Angels on Earth: How to Spot an Earth Angel {Are You One?}

Do you believe that angels walk among us?

Since the beginning of time, many people have claimed there are angels on earth. There have been countless stories of angelic encounters by everyday people going about their business. Stories of angels helping, guiding, averting disasters, and even saving people’s lives.

Old art and architecture contain angels everywhere. Cherubs and goddess-like human figures with wings are all over the place. Sure, these depictions may be symbolic, religious, or part of a fictitious story of some kind. But, what about the possibility that angels actually live in this physical realm?

If angels did walk among us, could you spot an earth angel? What signs would there be, and what would an angel look like?

What if you are an earth angel? 

Let’s have a little fun and dive into this fascinating topic.

Angels on earth

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What is an earth angel?

Earth angels are spiritual beings of the light born into human bodies. They are here to serve and uplift humanity by raising the vibrational frequency of our collective. They do this naturally and easily.

Earth angels may or may not know who they are. Although we are all spiritual beings having human experiences, earth angels have the special assignment of improving the collective human vibration through light-work activity. Earth angels agreed to their assigned light-worker positions before incarnating into this realm.

There are many kinds of earth angels serving humanity. The main types generally fit into three categories.

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Types of angels on earth:

1. Healers

Healer angels are those who serve humanity by assisting with health care matters of all kinds. This includes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Healer angels help balance and improve energy by providing vibrations of love, harmony, health, and well-being. They outshine dark forces with positive white-light energy.

Healers may be lovers, friends, family members, teachers, caregivers, providers of a service, or any kind of supportive listener.

Earth angel healers help people in many ways. They mend, teach, listen, support, hold space, and improve things for others. They offer friendship, wisdom, physical labor, assistance, love, nurturing, and so much more.

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2. Creators

Earth angels who are primarily creators embody and emit an energy of creative inspiration.

Creator angels are focused on raising the vibrational energy of the collective by demonstrating what is possible. And by creating beauty in many forms. Creators uplift, excite, motivate, thrill, and help humans expand their creative abilities.

Creator angels help everyone but are especially of service to artists, designers, musicians, homemakers, business owners, farmers, engineers, and innovators. They are great at helping people channel ideas from The Universe and grow those ideas.

These types of angels create tons of stuff themselves and/or help humans create anything and everything that is of the light and can uplift others.

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3. Disruptors

Frequently, energies go awry here in this realm. And that is where disruptor angels come in to straighten things out.

Disruptor angels disrupt energy that is not of the light. Like healer angels, disruptors help to balance the energy of the human collective, provide harmony, and improve the energy of the collective. But the way disruptor angels help humanity is different.

Earth angels of this kind help by stopping disaster, exposing lies, shining a light in dark places, and reducing harm. It is not an easy job and these angels don’t always get much glory. Often, these disruptor angels are misunderstood, slandered, and worse.

Disruptor angels include truth spreaders, activists, soldiers, protectors, unmaskers, and awakeners of all kinds. They are strong and heroic, even if they appear small and weak. They can disarm evil in stealthy ways.

11 Signs you are an earth angel

If you sense an uncanny and explicable sense of purpose that cannot be shaken or ignored, then claim it! The feeling could indeed exist to highlight your identity as a lightworker, aka, an angel on earth.

So, how do you know if you are an earth angel? 

1. You have the desire to be of service to others

Earth angels want to inspire, heal , care for, and be in service to others. That desire drives them.

There are almost infinite ways earth angels can be of service, and infinite ways their services are needed. Even if you are not currently serving in a way you feel is significant, the altruistic desire to serve, help, heal, and so on is a sign you are an earth angel.

2. You desire truth and justice

Earth angels want truth and justice. They cannot stand lies, dishonesty, deceit, manipulation, injustice, and the like.

Earth angels are usually good at critically thinking and discovering the truth, but not always. Being human, earth angels, like anyone, can be fooled. But, even if hoodwinked, they will keep seeking truth and justice regardless. They have high moral integrity and strong ethics. They do not tolerate BS, and if they must tolerate it, it harms them deeply.

3. You are full of love

Earth angels carry an overwhelming energy of love within them. They have a strong desire to love others and plenty of love to give. They usually show their love easily, but sometimes not. Still, the love is present and pure in their hearts. 

Earth angels feel love on a deeper and more intense level than others, and that can be both exhilarating and challenging. They need others who can reciprocate and fulfill their hearts.

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4. You’re highly empathic

Earth angels are incredibly empathic. They can feel the emotions of others easily, almost as if the emotions were their own. Because they can feel what others feel, they can sense what others are thinking and predict actions as well.

Being so sensitive is a gift, but also a challenge. Earth angels must learn to shield their own energy, have strong boundaries, trust their intuition, and use their abilities wisely.

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5. Psychic or highly intuitive tendencies

As just mentioned, earth angels are strongly empathic. This is part of the reason they are also so psychic.

For earth angels, psychic ability is a result of possessing a strong sixth sense by nature. Earth angels rely on their intuition and may have multiple psychic abilities, including:

  • Clairaudience- Psychic hearing.
  • Clairvoyance- The ability to “see beyond” or have visions.
  • Claircognizance- A psychic knowing of things that you have no “real” way of knowing.
  • Clairsentience- The ability to feel physical sensations such as touch that you’re not “actually” experiencing.
  • Clairalience- Related to clairsentience, this word refers to psychic smelling.
  • Clairgustance- Psychic tasting.

Additionally, earth angels may experience auras, spirits, God, angel numbers, and other things beyond what mainstream science deems real.

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6. You’re able to hold space for others

Earth angels are able to take on burdensome energy in ways that others can’t. This is due to their loving, empathic nature which desires to assist. 

The ability to hold space means the ability to feel, see, and assist with energy transformation. One example would be simply listening. But there are many ways human angels help to transform the energy of situations, places, and people. 

Earth angels don’t “try” to hold space; this is their natural state of being. They are pretty much always holding space and transforming energy at all times in some way. But can always chose not to do so by intentionally going into “hermit mode” for a while.

7. Intense creative drive

It’s probably obvious that creator earth angels have an intense creative drive, but all earth angels possess this characteristic. 

Some earth angels express creativity through art, music, dance, construction, landscaping, baking, writing, and other obvious forms of creativity. Others satisfy their creative drive by building a family, homesteading, or creating businesses.

Earth angels are not satisfied to work a job or live a life where they are not creating something in some way. They need to transform energy from the non-physical realm and make it tangible. What they create can be just about anything. 

8. Always felt you were different

Many people, (and maybe most) have felt “different” or like they don’t fit in from time to time. But earth angels often experience this feeling on a whole new level.

This is because many earth angels legitimately don’t fit in. They can fit in, and they can experience belonging, but sometimes it is a challenge or it takes time.

Earth angels, as we have discussed, are different because they are often more disruptive, creative, psychic, sensitive, truthful, and loving. Depending on their life circumstances, these God-given gifts can amount to a whole lot of “not fitting in.” The gifts can create anger, confusion, depression, and other emotions which attract difficult life experiences. 

9. You are a nature lover

If you are an earth angel then you love animals, plants, trees, rocks, crystals, sunshine, and the whole natural realm. You need and crave nature.

Plenty of earth angels do live in big cities such as New York or Tokyo, but they are always seeking nature. They use natural elements to decorate their home, they frequent the parks, and they prioritize being outside.

10. You deeply appreciate beauty

Earth angels love and crave beauty about as much as they do nature. Earth angels need to live in beautiful places, decorate non-beautiful spaces, or beautify what they have.

Earth angels will often choose form over function. They want atmosphere and visual excitement. They primarily love art, color, pattern, proportion, and balance. But they experience beauty through all six senses.

And what’s more, human angels can create beauty out of nothing. They can be dirt poor and still beautify things, including themselves. 

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11. You see possibility and opportunity

Earth angels are able to see possibility and opportunity where others may not. They can sense the bigger picture, and think way outside the box. They experience continual personal growth and expansion.

Although earth angels sometimes struggle with a positive growth mindset, they learn it in time and thus access their true potential as powerful lightworkers. Even when discouraged they continue to seek out answers, direction, solutions, guidance, and more. 

Signs someone is an angel on earth

So, what does an earth angel look like? They could be anyone. Earth angels come in many human forms.

When you spot an earth angel, you often experience claircognizance. Meaning, you “just know.” There is no proof of course, but you feel their angelic energy. Some obvious signs some is an angel include:

  • Shining eyes- Eyes that are full of love and light. They can be any color. 
  • Pure love energy- A loving vibration emits from them.
  • Undeniable attraction or connection- You feel a special attraction or deep connection instantly.
  • Stops harm- This person stops something bad from happening. 
  • You’re receiving a sign or messages- You intuit that messages are being sent via this person to reach you. Messages from God, spirit guides, or other angels.
  • Life changer- This person has dramatically changed your life for the better. Examples include mentors, parents, teachers, lovers, healers, friends, inspirational people, etc.

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Earth angels aren’t always perfect

…But they are of the light. They signed up for a mission before incarnation, and they cannot feel satisfied until they are on course and have begun to fulfill their assignment to raise the vibration on earth. As discussed, they raise the vibration in infinite ways, both loudly and quietly. And in obvious and non-obvious ways.

Earth angels are often human and have human flaws. They make mistakes, but they try their best. At their core, earth angels have goodness, integrity, truth, and love within them. 

Are earth angels human?

Usually, earth angels are humans with a lightworker mission to raise the vibration of the earth, as we have discussed.

But, some earth angels are straight-up light beings in human form. They don’t exist in this realm consistently and don’t have a “real” physical body. They can appear at any time in what appears to be human form.

These are the angels that commonly “appear out of nowhere” to save someone’s life or deliver a message. They can come and go in and out of this realm as they see fit.

It’s been said that the ratio of human to non-human earth angels is 80/20 respectively. 

What do earth angels look like?

As mentioned, earth angels come in any and every human form.

They might look like an old man with a cigarette at the gas pump, or a little kid. They might be a dude with a surfboard and long blonde hair, or a police officer. They might look like the girl next door.

You cannot judge a book by its cover, but you can sense the light and positive energy being emitted from earth angels. In particular, you may glimpse something in their eyes, because earth angels have shining eyes. You may also identify an earth angel from the many signs and indications they offer.

What do earth angels do for work?

Earth angels work in any and every job possible. 

Earth angels are not just doctors, holistic healers, psychics, teachers, gurus, or anything prestigious. Many human angels work regular jobs in retail or construction, for example. Some do not work jobs or work atypical jobs. Their jobs don’t define them. You cannot identify an earth angel by their job alone.

Earth angels are where they are in life because of their unique assignment and spiritual journey. They do have plenty of free will but generally feel dissatisfied if they are not helping in some way. If they are doing harmful, dishonest work, they will truly suffer until they make a change and go toward the light.

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How can earth angels help raise the vibration on earth?

Earth angels can help raise the vibration on earth by doing their best to live a good, loving, just, fair, honest, helpful, truthful, and creative life.

If you are an earth angel, focus on what brings you joy and do more of that. Focus on your natural skillset. 

For those who feel a certain mysterious calling, keep investigating that feeling. You can discover your divine calling or light-worker mission. It might be a surprise, or it might not.

Simply being happy is a great goal. Spreading positive energy raises the energetic frequency on earth. Many human angels live quiet lives and don’t necessarily “do” anything obvious to raise the vibration. They may live alone in a cabin in the woods, or serve coffee in a diner. Moreover, their positive energy is helping more than they might know. 

Final thoughts

Have you known many earth angels? I tend to spot them everywhere; at the grocery store, and in my neighborhood. I’ve got some friends I consider angels, and family members, too. You likely have many earth angels around, too.

If you are an earth angel, has this information helped to confirm what you know already? How do you relate or not relate? Does this article answer the question Am I an earth angel?

Please let me know what you think in the comments! And have a lovely day.

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