Blog and website recommendations. A reference guide for new bloggers

Blog and Website Recommendations

I created this page as a simple blogging reference guide with blog and website recommendations. Listed are all the blogging tools and products I personally use and recommend.

Included in this guide are favorite books, podcasts, and more for both online business and creative inspiration.

I think you’ll find this guide helpful and easy to reference.

*Updated 8/08/23. 

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Blog and Website Recommendations

Web host:

If you are just getting started blogging and want to spend as little as possible to begin, Bluehost is a good option. You can register your domain name and sign up for web hosting for around $3.95/month. Includes  One-click installation straight from Bluehost.

If you have been blogging for a while and are looking for superior website speed, customer service, and security, I highly suggest Rocket web hosting. I recently switched and cannot say enough good things about them. Fast, secure, affordable, and helpful. 

Website theme:

I use the free Astra theme. The reason I use it is that it’s fast. Not fancy, but speed matters more. 

Blogging courses:

Fantastic beginner blogging course: Kickstart Your Blog.

SEO course: Stupid Simple SEO. This course is pricy but helpful! I took this course in November 2021 and started seeing my traffic grow by implementing the techniques it teaches. Because of this course, I now have my own super simple keyword research method I invented.

Free entrepreneur planner:

This free planner printable will help organize all your blog and business ideas!

Blog marketing:

In addition to using SEO for ranking in Google, I use Pinterest to market my blog.

I love Pinterest, and using it to market and research is tons of fun. Pinterest can drive massive traffic to your blog. 

Pinterest marketing tool:

Tailwind– This app will help you spread your pins far and wide by pinning for you at automated set times throughout the day.

It’s a great supplement to manual pinning, because there’s often no time to pin throughout the day. 

Email list:

I like ConvertKit because I can offer multiple free opt-ins to collect emails- an essential feature that Mailchimp and other free email collection services lack.

Graphic Design

Canva- Create your logo, Pinterest pins, and other images. The basic version is free and includes a selection of free stock photos, vectors, etc. Canva is perfect for blogging.

For paid graphics, I like Creative Fabrica.  Sign up at Black Friday for a sweet deal.

I also just got an iPad, the Procreate app, and am learning to use Photoshop. All for my Etsy shop though, rather than my blog.

Stock photos:

I use stock photos from Canva Premium or Unsplash. My pins do well on Pinterest these days without needing extra paid stock photography. I make graphics for certain articles sometimes using Canva Premium. 

More website recommendations:


I try to keep it minimal but some notable plugins I enjoy include:

Writing tools:

Books for business:

Books for creativity:

Inspiring Business-Related Podcasts:

Monetizing your blog:

My favorite ways to monetize blogging include:

  • Make money with ads. Ezoic or Mediavine are both great. 
  • Sell or market your own products. 
  • Affiliate marketing here and there.

Every website is different, these are just my preferred ways of making money blogging. 

Concluding thoughts:

I hope you enjoy these blog and website recommendations! They do tend to evolve with time. I just love talking blog. Please leave your comments below, I’d love to hear them!

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