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15 Beautiful Good Morning Blessings & Quotes {Free Downloads!}

Do you know someone who could use some good morning blessings or well wishes?

Honestly, I was feeling like I needed some positivity today. The morning started off a bit drab. So I created these beautiful good morning blessings as quotes to share on Pinterest.

These good morning quotes are written as blessings for a beautiful day.

They are meant to be inspirational words of well wishes, hope, and love that you can save, share on social media, or email to a loved one.

You can also print them out to share with someone who may not use technology. (I have elderly family members who would rather never touch a cell phone or computer, what about you?)

This way anyone who enjoys beautiful good morning quotes can read and appreciate them.

Have a look and download the blessings as PDF printables at the end of this post. And enjoy!

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good morning blessings

Where to Share Good Morning Blessings

You can share these messages of hope, love, and faith anywhere you like- Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, or private email message.

Share these blessings with anyone you wish to have a beautiful and blessed day. Anyone you love and cherish. We could all use some prayers and well wishes, wouldn’t you say?

You can also, as mentioned, print out these good morning blessings and well wishes at the bottom of this post.

You can give them to your friends and loved ones as a gift. Or even hang them up on your walls if you wish.

These beautiful quotes are a gentle reminder to have faith. And to live in love & gratitude.

The PDF download is free, but please do not sell these images. Please enjoy and have yourself a beautiful, blessed day.

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15 Good Morning Blessings & Well Wishes For a Beautiful Day

1. Good morning love! Have a blessed and beautiful day.

This pretty floral quote would work well as a greeting card. Or, email it to a friend to brighten up their morning! The handpainted watercolor flowers are so nice.

Plus, who doesn’t like being called “love”? It’s such a sweet term of endearment.

Good Morning Blessings

2. Blessings and well wishes to you on this beautiful morning.

When you care about someone and want the best for them, your blessings and well wishes are infused with love. And that person can feel your love for them, even if you don’t say the words out loud.

This image will express what’s in your heart perfectly.

And it’s perfect for someone who loves the beautiful combination of gold and navy.

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Good Morning Blessings

3. Good morning love! May you be blessed with joy and happiness today and every day.

A lovely image to send to your friend or family member to brighten up their day. This one has autumn colors for a fall feel. But, share it any time of year. These colors are very on-trend right now.

This blessing is sure to bring a smile to whomever you share it with!

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Good Morning Blessings

4. Trust in the blessings of a brand new day.

This blessing quote has a fun and funky feel. Kind of a boho style, and perfect for your artsy spiritual friend.

May this image make someone you love smile!

Good Morning Blessings

5. Trust in today with God by your side. Love and blessings have a wonderful day!

God is with you in every moment, and God is in control. Surrendering your worries and trusting in Him is the best way to have a wonderful day.

So spread the love and share the joy with this pretty purple blessing!

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Good Morning Blessings

6. Good morning! May your day be filled with blessings, joy, and love.

Do you love this pretty blue background and peaceful watercolor art as much as I do?

A warm cup of tea or coffee and some pretty flowers are a lovely way to start your day. Especially alongside a cheerful good morning greeting!

Good Morning Blessings

7. Best Wishes and magical blessings for a wonderful day!

This image is the perfect greeting to share with someone who needs a little magic in their life.

The butterflies are a sweet reminder of how love can spread from one heart to another. Your blessings and well wishes really do affect other people!

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Good Morning Blessings

8. Magical blessings surround you.

It’s true that magic is all around you.

Magic is in all of God’s creation. It’s in the air, the trees, the plants, and the animals.

It’s inside of you because you are a beautiful extension of God.

Focus your mindset on beauty and you will experience even more magical blessings.

This is the perfect morning blessing for a creative and bohemian type of person.

Good Morning Blessings

9. Good morning blessings to you!

This simple good morning blessing is pink and cheerful! And the stars make it fun and festive.

This would be the perfect blessing to print out and give to a kid or teenager!

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Good Morning Blessings

10. Good morning! God bless you and have a wonderful day.

This image would be perfect to share with your significant other. Aren’t the kissing birds adorable?

Stick this in his car or lunch for a sweet surprise at work.

Or text it when he’s on his way!

Good Morning Blessings

11. Good morning! Have a beautifully blessed day.

This good morning blessing has a vintage 70s vibe. Brown and purple are totally retro, in my opinion!

So if you’re feeling the smiles from this greeting, go ahead and share it! Give your loved one something to brighten their day.

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Good Morning Blessings

12. Wishing you good morning blessings that last all day.

Don’t you just love a floral and gold design? The watercolors contrasted with the shiny geometric gold shapes are so cool.

This would be the perfect greeting to share with your best girlfriend or sister!

Good Morning Blessings

13. Here’s to miraculous mornings and divinely blessed days.

Wishing miracles and blessings can mean the world to someone who is struggling.

Your love and well wishes are backed by the energy of love and the power of God. What you say and do is significant.

This greeting has a lovely color palette and feminine fonts for a gorgeously warm and heartfelt greeting.

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Good Morning Blessings

14. May your entire day be blessed and beautiful.

It’s heartfelt greetings like these that can really brighten up someone’s day.

Never be afraid to express your sincere love and well wishes. You never know how your actions or words will affect someone else. And how much your caring means to another.

Good Morning Blessings

15. Blessings and love! Have a magical morning!

This pretty navy and green leaf design is so fun and pretty. Send it to any friend or family member who will love the sentiment.

Here’s to wishing them a magical morning and blessed day!

Good Morning Blessings

Well, that’s all for now.

Designing pretty and happy messages to share is so fun. It may not be much, but it’s my (tiny) way of making the world a brighter place while having fun being creative with graphic design.

So, I hope you enjoyed these morning blessings. And I hope you can share them with your loved ones.

Beautiful good morning blessings quotes:

Download the PDF using this link right below! And enjoy!

Good Morning Blessings & Quotes for Well Wishes PDF Printable.

Please leave your comments below, I’d love to hear them!

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