100 Creative Journal Prompts for Inspiration {Whimsical and Slightly Magical!}

Discover some creative journal prompts for inspiration!

Whimsical, sparkly and slightly magical, the journal prompts in this post were created as fun creative journaling exercises. They include a healthy mix of reality and fantasy.

Use these creative journal prompts as starting points for personal journaling, creative writing, or art journaling projects. Write, draw, doodle, or paint your answers and ideas in your journal or sketchbook. Or simply read through for a relaxing and entertaining break. Magical journal prompts to enjoy and share!

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100 Magical Journal Prompts for Creative Inspiration

1. What is the best beach or lake day you can remember?

2. Describe your ideal picnic lunch. 

3. What flowers are in your bouquet?

4. 5 Silly ways to pass the time during a snowstorm.

5. A little bit about yourself as a cat.

6. The best place you ever dined.

7. 3 Different directions you can go at a cross in the woods on a sunny day.

8. Describe or draw the adorable cartoon mouse eating your favorite cheese.

9. How many layers to your ice cream sandwich? Describe or draw each one.

10. 5 Pretty things which are faux patent leather.

11. What are the best ways to eat chocolate?

12. Your unicorn’s special magic.

13. Describe the most beautiful home you’ve ever visited.

14. Bunnies can communicate with you telepathically. What are they saying?

15. All the fruits in your fruit salad:

16. Shiney, hand-forged copper pots for _____.

17. Your favorite books of all time:

18. 10 Things you could use as snowshoes in a pinch.

19. 5 Reasons to smile.

20. 10 Sparkling silver objects:

21. The scroll indicates you have been bequeathed _____.

22. 5 Unusual places to discover magic glitter:

23. List 10 new places to visit in the next 3 years.

24. How would you decorate your tiny home? 

25. Design your own tree including what would grow on it.

26. Favorite ways to spend a quiet afternoon?

27. Describe the soil, grass, trees, flowers, and rocks in your magical forest.

28. What animals are sunbathing on the big flat rock?

29. Write what your tarot cards would reveal to you now.

30. List or draw your favorite sea creatures.

31. What is brewing in your pot?

32. You have 21 individual zippered pockets on your suitcase because:

33. Describe your pet avatar.

34. The lyrics which move most you are:

35. 10 Purple party themes.

36. Describe or draw your future wardrobe.

37. The best compliment you can think to give.

38. You’re only a few steps away from _____.

39. 5 Scientific advancements you’re grateful for.

40. What should you be famous for?

41. What would you tell someone from the mid-1800s about today, if you could travel back in time?

42. List 10 gelly things.

43. Your favorite kinds of pools.

44. Someone once wisely told you _____.

45. 5 Places you’d like to zip line through.

46. What are the best sauces in the world?

47. Make 4 predictions for 4 years from now:

48. What do you think animals say about humans?

49. If you could fill in the blank with anything, it would be _____.

50. What do you love to read?

51. Describe 4 magical elements to represent wind, water, fire, and earth.

52. Write a haiku about nature.

53. 5 Objects made out of crystal.

54. Best types of cuisine around the world.

55. Name 10 new ways to be creative you haven’t tried.

56. Write or design your family crest if you were to have one.

57. Which songs would your cover band play?

58. Best things about the desert.

59. You have a magical umbrella which can _____.

60. Your favorite time of day and why.

61. You’re surprised by how handy _____ is coming in.

62. 5 People you’d be excited to have to knock on your door.

63. What just tickled your nose and made you sneeze?

64. 5 Unforgettable moments.

65. Best places for a moonlit stroll.

66. Describe the best kiss you’ve ever had.

67. Describe the life of a Sprite.

68. 5 Reasons to celebrate with Champagne and/or strawberry shortcake.

69. Where are you wearing your huge floppy sun hat?

70. 5 Pleasant surprises. 

71. Your 5 favorite things to do on a rainy day.

72. Delicate layers of _____.

73. Grant three blessings for three loved ones.

74. 5 Best public places.

75. Where would you go on your (unlimited by money or time) RV adventure?

76. What is your favorite thing about summer? Fall? Winter? Spring?

77. 10 Terrific free prize ideas for inside your cereal box.

78. 3 Places you feel at home.

79. 5 Interesting art projects to try.

80. Favorite time periods in history.

81. Favorite artists, musicians, writers, or gurus you’d like to apprentice with (alive or dead.)

82. 5 People you are most grateful for.

83. 10 Things you think are possible to achieve this year.

84. Favorite childhood movies.

85. Favorite geological features on earth.

86. 10 Places fairies might live.

87. 10 Gifts you’d like to receive

88. What tea would be in your magical tea cabinet?

89. 3 Places you’d teleport today if you could.

90. 3 Things which have made you jump for joy.

91. The best places to ride a bike.

92. Invent the best pool float you can imagine.

93. What would your fairy name be?

94. 3 Favorite quotes about life.

95. 5 Coolest places to be on New Year’s Eve.

96. What do you wish you could magically make happen at the snap of a finger?

97. 10 Things which are frivolous yet fabulous.

98. Favorite country living activities.

99. Best foods t eat in a hammock.

100. What wonderful surprise awaits?

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Concluding thoughts

I hope you enjoyed these creative and slightly magical journal prompts for inspiration.

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