crystals for protection

12 Best Crystals for Protection and How to Use Them

Wondering what crystals to use for protection in the home, workplace, or daily life? 

Crystals have fantastic healing properties and are used for many purposes, such as stress and anxiety relief, calming the mind and the soul, enhancing intuition, and manifesting success and love. They are great tools to incorporate into our daily lives and are well appreciated for their protective energies.

So if you are a crystal enthusiast and wish to use crystals for protection, we are here to help you choose the right gemstones for you and the type of protection you need. Dive into our twelve crystal recommendations and let the energy of these beautiful crystals ward you off unwanted vibes.

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crystals for protection

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12 Powerful Crystals for Protection

1. Shungite

Shungite is a rare and unique stone made almost entirely of carbon. The carbon from which Shunghite is made is said to be 2 billion years old, and the origin of Shungite it’s still a mystery.

There are theories about how Shungite was formed, such as the collision of a large meteorite with the Earth, but scientists are still unsure of them.

The mystery of the stone’s origin adds a charming touch to its vibe. Shungite is known and appreciated for its protective properties. If you are looking for crystals for EMF protection, Shungite is the stone for you.

Besides its ability to protect you from oxidative stress, purify water and reduce inflammation, Shungite can absorb and neutralize toxic electromagnetic radiation. So if you spend considerable amounts of time around electronic devices, you can use Shungite for EMF protection in the following ways:

  • Wear a Shungite jewelry
  • Carry a tumbled Shungite stone in your pocket
  • Place Shungite near your laptop, smartphone, tablet, or other electronic devices

Shungite stones are one of the best crystals for protection to have in your office, study, kitchen, and living room and close to your body as a pendant or pocket gemstone.

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2. Selenite

Selenite is a high-vibration stone often used for cleansing the aura and other crystals’ energy. It is associated with calmness, angelic connections, higher realms, and purity. But due to its ability to absorb negative energy, selenite can be used for emotional and spiritual protection.

Empaths and people who get easily affected by the negative emotional energy that surrounds them can use selenite along with other crystals for energy protection to shield themselves.

You can have selenite towers, bowls, or wands in your home for cleansing the aura, feeling safe, and recharging your emotional batteries. By wearing a selenite bracelet, you can also benefit from selenite’s protective vibrations all day long.

Selenite is also helpful to have around in social situations such as a job interview, a date, or traveling in crowded places as it protects you from the harmful energies of other people.

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3. Obsidian

Obsidian is made of melted lava that cooled off too quickly to crystalize. It is another effective crystal for protection against hostile and toxic energies and is also great for introspection and self-discovery.

Obsidian can absorb the negative energies coming your way and create a safe barrier for you to heal emotionally and relieve tension. And besides absorbing the negative energies, obsidian is said to transform them into positive vibrations and emit them back.

This is one of those crystals for protection that work well placed around the home, especially by entryways, to prevent negative vibes from entering your house. You can also carry obsidian in a purse or wear it on the wrist as a bracelet.

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4. Golden Healer Quartz

Golden healer quartz crystals are known to be master healers and are often used to clear blockages in the chakra network. They are excellent protective crystals and can increase the benefits of the other crystals in your collection.

This crystal helps activate your energy centers that improve the ability to manifest what you are seeking and break old harmful patterns. It is a must-have crystal for protection as it shields us from self-destructiveness and our lack of self-love.

To get the best out of golden healer quartz’s vibration, wear it as a pendant along with other crystals for protection. It will amplify their qualities and will keep your aura positive.

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5. Blue Tiger Eye

Blue Tiger Eye crystal, also known as Falcon’s Eye, will fascinate you with its ocean shades. It’s a crystal full of calming vibes and is known to bring balance and emotional harmony to those who rely on its protective energy.

In the ancient world, Blue Tiger Eye crystals were associated with the energy of the sun god Ra and were used as protective talismans in battle. It is a crystal that not only protects but also supports willpower, courage, and strength and can help you overcome difficult life situations.

Blue Tiger Eye crystals can be a good choice for protection against thoughts that trigger anxiousness, fear, and phobias. It protects and heals emotionally while it also boosts the endocrine system and helps those who struggle with seasonal affective disorder.

You can wear Blue Tiger Eye crystals for protection close to your body or place them in your home where you usually like to relax, near your bed, bath tube, or your living room sofa.

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6. Labradorite

Labradorite is considered a highly spiritual stone and one of the most powerful crystals for protection. It strengthens one’s positive energy and creates a shield to protect the aura.

This magical and powerful stone is especially recommended for psychic mediums or people working with energies and rituals. But its protective energy can be harnessed by anyone in need to feel safe and connected to themselves.

You can use a labradorite palm stone in your meditation routine to infuse your body and mind with its energy. You can also use it for clearing the Crown, Third Eye, and Throat Chakra at home or in a reiki session.

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7. Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline can be a useful protective crystal against electromagnetic fields. But it is also a must-have stone to add to your collection of crystals for protection against negative energies.

With its powerful vibrations, black tourmaline can clear and repel the unwanted energies in your environment. It will also help you feel grounded and peaceful by removing any negative intrusive thoughts.

If you wish to protect your home from harmful vibes, you can place a black tourmaline crystal at your front door. It could look good in the pot of a plant by the entry. You can also use it for making a crystal grid for protection or wear it as a bracelet when going out.

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8. Clear Quartz

You might know that clear quartz is a versatile gemstone with many beneficial properties and uses. It is a popular crystal for attracting positive vibes and deflecting bad, negative energies.

Clear quartz is said to be a very impressionable crystal, so make sure you use it with a clear intention in mind. You can charge your clear quartz crystals for protection against negative thoughts, negative social interactions, and unwanted energies sent your way in a romantic relationship. Decide on a purpose and trust the stone to protect you.

After charging your clear quartz with a clear intention, carry it close to your body during the day. You can also burn a candle that contains tiny clear quartz crystals for protection while you take a bath, write in your journal or do some yoga.

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9. Citrine

Citrine is often used for manifesting as it can bring abundance to one’s life in many forms. Citrine is a powerfully energizing crystal filled with sunny warm energy and is excellent for studying, fitness, and other purposes. As well, this crystal radiating positivity and joy can easily morph into a protective stone.

You might want to add citrine to your list of crystals for protection if you often have to deal with negative energy from people you can’t avoid. So if you live with your family and that’s emotionally taxing, or there’s a colleague or superior you can’t avoid at school or work, have a small citrine crystal around to charge you with positive vibes and shield you from the overwhelming negative energies.

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10. Amethyst

Amethyst is a fantastic healing crystal used for many purposes, especially for relieving stress and anxiety. It is a crystal anyone should have around, and it can be used for protection against nightmares and, insomnia, psychic interferences, and can uphold the vibration of your home.

Place an amethyst crystal under your pillow or near your bed to enjoy many nights of restful sleep and ward off nightmares. You can also use a double-terminated amethyst crystal that lets the energy flow from both ends in a meditation session to protect yourself from psychic interference.

An amethyst pendant is recommended for empaths who visit crowded places or anyone hypersensitive to other people’s energies.

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11. Carnelian

Carnelian is a beautiful reddish-brown and orange crystal used by crystal healers to activate the Root and Sacral chakra. Carnelian crystals have stabilizing energy and are great for protection against resentment, envy, apathy, and rage.

And if besides protection against negative emotions, you also want to boost your fertility and build confidence in your inner strength, carnelian is the gemstone for you.

You can carry around a cute mini carnelian mushroom, place a carnelian tower in your room or wear a piece of carnelian jewelry along with other crystals for protection and enhance their effects.

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12. Fluorite

Sometimes we must learn how to enforce healthy personal boundaries to protect ourselves from emotional damage and trauma. And fluorite is the crystal for that, as it promotes clarity, quick thinking, expressing your needs assertively, and strengthens the self.

Fluorite is an essential crystal for those who go through a difficult time and need to care for themselves, declutter their mind and not overstress.

You can use fluorite by placing it on your Third Eye Chakra, on your coffee table, and wearing it as jewelry.

How to Use Protection Crystals

I have mentioned a few ways to use your crystals for protection, such as wearing them, placing them in your home, making crystal grids, or using them for meditation, yoga, or reiki. But you still need to consider a few more details when using your crystals for protection.

First of all, remember to cleanse your crystals of any energies that could interfere with your purpose. For that, you can:

  • Smoke the crystals with a white sage stick or palo santo
  • Cleanse them using moon water, salty water, or running water
  • Bury your crystals for protection in soil for a day
  • Let the stones sunbath or under the moon’s light
  • Place your crystals for protection in a selenite bowl

Then, as mentioned in this article, some crystals are better used for protection when you charge or program them with clear intentions. You can decide for what kind of protection you wish to use your gemstones and communicate your intentions to them.

Hold your desired crystal for protection in your hands and say aloud your intentions. Try to be specific and visualize your intentions carved into the stone; feel how it would be to have your intentions manifest.

You can choose one or more crystals that speak to you and that you feel you can connect with. Follow your intuition and keep your protective stones close to your body and soul, into your space and personal sanctuary.

Final Thoughts

The secret to finding a great protective crystal for you is keeping an open heart and mind to exploration and connection. From all the twelve powerful crystals for protection recommended above, not all might sync with your energy as expected.

But just as our personal and spiritual growth journeys are never ending and full of mind-opening lessons, exploring the metaphysical world of crystals and gems might not be effortless and offer instant results.

So give your protective crystals a chance and harness their energies with respect and openness. Make sure to care for them when they feel heavy and listen to their vibrations, and they will be your best energy support when you need them the most.

A thank you to the guest writer Xenia for this article.

crystals for protection

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