Best Chakra Stones and Crystals

Best Chakra Stones and Crystals + How to Use Them

The chakra system is a common topic of conversation in many yoga, reiki, and meditation circles.

Chakras, also known as energy centers in the body, are thought to have an enormous impact on your mind and body. Keeping them “open” is believed to promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being. When chakras are open, life energy known as chi can flow freely around the body.

Keeping chakras open is done in part by clearing old, stagnant, or unwanted energy that may be “stuck” or “blocked”.  And one way to clear, open, or unblock your chakras is by using chakra stones.

So, today we are talking all about the best stones (and crystals) to use for the chakra system.

In addition, learn what a chakra is, the 7 main chakras, what to know about choosing chakra stones, the best stones for each chakra center, how to use chakra stones to unblock chi, and more.

chakra stones and crystals

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What is a chakra?

A chakra is an energy center in the human body.

There are at least 7 main chakras in the body but there are thought to be as many as 114 chakra energy points all over the body.

The word chakra translates to “wheel” in the ancient South Asian language of Sanskrit. This is because the energy of each chakra center is believed to “spin like a wheel.”

These wheels of energy in the body are known to “get stuck” or not spin properly when energy is out of balance. The wheels, and thus the chi within, may get stuck or blocked due to stress, inactivity, emotional pain, and many other reasons.

The main goal of caring for our chakra energy centers is to unblock them or keep them clear so that chi energy (including emotion, physical, mental, and spiritual energy) may flow freely within the body.

Here is an image of the chakra system to get a visual idea before we go into more depth:

chakra energy centers

The seven main chakras include:

  1. The root chakra
  2. The sacral chakra
  3. The solar plexus chakra
  4. The heart chakra
  5. The throat chakra
  6. The third eye chakra
  7. The crown chakra

How to choose chakra stones

Chakra stones correspond to the 7 different chakras.

You will want to choose your chakra stones depending on the chakra/s you are clearing. And, as you’ve likely gathered, you will know what chakra/s need clearing based on the problems you are healing.

So, think about what your issue/problem is that you feel needs healing and which chakra the issue relates to. Then, use this guide + your intuition to select the right stones.

Let’s talk now about the significance of each chakra. And the best stones or crystals to use for clearing or unblocking each chakra. You will find a handy graphic at the end of the list below which you can save on Pinterest if you wish.

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Best stones for each chakra center

1. The root chakra

The root chakra is located at the base of the spine near the pelvic floor.

This chakra is associated with feeling safe and secure in the world. Or, to put it another way, how “rooted”, stable, and protected you are. It relates to how well your basic survival needs are being met.

The root chakra is associated with the color red and the element of earth. It is considered the first, base chakra. Think of the root chakra as the foundation of a house. Or, your energetic foundation.

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Root chakra stones:

Helpful stones to ground and stabilize the root chakra include black stones such as black tourmaline , bloodstone, tiger’s eye, onyx, smoky quartz, moss agate, and carnelian. The color red is also known to stabilize this chakra.

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2. The sacral chakra

The second chakra is the sacral chakra which is located in the lower belly and inner pelvis area. Its color is orange and its element is water.

The sacral chakra is associated with pleasure, creativity, joy, sensuality, harmony, and intimacy. It is a chakra strongly connected to emotion.

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Sacral chakra stones:

The best chakra stones for unblocking and healing the sacral chakra include aquamarine, citrine, orange quartz, sunstone, and clear quartz.

3. The solar plexus chakra

The solar plexus chakra is the third chakra located near the navel. It is associated with the color yellow and the element of fire.

The solar plexus is related to issues of life purpose, direction, will, motivation, self-control, self-esteem, and confidence.

Solar plexus stones:

To empower or clear the solar plexus chakra, try using citrine, amber, rose quartz, yellow jasper, and carnelian.

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4. The heart chakra

The heart chakra is located at the heart center. This chakra corresponds to the element of air and the color green.

The heart chakra has to do with love in all forms: Deep, unconditional love for those closest to you, romantic love, love for yourself, love for God/The Universe, for the world around you, nature, and life itself.

The heart chakra is connected to your capacity for compassion, empathy, grace, acceptance, and forgiveness.

Heart chakra stones:

Healing heart chakra stones to use are rose quartz, clear quartz, emerald, rhodonite, pink or green tourmaline, green aventurine, and peridot. 

5. The throat chakra

The throat chakra is the 5th chakra located at the base of the throat. The throat chakra has to do with communication, honesty, “speaking your truth,” advocating for your needs, individuality, listening, social skills, and manifesting with speech.

The color of this chakra is blue and its element is sound.

Throat chakra stones:

The best chakra stones for the throat chakra are turquoise, aquamarine, lapis lazuli, angelite, blue lace agate, and blue calcite.

6. The third eye chakra

The third eye chakra is located in the center of the forehead by the pineal gland. Its color is indigo and it is associated with the element of light.

This chakra controls intuition, imagination, visualization, psychic abilities, wisdom, foresight, and decision-making. It relates to awareness, heightened consciousness, and inner knowing about your soul.

Third eye chakra stones:

Useful stones for clearing the third eye chakra include amethyst, lapis lazuli, black obsidian, clear quartz, selenite, fluorite, and angelite.

7. The crown chakra

The 7th chakra is the crown chakra which spins right above and towards the back of the head. The crown chakra has the element of thought and is associated with the color violet but also the color white.

The crown chakra relates to your connection to spirit, feelings of unity/connectedness, religious beliefs, wisdom, higher guidance, and enlightenment.

This chakra is also about inspiration, inspired action, and the highest human potential. It connects us to infinity and the divine.

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Crown chakra stones:

The best chakra stones for clearing the crown chakra include amethyst, clear quartz, selenite, diamond, fluorite, moonstone, lepidolite, and celestite.

chakra stones guide

What to know before using chakra stones

Stones and crystals can be used in addition to or in conjunction with sound, yoga, reiki, meditation, and more. They are one of many tools to clear chakra centers,

Before using any stone or crystal for meditation, healing, or prayer, it is recommended to clear the crystal or stone first. This can be done quickly and easily, depending on the method of clearing done.

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In addition, it can be helpful also to charge stones with your intention after clearing. This is simply an extra (and optional) step you can take to further empower the vibration of your stones and crystals.

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Ways to use chakra stones to unblock chi

Clearing stagnant energy from your chakras can be as simple as holding your stones and crystals while you meditate. Doing so unblocks chi so it can flow easily for optimum wellness. In addition to holding stones, you can:

  • Wear chakra stones as jewelry to keep chi flowing freely.
  • Place healing stones or crystals directly on the chakra that needs healing during meditation.
  • Keep your stones nearby while doing therapeutic journaling or art.
  • Hold your stones while saying affirmations.
  • Place your stones in a crystal grid for good vibes and protective energy to radiate through your home.
  • Use in conjunction with sound therapy from a Tibetan singing bowl.
  • Keep your stones near or wear them while you practice yoga or another exercise.
  • Hold or keep stones near when having reiki performed on you.
  • Sleep with the stones.

How to meditate with chakra stones

To meditate with chakra stones, first set your intention.

Think about where you are putting your energy for this meditation. Are you simply clearing your mind to relax and recharge? Are you focused on manifesting something in particular? Is your meditation a prayer for a certain purpose?

Consider which chakra/s you are most focused on. How is your intention tied to your chakras? What chakras need the most ‘work” or unblocking? Get clear with yourself on all of this before you begin.

Then, allow yourself to ease into your meditation.

Have your chakra stones on hand, on your body, or nearby. See if you can visualize or otherwise sense the energy of the stones assisting your vibration.

As examples, you could:

  • Picture the stones energizing your chakras for increased motivation.
  • Imagine the stones cleansing your chakras of unwanted emotions.
  • Visualize your stones heightening your vibration to bring you greater joy.
  • Sense the stones absorbing unwanted stress from your chakras.
  • Feel the stones connecting you to Source energy.

It all depends on you.

Where to buy chakra stones

If you live or travel near a spiritual shop or crystal store, then buy local. Feel the stones for yourself and use your intuition to connect with the one/s right for you. Otherwise, some websites to buy chakra stones include:

Final thoughts

The chakra energy system is fascinating, and learning how to use stones and crystals for chakra clearing can empower your efforts toward optimal health and wellness.

As always, trust your own intuition when choosing stones to work with.

I hope you enjoyed this guide to the best chakra stones. Please let me know your favorite way to use chakra stones for wellbeing. Have a lovely day!

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