Candle Colors for Manifestation

Candle Colors for Manifesting: Candle Color Meanings & Which to Use

Have you ever wondered about the best candle colors for manifesting during magic or prayer?

Fire is one of the most powerful forces in existence, and candles are an easy way to use fire for manifesting and creating your desired reality.

Many cultures and religions across the globe have incorporated the use of candles in the worship of deities or connection with the spiritual world. Candles are used during prayer, song, dance, ritual, and more.

Candle color is an important consideration when using candles for manifestation, or for any spiritual purposes. This is because your intentions can be further empowered by choosing specific candle colors for manifesting specific outcomes.

Whether you are practicing candle magic, using candles during prayer, or during meditation to manifest your desires, intentionally choosing a specific candle color is a simple way to amplify or unblock your energy. To know what color candle to use, consider the spiritual and symbolic meanings of each candle color.

Candle Colors for Manifesting

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In case you’re in a hurry, here’s a quick rundown of all the candle color meanings. (This is quite a long article.) There is also a candle color chart you can save to Pinterest for your convenience.

For further information about the meaning of different candle colors, along with how to use candles for manifestation or magical purposes, keep reading.

Candle Color Meanings and Symbolism:

  • Red candles: Passion, confidence, and determination.
  • Orange candles: Motivation, joy, and excitement.
  • Yellow candles: Happiness, wisdom, and enlightenment.
  • Green candles: Luck, money, nature, and health.
  • Blue candles: Peace, calm, focus, and healing.
  • Purple candles: Intuition, inner strength, royalty, and authenticity.
  • Indigo candles: Creativity, new beginnings, and insight.
  • Pink candles: Love, nurturing, kindness, and hope.
  • Brown candles: Balance, stability, common sense, and logic.
  • Black candles: Protection, shielding, power, and cleansing.
  • White candles: Purification, unity, and clarity.
  • Gray candles: Neutrality, balance, and mindfulness.
  • Silver candles: Genius, insight, glamour, and fame.
  • Gold candles: Value, wealth, and popularity.

Candle colors meanings chart

The Best Candle Colors for Manifestation, Magic, & Prayer

The candle color you choose can affect your focus, energy, and vibration. Keep this in mind when selecting the best candle color for religious prayer, manifestation, or magical purposes. 

Red candle meaning

Red candles mean passion, romance, confidence, and determination.

The red color is known foremost for inspiring passion and is unsurprisingly one of the best candle colors for manifesting love.

Although red can inspire spicy romance, the inner passion that red manifests can also include other things: deep meaningful friendship, a fulfilling career, an exciting hobby, and more.

The color red is associated with strength, confidence, and assertiveness. Its brightness, richness, and depth carry powerful energy for focus and action.

Red candles need to be used mindfully, as red can be intense and even a bit excessive. Be cautious of setting clear, positive intentions when you use this candle color to manifest.

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Orange candle meaning

Orange candles mean motivation, joy, and excitement.

An orange candle is known to bring youthful, fun, and light-hearted vibrations. Orange is a motivating, energizing color. Its presence in any room instantly brightens the mood.

Using an orange candle for manifestation can inspire creativity, joy, and motivation.

Orange candles can help with new ideas in the realms of art and business. This candle color can help manifest prosperity in finances.

Orange helps clear mental blocks, allowing expression and authenticity. It also provides an energy of vibrancy and zest.

The fun and energizing nature of orange also make it a great candle color choice for manifesting new relationships or strengthening old bonds.

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Meaning of a yellow candle

Yellow is one of the best candle colors for manifesting happiness, wisdom, and enlightenment.

While this color is known to be bright and happy, in candle magic, it also represents something deeper.

Yellow candles are popular for their ability to bring wisdom and clarity. Many have used yellow candles to gain access to spiritual truths, and reach deep levels of enlightenment.

Besides manifesting wisdom, the yellow candle also brings positivity, confidence, and good luck.

Light a yellow candle when you are confused and need to gain some insight into a troubling situation, or if you need help making a decision. It will help reveal hidden things and back you up with positive energy and greater insights to forge ahead.

Meaning of a green candle

Green candles mean luck, money, nature, and health.

Green is linked to luck, wealth, and abundance. It is one of the most abundant colors in nature and hence is associated with health, wellness, physical healing, and natural living.

When manifesting or performing candle magic, use a green candle to empower your connection to nature.

Use a green candle to manifest luck, abundance, physical wellbeing, and financial prosperity. As well, green candles may be helpful for creating a healthier lifestyle and feeling more grounded in nature. 

Manifesting money with green candles is a popular usage. Green is the color of money, after all. But the wealth and abundance that green manifests come in other ways as well. Sometimes, abundance is courage, good health, or a lucky break.

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Blue candle meaning

Blue candles mean peace, calm, focus, and healing. Thus, blue is one of the best candle colors for manifesting calm energy, inner healing, and self-acceptance.

Many have attested to the peaceful energy that blue candles inspire. Blue may be a useful candle color for people dealing with emotional trauma, addiction, and internal battles. Blue has a cool, soothing effect that can help you find calm, balance, and inner peace.

Although a blue candle is associated with tranquility, it is also believed to provide spiritual protection. The combination of these two properties -peace and protection- makes this candle great for you if you’re going through trying times or big life changes.

Blue candles can help manifest the calm vibrations and inner peace you need to think clearly while keeping bad energy away.

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Purple candle meaning

Purple candles mean intuition, inner strength, royalty, and authenticity.

Purple candles are used to gain insight through intuition. Purple is said to enhance psychic abilities, helping people see beyond the physical, and sometimes into the future.

Purple candles enhance dreams and visions and thus is a terrific candle color for candle magic. Purple candles may aid in the ability to travel to the astral plane.

But magic aside, purple candles can also manifest self-love and individuality. In fact, purple is one of the best candle colors for manifesting wisdom, spiritual connection, and inner strength.

Purple is the color of royalty, and thus will help empower you to recognize your own unique greatness.

Use purple to manifest your best, most authentic self. Use it to manifest your calling in life. Let your talents shine and your divine nature be revealed to the world.

Indigo candle meaning

Indigo candles point to creativity, new beginnings, and broad vision/insight.

Indigo combines the calm, deep strength of blue and the vivid, royal color of purple. An indigo candle will help inspire creativity, confidence, and the ability to take action.

Indigo candles may be useful for manifesting starting something new. This could be a project at work, a creative project, a new relationship, or something else. It’s an excellent color to aid in your spiritual development as well.

Indigo supports the energy of taking chances. It may help you break out of your comfort zones, take action to try something new, or even help in learning to create boundaries in relationships. Indigo is balancing, enlightening, and like a breath of fresh air.

Meditating with an indigo candle will help you manifest wisdom, self-assurance, knowledge, and the energy you need to take action in the direction of your dreams. 

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Pink candle meaning

Pink candles mean love, nurturing, kindness, and hope. Pink can be emotionally healing and indeed pink is one of the best candle colors for manifesting acceptance, self-esteem, self-love, and a more positive mindset.

A pink candle is perfect for manifesting love of all kinds. Pink brings a soothing energetic vibration of appreciation and closeness. Of grace, allowing imperfection, and affirming value regardless of flaws.

A pink candle can manifest romance, friendship, and greater self-love. Pink candles may also be used to manifest greater femininity, softness, nurturing, and kindness. Pink candles are helpful for parenting, education, strengthening family bonds, and boosting optimism.

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Brown candle meaning

Brown candles represent balance, stability, common sense, and logic.

Brown is commonly associated with the earth, and the candle color brown is one of the best candle colors for manifesting grounding and balancing.

Because of brown’s connection to the earth and soil, brown candles can manifest new growth and is especially useful for putting down roots. This is helpful when starting a new job, or after moving to a new location.

Use a brown candle to manifest stability in your life; in relationships, finances, your business, and your relationship with others. Manifest stability, security, and comfort with brown candles.

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White candle meaning

White candles signify purification, unity, and clarity.

As a color, white signifies purity and cleansing. It also symbolizes hope, a clean slate, and new beginnings.

White candles can be used manifest peace and unity, purity, cleanliness, order, and the clearing away of old stagnant energy.

Use white candles when you want a fresh start. Use them for new beginnings, mental clarity, focus, elimination of unwanted energy, and so much more.

White is a wonderful candle color for manifesting positivity in the home and uniting people peacefully. Light a white candle to pray, practice magic, meditate, and manifest your pure desires in life.

White is a real powerhouse for candle magic and is ultimately quite versatile.

Black candle meaning

Black candles mean protection, shielding, power, and cleansing.

A black candle is one of the best candle colors for manifesting energetic protection.

Black candles are thought to absorb negativity from the environment, including psychic attacks, negative vibrations from arguments, and even from negative thinking. Thus, black candles can aid in energetic cleansing. This can manifest feelings of safety, security, and personal power.

Black candles also evoke feelings of fanciness, beauty, and luxury. They have a mysterious, sexy vibration. Black candles are different and interesting and may inspire the user to feel that way about themselves, thus boosting self-esteem.

Contrary to popular thought, black candles will not bring any sort of bad energy. Black, like any other color, was created from a divine and loving source. Black candles have the power to manifest much beauty, positivity, and abundance.

Gray candle meaning

Gray candles signify neutrality, balance, and mindfulness.

Gray candles, like brown, are useful for manifesting stability and security. Especially on an emotional level. They help with common sense, balancing emotions, rational thinking, and sound reasoning.

In meditation or candle magic rituals, gray candles empower wisdom, thoughtfulness, and integrity. They may help those who are overly impulsive. They may also aid in motivational energy and stamina for long-term goals.

Silver candle meaning

Silver candles mean genius, insight, glamour, and fame.

Meditating with silver candles helps one be fully aware of themselves and see things for what they are. Silver candles manifest flashes of personal insight. Use silver candles to identify what needs to change or improve, and what next steps to take.

Beyond self-knowledge and insight, silver may make others inclined to notice you. Silver is probably the best candle color for manifesting popularity and fame. If you want to be well-known among a group of people, this candle can help manifest that “flashy” vibration in your aura. Silver’s energy is alluring, valuable, and cool.

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What does a gold candle mean?

Gold candles are about value, wealth, and popularity.

Throughout history, gold has always had the highest value in society. It has played a powerful role in economies and is a symbol of wealth and abundance. Gold candles can help manifest similar energies of good fortune, success, and abundance.

Like silver, gold candles are also the best candle colors for manifesting popularity, social value, and high social status. Just watch out not to manifest inauthentic or superficial vibrations when using gold candles to boost popularity or manifest wealth. Don’t get blinded by the flashy nature of gold energy. Stay true to yourself and have integrity. 

Additionally, gold candles manifest luck and winning. Light a gold candle and meditate on manifesting the things you desire. Don’t lose sight of your intentions as you watch them begin to manifest. 

How to use candles for manifestation

Candle magic is a fun and empowering way to aid the manifestation of your desires. No matter how you choose to use candles for manifesting, remember that your candle should always be in your line of sight. Always be safe and cautious with candles. 

1. Meditation

Meditation using candles can be quite powerful for relaxation and mental clarity. Meditation, especially with practice, is known to calm the mind and relax the body.

To meditate with candles, set your intentions to the area of your life you would like to focus on, be it your career, family, or relationships. 

Light your candle and relax comfortably in a chair or on the floor. Let your thoughts flow as they will for a period of time. Then, when you’re ready, focus on your intentions using your senses. Visualize your desires, feel your desires, hear them, and imagine them as real. Feel the emotions of which you desire to manifest as though you already have what you desire.

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2. Prayer

Like meditation, praying with candles is a way to focus your intentions for manifestation in a powerful way. In this case, you are making your request known to a deity or spirit being. This may be God, your angels, spirit guides, or another Divine presence in accordance with your spiritual beliefs.

It is believed by some that the presence of a burning candle will help open up the pathway to the spirit world.

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3. Use a crystal grid for candle magic

Have you ever used crystals and candles together for manifestation? One powerful way to perform candle magic is to make a crystal grid. 

Simply arrange your crystals in a pattern of your choice using your intuition. You can also use a pre-designed pattern. Place your candle in the center, or where it feels right to you. Then, proceed with your manifestation ritual.

Be careful that candle wax does not get on your crystals, as some crystals can be difficult to clean without damaging them.

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Final Thoughts

Candles are beautiful and magical tools to be used safely by adults only. As a mom, I’m going to remind everyone of that right now.

That being said, candles are powerful for manifestation, especially when used intentionally by choosing specific candle colors for manifesting specific outcomes, be it love, money, or anything else.

And what’s more, candles are an easy tool to incorporate into your meditation, prayer, or magic rituals. Using a candle in your manifestation can empower the energy behind your prayers and actions.

I hope you enjoyed this article about the best candle colors to use for manifesting. Is the candle colors meanings chart helpful? Always use candles safely and only if you are over the age of 18. Let me know what you think in the comments!

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