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11 Best Healing Crystals to Calm Anxiety and Stress

Healing crystals are a wonderful tool for feeling more relaxed and less stressed. Not only are crystals beautiful to look at and decorate your home with, but they can have a calming and soothing effect.

There are many types of crystals that can benefit your wellness. Along with healing stones which can be just as beneficial as crystals. Different crystals and stones have different properties and can be used in a variety of ways for relaxation and to induce a feeling of calm.

So what are the best crystals for anxiety and stress? Ultimately, the best crystal for you depends on the challenges you are facing. Find out the 11 best healing crystals and learn which one is right for you.

best healing crystals for anxiety and stress

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Best Healing Crystals for Anxiety and Stress


Amethyst is a naturally calming, centering crystal. Ranging in color from pale purple to dark purple, amethyst is a popular crystal for healing.

Amethyst promotes finding balance in life and staying grounded. It is a serene crystal useful for pleasant communication.

Amethyst helps bring peace after an argument and promotes peaceful feelings. Amethyst also helps you develop your psychic and spiritual side.

Amethyst healing ideas

  • Use after an argument or disagreement.
  • To promote serenity and balance.
  • To facilitate positive communication.
  • Increase psychic and spiritual awareness.

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Beautiful yellow citrine can feel as energizing as the sun. As you might imagine, citrine’s happy energy makes it a helpful crystal for inspiring positive emotions. And brightening the mood in a space.

Citrine promotes happiness while protecting from negative energy. Abundance, luck, wealth, and creativity are all associated with citrine.

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Citrine healing ideas

  • Keep in your office for wealth, success, and positive energy.
  • Keep nearby to increase creativity when making art, writing, or practicing music.
  • Use for increased confidence and joy.

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Black tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a powerful healing crystal for stress and anxiety. It works by absorbing negative energy and transmuting that energy to neutral.

Black tourmaline is grounding and centering. It promotes a feeling of confidence and inner strength. Black tourmaline can help with setting personal boundaries and staying centered in your own energy. This makes it the perfect crystal for empaths who tend to absorb the emotions of others.

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Black tourmaline healing ideas

  • Carry in your pocket to protect your energy daily.
  • Keep in times of illness or injury.
  • Use to create boundaries and promote personal power.

Clear quartz

Clear quartz is the ultimate “Queen of All Crystals.”

Clear quartz helps with clearing and cleansing energy. It promotes clarity of thought and spiritual connection, along with feelings of calm and peace. Clear quartz has a balancing, harmonious vibe making it a good crystal to counterbalance anxiety.

Clear quartz crystal is useful for prayer, meditation, and manifesting. It’s one of the highest vibrational crystals. And is protective against negative energy.

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Clear quartz healing ideas

  • Meditate with clear quartz to understand and solve problems.
  • Place in your bedroom or bath to promote relaxation.
  • Use together with black tourmaline to remove stress and manifest the highest good.

Rose quartz

Rose quartz is the ultimate nurturing healing crystal.

Rose quartz is helpful for anyone looking to forgive themselves or others. It is a crystal for self-care, acceptance, and love of one another. It helps promote happy relationships. And is helpful for increasing the love in your life.

Rose quartz has goddess energy. The energy can be sensed as a warm hug of pink light.

Rose quartz healing ideas

  • Keep in your bedroom to increase romance.
  • Use for manifesting love.
  • Use for inner healing and shadow work.

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Celestine is known as the very best crystal to aid in angel communication. Celestine has a strong connection to other realms and especially heaven. Hence, its name is similar to the word “celestial.”

Celestine has a peaceful, calming energy that promotes relaxation. Including restful sleep.

Celestine is a helpful crystal for anyone in grief. The healing, soothing energy of celestine crystal is a helpful aid to frazzled nerves and sad tears. Celestine is powerful when used with prayer, and helps to amplify your energy in the spiritual realm.

Celestine healing ideas

  • Keep celestine next to your bed for good dreams and restful sleep.
  • Use in meditation, prayer, and especially in spirit communication.
  • For increasing psychic capabilities.


Amber is a tree resin rather than a crystal or stone. It works similarly to black tourmaline in that it can absorb and dispel negative energy.

Amber is a stone of wisdom and maturity. It promotes calmness, patience, and flexibility.

When worn against the skin, amber releases succinic acid which can help with pain relief. This is why moms often put amber necklaces on their teething babies. Amber naturally helps with teething pain.

Amber healing ideas

  • Meditate with amber to gain wisdom and solve problems.
  • Wear directly on your skin to ease feelings of pain or discomfort.
  • Keep in your pocket to dispel negative energy.

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Lapis Lazuli

Like amber, lapis lazuli is also associated with wisdom and maturity. It is a stone that helps with self-awareness, confidence, and spiritual growth. Lapis can help promote feelings of peace and calm. This makes it the perfect stone for anyone battling stress or anxiety. Lapis can also bring clarity, truth, and insight.

Lapis lazuli healing ideas

  • Promote deep understanding and retain knowledge of study materials.
  • Use at work for harmony and a peaceful environment.
  • Keep nearby when journaling for greater self-awareness.

Tigers eye

Tigers eye is said to bring luck to the wearer. Tigers eye is both grounding and energizing. It promotes vitality, strength, and positive energy.

When worn or carried, tigers eye helps provide protection from people with ill intent. Although it is a stone anyone can use, tigers eye can be especially helpful for men. It carries powerful masculine energy.

Tiger’s eye can help soothe feelings of jealousy and anger. It encourages self-control, self-love, and self-respect to those with self-destructive tendencies.

Tigers eye healing

  • Keep in the kitchen to discourage overindulgence.
  • Carry when conflict must be faced.
  • Wear when exercising to help burn off uptight, angry, annoyed, or jealous energy.

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Blue lace agate

Blue lace agate is a calming stone that can be helpful for social anxiety. It has deeply nurturing energy.

Blue lace agate can aid in clear communication. Including a deep understanding of other people. This makes it a good stone for caregivers including parents, teachers, nurses, and more.

Blue lace agate is a happy stone. It brings smiles and joy. It can absorb emotional pain and ward off negative energy.

Blue lace agate healing


Selenite is a delicate yet powerful healing crystal. Anyone who collects crystals would do well to include selenite in their collection.

Because of its high vibration, selenite is well known as a crystal that can cleanse and clear negative energy out of a space. And importantly, selenite can cleanse and clear other crystals.

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Selenite helps clear blocked energy, promotes mental clarity, and can reduce stress. It is a crystal full of light and love energy that protects the home. As a side note, selenite should not be gotten wet as it can dissolve. It does best displayed on your crystal shelf.

Selenite healing ideas

  • Cleanse and clear your aura.
  • Cleanse your home and your other crystals.
  • Use in meditation for spiritual insight.

Final thoughts on the best healing crystals

The best healing crystal for you is going to be personal.

If you start to collect crystals, you will likely notice you feel called to certain ones. You will have your favorites. How a crystal feels to you matters above all when using crystals to relieve stress, anxiety, and other negative feelings.

Different people will experience crystals differently. For example, one person may feel called to use clear quartz while meditating. While another prefers amethyst. So practice using your intuition when it comes to healing crystals. And keep on learning and enjoying.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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