs. Other than dissolving harmful energy or shielding you in the first place, angels would rather “have minimal to do” with giving angel warning signs. Thus, angel warnings are rarer.

Concluding thoughts

If you think you’re seeing angel signs, or you feel the presence of an angel, don’t doubt yourself. Your intuition is strong.

We live in a society that worships science to the detriment of the spirit. But luckily, more and more people are developing spiritual awareness. 

So, open your senses to angel signs and what your guardians are trying to tell you. Because your angels are all around. And in fact, there’s never a time when your soul is left unattended. Use common sense but allow a wider breadth of senses to exist within you. And there you will find some answers.

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