Crystals for Confidence

12 Crystals for Confidence, Courage, & Inner Strength

Using crystals for confidence might sound strange to some, but crystals are beautiful and natural power objects. They may provide a little boost to help you feel more self-assured.

It’s a fact that just about everyone needs a bit of extra of self-confidence now and then. Whether you’re up presenting your ideas to the team, trying to find the nerve to ask about a date, or at the bar getting ready to belt out your favorite song on karaoke night. 

Crystals have been known to be a good source of positive energy, luck, and wealth. But they also help to boost self-confidence and inspire courage and inner strength when you need it. 

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best crystals for confidence, with suggestions on how to use them as a perpetual source of inner strength, courage, luck, and all the other good stuff.

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crystals for condfidence

Best crystals for confidence

Aside from being beautiful gemstones worn as a symbol of status in ancient societies and quite valuable, crystals have been used for centuries in different ways and in different parts of the world. From medicinal uses to cure illnesses, to connections to other realms, crystals have played many roles in history.

In modern times, crystals are often used for the energy they possess and transmit to the wearer or user. In today’s world, people use crystals for many reasons including increasing luck, manifestation, energetic protection, and increasing self-confidence- which is what we are here to discuss today.

Learn about the best crystals for confidence that are guaranteed to boost your sense of self, increase your inner strength, give you courage, and more! 

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1. Rose quartz

The rose quartz is delicate pink quartz born, according to Greek mythology, out of unconditional love. That’s probably why it has been used throughout to promote love; for self and for others.

The rose quartz helps to heal emotional wounds, opening up the heart to love, trust, confidence, and inner strength. It’s one of the very best crystals for confidence and self-love.

Over time, the rose quartz will help drive away self-criticism and open your eyes to the beauty in yourself and in others. It is an excellent crystal for personal growth and self-acceptance.

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2. Amethyst

Amethyst is a mesmerizing purple quartz with a long history of use. It is said to ward off negative energy from chaotic thoughts and brings calm to the body. Some have claimed that they feel this calm simply by looking at it. This might be why it was considered an antidote to drunkenness by ancient Greeks.

As amethyst clears the mind of unwanted stress, it is believed to inspire creativity. And the clarity it provides may help with memory retention. Amethysts’ clearing and inspiring powers boost self-confidence and courage for even more creative expression.

3. Citrine

The bright and sunshiny Citrine stone is known to radiate positive energy. It is believed to get its brightness and energy from the sun, which is transferred to the wearer. In a way, this crystal is full of bright energy and confidence all on its own. Its natural properties make citrine useful for supporting greater confidence at school, work, and in many social situations.

Apart from its energy-boosting abilities, it also brings wealth and financial success to individuals and businesses by inspiring generosity and abundance. 

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4. Sunstone

Just like the Citrine stone, the Sunstone also receives energy from the sun (probably where it gets its name). It channels the energy and force of the sun into the user, enabling them to be confident and assertive. Sunstone is believed to be a balancing stone, helping the user balance joy and power in their life. On a physical note, it has been used in ancient cultures to treat sore throats and ulcers, bringing calmness and strength to the body.

5. Carnelian

This fiery ‘Sunset’ stone has been around for ages and has been used in many ways. Throughout history, it has been used to boost vitality, metabolism, and even fertility. Its vibrant colors symbolize a balance of energy and spirit for the user. Most recently, crystal lovers have used it to balance physical strength and courage as it helps to build and project a healthy self-image and influence people around them.  

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6. Spirit quartz

The Spirit Quartz is best known for allowing its wearer to have a deeper spiritual connection to self, as its name implies. It’s a uniquely formed gem, with one primary crystal in the center and smaller crystals along the sides. Spirit quartz is typically an amethyst.

It is believed that the smaller crystals surrounding the larger crystal help to amplify the energy of the main crystal, creating a bubble where the energy of the main crystal is dominant. Because of its form, spirit quartz is also known not only as a great crystal for self-confidence but also as a crystal of attraction and manifestation. So, for those looking to boost self-confidence or courage, an Amethyst or Citrine Spirit quartz will empower you with the confidence and inner strength you desire—and more!

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7. Ruby

This stone has been used as a fashion choice for centuries, so most are not aware of its other properties and powers. Its deep red hues make it the perfect bloodstone for blood-related medical issues and has been used on people with blood pressure issues, menstrual cramps, and even fertility.

The ruby is a fiery stone, known for its highly charged energy and ability to transform its environment with an energy of excitement and intrigue. Furthermore, ruby is a gem of romance and passion, and can help amplify feelings of attractiveness and sexual confidence. It is known to magnetize love. So, for a boost of inner strength, courage, and fierce confidence, wear a ruby and feel its energizing powers.

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8. Lapis Lazuli

The Lapis Lazuli is an ‘expressive’ gem. And this goes beyond its very vibrant blue and pyrite colors. It encourages self-awareness and internal harmony, which is why it is known as the ‘Wisdom stone.’ This heightened awareness and self-knowledge give you self-confidence and the courage to be yourself.

The appearance of the lapis lazuli is one of the skies on a beautiful starry night. It embodies an energy of serenity and peacefulness. For this reason, it is believed that the stone fosters friendship and bonding between family members.

9. Tigers eye

This beautiful red, yellow and brown crystal is very powerful. It represents fierceness and has been used in the past for protection and courage in battle. Some say that the Tigers eye literally means confidence and power. It helps the wearer embrace their inner strength and willpower, leaving room for courage and self-confidence.

The Tiger’s Eye stone is also able to remove mental blocks, allowing you to focus on your needs and the things that are really important. There’s no room for anxiety or fear when you’re wearing the Tiger’s Eye. When it comes to crystals for confidence, this one is powerful.

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10. Black Tourmaline

When it comes to crystals, black crystals might not be as popular, especially when crystals usually come in bright, vivid colors. But don’t run away from the Black Tourmaline, it just might be what you need.

Black tourmaline is popularly used for protection and grounding. Black tourmaline is associated with the root chakra, helping to keep its user grounded and connected to the earth. Through meditation, the user is able to use the black tourmaline to protect themselves from negative thoughts and feelings using the Black Tourmaline.

According to this article, some crystal healers have been able to help people struggling with addiction by using this crystal as it gives one the inner strength and courage to fight against negative thoughts and feelings.

11. Blue Lace Agate

Despite its beautiful, soft, light blue appearance, the Blue Lace Agate is one of the most durable crystals available. Opposite in appearance to the Lapis Lazuli, the light blue color of the stone is mixed with white and gold lines that look like clear skies on a beautiful warm day. This makes it a grounding stone that soothes and stabilizes.

Blue lace agate has many benefits; positivity, tranquility, harmony, and even wealth. But, it’s also an excellent choice when it comes to selecting crystals for confidence and inner strength. You can use it to quiet doubtful thoughts, and feelings of self-condemnation, allowing unbridled self-expression and inner strength. 

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12. Green Aventurine

If you’re looking for luck to increase morale and thus self-confidence, then you need this stone.

This green quartz goes by many names including ‘opportunity stone’, ‘lucky stone’, ‘gambler stone’,  and many more.

The name Aventurine is said to be a derivative of the Italian word for “by chance”. Combined with the belief that green is the color of luck and abundance, it is no surprise that this stone is used for all things luck.

Beyond its luck-bringing abilities, the Green Aventurine is an excellent crystal for confidence and inner strength. It is believed to open up the heart chakra, encouraging calmness and stability. It relieves the user of anxiety and performance-related nervousness, allowing you to do what you need to do without fear.

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How to use crystals for confidence

There are many ways to use crystals for confidence, depending on your preference and the situation. Simply set your intention for what you need with your thoughts or by writing your intention down first. To get the best out of your crystals, you can then:

Wear them

One of the easiest ways to use crystals for confidence is to wear them, so they are always with you, ready to be called upon when you need them.

Having a Tiger’s Eye bracelet, for instance, can be very helpful right before an interview when you need strength and courage to answer the questions right. Simply meditate with them a few minutes before you start and feel the energy from the crystal flow through you.

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Set them up in your space

Having crystals in your space is not only a great way to get the benefits from the crystal, but it can also be a fashionable way to spruce up your space.

You can create beautiful decorations from crystals in specific parts of your home—like a bedroom or family room—and enjoy the friendly, confidence-boosting energy of the lapis lazuli, the abundant strength of the Green Aventurine, or the deep promising courage of the Amethyst.

Make a crystal grid

A crystal grid lets you channel all the stones—like the ones mentioned above—at the same time for a specific intent.

While there are several pre-made grids available for purchase in different sizes, you can make your own grid by yourself.

First, design a pattern for your stones in any shape or form. Next, lay out your selected stones in an order that you like. For self-confidence and courage, pick out at least 6 of the stones we’ve talked about with the energy you desire and place them in your grid.

Finally, set your intention and say it out loud if you can for as long as you are able. The crystals will absorb your intention and enhance it, harnessing the energy that is already within them. This is a fun and beautiful way to use crystals for confidence.

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Make an elixir

This may seem weird to anyone who doesn’t believe in it, but you can make an elixir from your crystal.

To do this, leave the crystal in a jar of clean drinking water overnight and preferably in view of the moon. This both energizes the crystal and releases energy into the water which can be absorbed when it is consumed.

For safety, make sure the water and crystal are clean to avoid contamination. Ensure that the crystal you are using is one that can safely be exposed to water. Also, don’t forget to remove the crystal(s) from the container before drinking the elixir! If done safely, a crystal elixir is a fun way to use crystals for confidence.

What else to know about using crystals

Please be aware that crystals need to be cleansed and charged for best use. Cleansing a crystal removes energy attachments and stagnant energetic vibrations. Cleansing a crystal brings it back into its natural state of balance.

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Charging a crystal is done to set a new intention into the crystal. Then the crystal can be used with greater effectiveness for your intended purpose.

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Final thoughts

Crystals work through the transmission of energy. They are formed through years of influence by the elements—earth, sun, and water—and carry a lot of energy in them. In order to harness the power of a certain, allow yourself to connect to its vibrational energy in one of the above-mentioned ways. Or, in another way that suits you.

Ultimately, when you choose to use a crystal for a specific benefit, you should choose the one that is most appealing to you; the one that you feel a connection with. You do not need all the crystals in this list—but we won’t stop you if that’s your thing! 

What do you think of using crystals for confidence and inner strength? Which crystal will you be using? Please leave your thoughts in the comments!

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