Awesome Art Supplies For Kids- Plus 10 Art Prompts to Keep Them Busy

Every kid naturally loves to create. Painting, drawing, coloring, and crafts are always fun, healthy activities. I think every parent can agree- creativity is something to be celebrated and encouraged.

My oldest, (6 years) is constantly coloring, painting, cutting, and tape-ing stuff together. She goes through tape like craaazy. My littlest is just learning how to make a mark with a crayon and fling paint around. I try to make sure we always have what we need to work on projects together.

In this post, I’ll share a few of my favorite art supplies for kids, including some kid art supply “essentials.”

Also included are 10 art prompts/assignments to keep your kids busy using their imagination and creativity. The art prompts are something that my older daughter really has fun with. The minute I hear “I’m bored” I throw an idea her way. Art prompts/assignments are also perfect playdate activities.

Awesome Art Supplies For Kids

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There are so many awesome art supplies for kids today that weren’t available when we were young. And the crayon selection is insane!

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I enjoy these art supplies as much as my kids do!

Making art is great for exploring creativity, learning fine motor skills, and gaining confidence. So let’s all make more art! Yey for art!

The Best Art Supplies For Kids:


King markers- Along with the paint sticks above, King makes these fantastic fine-tipped markers.

You can create a thin or thick line with delightful precision.

King Tempura art sticks are amazing, one of the best art supplies for kids ever. They feel like painting with a creamy tube of lipstick. The tactile experience is so satisfying.

These are by far one of the best art products I’ve tried.


Ever tried making a Gelli print? Easy and fun for kids, this is the art toy you didn’t know you needed. The Gelli plate is for creating what are known as monoprints.

For the Gelli plate, I do recommend purchasing a simple roller (called a brayer) for applying the paint.

Remember puff paint?

I feel like puff paint is so 80’s. But it’s so cool!

Puff paint can be used on fabric, wood, canvas, paper, and many other places. It adds a fun dimension to any work of art.


Washi tape is super fun to work with.

Check out this short Youtube video- 9 Ways To Use Washi Tape for some Washi tape inspiration.

Art Essentials:

Crayons are an art necessity for children! The more, the better.


A simple set of watercolor paints is essential. This set includes brushes, so that’s a bonus.

Have your kid try drawing with a white crayon on white paper, then using watercolors on top!


We go through construction paper like crazy in our house. I like to purchase it in bulk for that reason.



Pom-poms and pipe cleaners always spark children’s imaginations. They are so soft and colorful and can be used in so many ways. My daughter likes to make little “animals” out of them.


Scotch tape- It’s hard not to run out of tape! Another necessity to purchase in bulk. Along with glue sticks.

Oil pastels are always fun to work with. Creamy, blendable, and bright, this is a quality set at a decent price. The case they come in is good to help keep them organized.

Upcycled Art Materials:

  • Cereal boxes
  • Egg cartons
  • Large cardboard boxes
  • Tin Foil
  • Plastic wrap
  • Bubble wrap
  • Toy packaging
  • Beauty packaging
  • Paper towel rolls
  • String
  • Rubber bands
  • Old clothing/fabric
  • Magazines and newspapers
  • Old books and postcards
  • Natural materials such as leaves and rocks

10 Art Prompts For Kids:

1. Ask your child to draw their favorite fun day with you.

2. Draw an under-the-sea scene.

3. Paint a picture of a candy store. (We were inspired by a recent trip to New York City and a visit to Dylan’s Candy Bar. Have you been? My oldest absolutely LOVED IT!)

4. Make a word collage. Cut out words from magazines, arrange them to say whatever you like, then glue down. Have your child add embellishments like glitter puff paint if they wish.

5. Grab some recycling material like cereal boxes and create a city! Cut, paste, and paint a scene together.

6. Draw dinosaurs! For some strange ones you may not have heard of, check out this article about weird dinosaurs!

7. Ask your kid to draw their school.

8. Paint a fairy world. Try using watercolors!

9. Create a themed diorama– Take an upcycled cardboard box and decorate/paint in any way you want! Theme ideas: Dollhouse, magic box, outdoors scene, fairy house.

10. Splatter paint (outside project)- Lay down an old sheet on the ground and let your child drip paint all over. It works best if you squirt different colors into different jars and add a little water.

Best Art Supplies for Kids Conclusion:

As I’m working on this article, my oldest has just finished cutting all the hair off one of her Barbies. Now she is re-designing (cutting up and tape-ing,) one of the Barbies dresses. It has become a top plus a “one-legged boot.” LOL! She is never bored when she uses her imagination!

It’s nice that encouraging art doesn’t have to be hard and maybe you can get a coffee break while they’re at it. All kids need are a few supplies, some upcycled materials, and a bit of inspiration.

I hope you enjoyed reading these art prompts and discovering these awesome, and in my personal opinion, best art supplies for kids! Let me know what you think in the comments.

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Super awesome art supplies for kids

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