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11 Best Crystals for Tarot and Oracle Readings

Do you love to practice doing tarot readings? Or are you planning on visiting a psychic or intuitive tarot card reader? Consider using crystals to support and empower your next tarot reading.

Learn about the best crystals to use for tarot and oracle card readings. We will talk about which crystals are most helpful for connecting with your spirit guides during a tarot reading, crystals to absorb and dissolve negative energy, and more.

There are a variety of ways to use crystals for your tarot readings, and so many crystals to choose from.

This list is a great starting point to enhance your knowledge so you can align your energy during tarot and oracle card readings.

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Crystals for tarot readings

In a hurry? Here is a list of the best crystals for tarot and oracle readings:

Crystals to Use with Tarot Cards:

  1. Angelite
  2. Clear Quartz.
  3. Black Tourmaline.
  4. Selenite.
  5. Moonstone.
  6. Rose Quartz.
  7. Amethyst.
  8. Blue Lace Agate.
  9. Labradorite.
  10. Flourite.
  11. Ruby.

Keep reading for more details about each crystal. Then, we talk about how to use crystals during your next tarot card session.

Best Crystals for Tarot Readings & Oracle Readings

1. Angelite

Angelite for tarot readings

Angelite, also known as angel stone, is a perfect crystal to use for tarot readings.

Angelite is a light-blue-colored stone known to enhance feelings of peace and calm. It promotes spiritual awakening and enhanced spirituality.

Angelite helps increase feelings of connectedness between you and your spirit guides. And also with angels and the Divine. It is a stone of communication and mental synchronicity. And may help increase spiritual vision and clairvoyance.

Angelite would be a great crystal to use when you are trying to “see” into the future. It’s especially useful for those who communicate with their guides mainly via visual imagery. For tarot readings, hold or place this stone near to promote clear communication between the cards, your higher self, and your spirit guides.

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2. Clear Quartz

Quartz for tarot

Clear quartz would be a useful crystal for tarot readings if you are feeling frazzled, uncertain, or anxious. A  quartz crystal lamp, or any quartz crystal, can help purify your energy and settle you into a more grounded and clear state of mind.

If you are unsure of what to ask the tarot to begin with, clear quartz can help you figure out any confusion. 

It is a crystal that helps align your energy to your highest, best self. It helps you to feel like your true self and take action in accordance with what is best for you.

Clear quartz is all about truth, confidence, and intuitive insight. Thus, it can help you to gain clarity within yourself on what exactly you are seeking answers for and why.

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3. Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline for tarot

Black tourmaline is one of the best crystals to have in your collection and it’s a great crystal for tarot readings. Black tourmaline is useful for removing unwanted energy attachments in your environment, possessions, and in your aura.

Black tourmaline will absorb and dissolve old stagnant vibrations. It will get rid of negative energy as well as lingering energy vibrations from the past. This includes energy from old emotional wounds, anger, heartache, struggle, and more.

For this reason, black tourmaline is also an excellent stone for cleansing your tarot deck.

Place a black tourmaline directly on your deck before shuffling to absorb any remaining vibrations from past readings, other people who have handled the deck, environmental energy, and more.

Use black tourmaline to cleanse your own aura before your tarot reading so that you may have a clear and receptive energy field.

When using to clear your own energy, it is recommended to use another crystal to bring good energy to you as the unwanted energy is whisked away by the black tourmaline. (Clear quartz or rose quartz would be useful accompanying crystals for this.)

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4. Selenite

Selenite for tarot

Selenite is a beautiful soft stone that represents harmony, well-being, and protection. 

Since it is a delicate stone that will dissolve over time in water, selenite can be seen as representative of the impermanence of all things. And symbolic of inevitable change.

Like black tourmaline, selenite is known for being a stone that can cleanse energetic vibrations from environments, objects, and people. It is good for cleansing your tarot deck, as well as your other crystals.

Use selenite in your tarot readings when you sense big changes in life that feel overwhelming. Wave a selenite wand around yourself to clear your energy and release your fears.

Selenite will help you feel protected and trust in the flow of life. It will aid in communication with your spirit guides and higher self.

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5. Moonstone

Moonstone for tarot

Moonstone is a gorgeous stone representative of the mysteries of the cosmos.

It is known for helping you connect to your divine feminine, enhance your sensual side, and increase your natural intuitive abilities.

Moonstone is an excellent choice for tarot readings with questions that center around finding your path in life.

If you are looking for deeper meaning and understanding of your purpose in life, moonstone can help you connect to your own inner wisdom. And thus find your passion in your career, lifestyle, or ideal living situation.

Moonstone is especially useful for anyone who feels unexcited and uninspired. It can help draw out your zest for life and discover new feelings or ideas. Not to mention re-discover forgotten/repressed/ignored interests hidden inside of you.

Additionally, moonstone is helpful for tarot questions regarding motherhood, pregnancy, and feminine health.

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6. Rose Quartz

Rose quart pyramid

Rose quartz is a pretty pink crystal known for enhancing self-love, confidence, and self-esteem. 

Rose quartz supports emotional healing, relationship healing, and overall well-being. It is known for increasing feelings of love, gratitude, belonging, and warmth in family, love, and friendship relationships. Thus, rose quartz is one of the best crystals for tarot readings centered around love questions.

Hold or wear rose quartz during tarot readings to increase loving feelings for yourself and your journey in life. (As well as acceptance for those around you.)

Allow rose quartz to bridge any less-than-ideal mindset/vibrations/energies within you to your highest self via the cards. For instance, to let go of feelings of “not good enough” and other insecurities.

Use rose quartz for tarot and ask questions like:

  • What would your higher self do/say/think instead?
  • How can you merge from where you are now to where you want to be?

Also, note that you can use rose quartz to balance the energy of other more dominant or masculine-feeling stones in crystal grids. (Such as black tourmaline, Tigers eye, or Malachite.)

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7. Amethyst

Amethyst tarot reading

Amethyst is a must in any crystal collection, and useful for many types of tarot card readings. It is a crystal of wisdom, protection, intuition, and healing.

Use amethyst to support your energy during a tarot reading where you don’t know the person reading your cards for you very well. Or when in an environment where you feel less than 100% comfortable.

But also use amethyst for any tarot reading simply to support well-being, spirituality, intuition, and positive emotions. Use it in crystal grids when doing tarot readings, or just for decor if you have an altar or special place you perform tarot readings.

Amethyst is useful for driving away negative energy and psychic attacks. It helps protect your energy. Therefore, it’s good to have on hand when you’re around people you don’t know well or you don’t particularly like. 

Keep amethyst in the workplace for better coworker relationships, or when difficult family members come over. It promotes physical health, especially sobriety and good sleep.

Amethyst enhances intuition and spirituality, calms, and protects from nightmares. It is also thought to attract wealth and abundance. All of these benefits and more make amethyst an incredibly popular crystal. 

8. Blue Lace Agate

Blue lace agate

Blue lace agate used in tarot readings helps pinpoint emotional blockages and healings that may be needed.

This crystal promotes emotional stability as well as physical health and wellness. Blue lace agate is believed to help cool down anger, dissolve fear, and balance yin and yang energy. It’s good for emotional blockages and aids in clear communication between friends. 

Blue lace agate will help you feel at ease if you are nervous about talking. It’s good for social anxiety and supports authentic friendships. Because of this, blue lace agate is helpful if you are shy about talking with a psychic during a tarot reading. This attribute makes it one of the best crystals for tarot when you’ve never had a reading before or feel nervous about being vulnerable.

Known to help with public speaking, expressing yourself, and speaking your truth, blue lace agate can aid in getting the tarot card answers you are seeking. You have to speak up to get what you want.

Blue lace agate is also a good stone to use for meditation, in crystal grids, and to display as decor for positive energy in the home or workplace.

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9. Labradorite



Labradorite is a powerful stone known to help with major transformations in life.

When used during a tarot card reading, labradorite aids you in understanding how to grow into your highest and best self. It is a terrific stone for manifesting your dreams, especially as related to divine purpose, career, identity, and ideal lifestyle. 

Labradorite can also help you tap into your spiritual side. It strengthens your connection to the divine and empowers Law of Attraction manifestation practices.

Use this stone in tarot readings centered around career, home life, parenthood, or if you are making a big move. It will support your sense of confidence in your own intuition, individuality, and capability to create life on your own terms. 

Labradorite is also helpful for deep, restful sleep. It may promote psychic dreams and deeper insights when sleeping. 

10. Fluorite

Flourite for tarot

Fluorite is a good stone to help you simplify your life. Using flourite with tarot cards can help you weed out what to let go of, be that relationships that need to come to an end, situations that are frustrating, or even just everyday clutter.

Rainbow fluorite, like the kind shown above, is especially helpful for clarification. The multiple colors represent multiple solutions. Use flourite in tarot readings to get confirmation of what you can do to reduce unneeded stress and extra baggage.

Fluorite can also inspire you to feel positive and optimistic about life. If you’re feeling down, fluorite can help lift your mood and see things from a different angle. It’s a joyful stone full of good energy vibrations.

Additionally, fluorite promotes good ideas and good decisions. Use it for brainstorming and travel planning.

In tarot readings, fluorite may help clarify questions about business ideas, creative ideas, and more practical problem-solving-type questions. 

11. Ruby

Ruby for tarot card readings

Rubies enhance feelings of sexuality and promote sexual healing. Their intensely sexy vibration is known to increase confidence, and flirtation abilities. Ruby may increase desirability, so don’t be surprised if you get hit on more often when you wear it.

Rubies are useful for attracting a compatible partner when you desire passion and spice in your relationship as a top priority. 

Unsurprisingly, ruby is a particularly good crystal to use when you are seeking tarot answers about love, sex, and relationships. Rubies help align you to the energy of passionate romance and whirlwind excitement.

Wear rubies as jewelry close to the skin to align with sexual energy, get clear insights about your partner, and when you need answers from the tarot regarding anything sexual. Rubies are one of the best crystals for tarot love questions.

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Ways to use crystals for tarot readings

Bring with you to the reading

Bring along your crystal/s of choice to your next tarot card reading. Keep them in your pocket, or wear them as jewelry. Crystals can empower your energy for a clear and accurate card reading,

If you are reading your own tarot cards, simply place your crystals of choice around you. You could make a crystal grid, or place them on your body.

Use crystals to cleanse tarot cards

If you have ever felt disconnected from your tarot cards, or like they weren’t giving you clear or accurate information, one reason could be that they need a cleanse. Not an actual cleanse with water and soap, but rather an energetic cleanse to clear stagnant energy.

Cleansing tarot cards can be done in many ways. And using crystals is one of the easiest. The best crystals to use to cleanse tarot cards depend on the intuition of the individual and the circumstances.

For example, suppose you just started a new job that you love.

To cleanse the cards of the energy from the last reading (which happened before you changed jobs) you may want to cleanse with a stone such as labradorite. It would be a good choice to cleanse stagnant job anxiety that no longer exists so that you can get a clearer reading about your new job.

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Meditate with crystals before your reading

It can be helpful to meditate or pray with crystals before performing or having a tarot reading done.

Using crystals in meditation helps to clear your energy and align your vibration to a pure and unencumbered state.

For tarot readings, you want to feel as calm, balanced, and peaceful as possible. You want to be in a neutral state of mind and be ready to connect with your cards.

The best crystals to meditate with before a tarot reading depends on your own intuition and what you feel is right. But, if you would like a recommendation, I would go with angelite, amethyst, clear quartz, or rose quartz.

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Create a crystal grid

Another easy way to use crystals to support and enhance your next tarot reading is to create a crystal grid.

To do this, use your intuition to arrange your chosen crystals in a way that feels appropriate. And chose your crystals based on your best knowledge and intuition. Many people like to create circular patterns of crystals and stones. 

You can also arrange crystals according to sacred geometry.

For this, use a printable crystal grid template or a wooden crystal grid tray such as the Metatron grid below. 

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Place crystals on your body or wear them during the reading.

Hold one or more of your favorite crystals in your hands, keep them in your pocket, or wear them as jewelry for your next tarot reading.

Having direct skin contact with your crystal is ideal. Crystals and stones are energetically empowering. The vibration from your crystals helps to elevate, purify, and align your own energy to your tarot cards. Or when having a tarot reading.

Final thoughts

Tarot cards are a great way to connect with your higher self and your spirit guides. And using crystals during tarot readings can amplify communication and help with the clarity of the messages you receive.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the best crystals for tarot readings. And that this information can add to your overall knowledge of tarot and crystal magic.

My rule of thumb is to always be learning and open to information, but trust your intuition to choose the right crystals to work with. And enjoy yourself along the way. Have a lovely day!

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