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12 Best Crystals to Attract a Specific Person Into Your Life

Whether you have feelings for a certain person, or you’re wanting to attract a specific person into your life, there are steps you can take to manifest someone using crystals.

First, you want to be clear on exactly who you want to manifest and why. Next, do some self-reflection to find out if there’s anything holding you back.

Once you take these steps, it’s time to align your energetic frequency to love, friendship, or the relationship you desire. Alignment is about mindset, first and foremost. But using crystals to align your energy can help.

Crystals can manifest love or friendship by clearing your heart chakra, empowering your mind, and more.

Crystals are a useful tool for attracting a specific person into your life because they help magnify the energy behind your intentions and align your vibration.

No doubt, crystals are a beautiful and fun way to help you attract a specific person into your life. Let’s talk about 12 crystals for attracting a certain relationship or person into your life.

crystals to attract a specific person

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12 Crystals to attract a specific person into your life

1. Rose quartz

Rose quartz to attract

Rose quartz is one of the most popular crystals for attracting love and specifically, romantic love.

Rose quartz is perfect for helping you to get out of your shell and flirt more, especially for those who are shy. This is because rose quartz boosts feelings of self-love, self-acceptance, and confidence.

Confidence makes you feel more attractive and flirtatious. It boosts your sex appeal and desirability factor. You can manifest a new relationship much more easily with a sexy and confident self-love vibration.

If you suffer from a broken heart or have past baggage, rose quartz will help heal your heart. It has a soothing vibration that helps you move forward so you can manifest a new, better relationship.

Rose quartz will also increase the love energy in an existing relationship, or help to mend a rocky one. It’s the perfect crystal to place in the bedroom.

Rose quartz lamp

When using rose quartz to manifest a specific person for love, think of all you have to give that person. Know your worth, and focus on the feelings you want to feel in your new relationship. Use rose quartz to amplify the vibration of love, romance, and confidence already within you and attract the right person who will love you for you.

Although rose quartz is a feminine crystal, it can easily attract a masculine man as most men cannot resist the alluring vibration it inspires. It is such a powerful crystal for love, it can easily help you attract any love interest.

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2. The soulmate quartz crystal

The soulmate crystal, also known as the twin crystal, represents twin flame or soulmate love.

It is symbolic of the closest intimate relationship. Soulmate crystals symbolize true lasting love, commitment, and forever bonds of love.

Use the soulmate crystal to help attract a life partner. Someone with whom nothing will ever come between you and them.

This is not a crystal to be used without serious intent. So make sure you are yourself ready for the commitment and lifetime commitment vibration this crystal supports.

If you are already in a committed relationship, this crystal can help manifest the next step, as in the case of marriage. But only if both people are in energetic alignment with that idea. It can also help support an already happy, thriving relationship and is a beautiful, love-filled crystal to keep as bedroom or living room decor.

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3. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli to attract

Lapis Lazuli helps with attaining wisdom and clarity in your life. In relationships, it influences truthful communication and dependability. And promotes harmony between people.

Lapis creates a solid, peaceful vibe for those who wear or carry it. This vibration feels chill and refreshing for many people but will tend to bore those dramatic, hectic types. Which is a good thing if you’re looking for a dependable, peaceful relationship.

Use Lapis Lazuli to attract friends who are loyal and honest. And to attract harmonious work relationships.

Lapis bracelete manifestation

Lapis will align with people who have a calming, caring vibe. People who are drama-free and easy-going in nature. It may attract the strong silent type. Someone who chooses their words wisely and communicates clearly as in they say what they mean and they mean what they say.

In the workplace, display Lapis Lazuli to promote a work environment where everyone gets along and communicates well. Or, wear it on your body to support pleasant interactions with colleagues, clients, and customers.

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4. Pink kunzite

Pink kunzite is the perfect gemstone to manifest love and devotion. It is useful when manifesting marriage, a faithful loving partner, or a pregnancy.

Pink kunzite is known as “The Woman’s Stone” as it is said to help mothers deal with fussy or rowdy children. It is symbolic of inner peace and calm, emitting healing vibes helpful for those with sleep troubles or anxiety. In this regard, it’s also a great stone for wellness practitioners of all sorts.

Pink kunzite strengthens bonds of unconditional love and aids in communication in relationships, as well as between the heart and mind of the person using it. In this way, pink kunzite can help you see clearly if the person you are with is meant for you. It will help you uncover any hidden doubts or questions you have about someone. And reaffirm why you love or desire a specific person.

Pink kunzite is a gemstone that helps people who are commitment-phobic to evolve and become ready for lasting love. It soothes fears around decision-making and aids making in heart-centered choices. It brings wisdom, increases empathy, and inspires greater compassion. It may inspire awakening to love and relationship possibilities in certain people.

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5. Rhodonite

Rhodonite to attract

Pink rhodonite is the perfect crystal to use alongside pink quartz.

Like pink quartz, rhodonite strengthens your own self-love and confidence. It supports personal growth and development, especially in matters of romance. When used together with rose quartz, the self-assured vibration that pink rhodonite inspires is enhanced.

Rhodonite can help shift your energetic vibration to align with the energy of romance, attraction, and love. This is especially helpful if you’re feeling stuck in a rut romantically and desire to break free.

When dating, rhodonite can help you to feel more at ease with yourself, less self-conscious, and more relaxed. It promotes lighthearted relationships that may or may not turn into something more serious.

Manifestation bracelet

Rhodonite attracts fun-loving, kind people who enjoy your company. Because rhodonite increases positive feelings of self-love, it heightens your level of attraction to others. This makes it a good crystal to carry on a date or a night out.

Rhodonite helps heal emotional wounds caused by heartbreak so you can feel ready to start fresh with a new relationship. It can attract new friends and romantic partners alike. And is likely to attract someone who has had similar relationship experiences as you.

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6. Rubies

Rubies are one of the most powerful gemstones for attracting firey, passionate romance. Use rubies to spice up your sex life, whether single or partnered up.

The positive sexual energy of this gemstone can support sexual healing and healthy sexual expression. It’s the perfect gemstone to wear or carry for a special date night when things are going to get intimate. It can make you feel sexy, free, and like a goddess.

Because this gemstone gives off such strong sexual vibes, be mindful of who you are attracting with it. Watch out for your heart and of course, health.

The passion Rubies inspire may not be forever, but rather a scorching flame that dies out quickly. Although each relationship is different, so use your own intuition. This is just a guideline to consider when it comes to using rubies to attract someone for love.

In a committed relationship where the spice is lacking, this gemstone can help add that flavor back. It can inspire adventure and experimentation, along with physical satisfaction and joy.

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7. Moonstone

Moonstone to attract

Moonstone is a gorgeous calming stone that represents femininity, softness, hope, and new beginnings. It’s a lovely stone for attracting new supportive relationships or strengthening existing relationships. It can manifest healing in specific relationships, especially in the family.

Moonstone promotes peace and forgiveness where feelings have been damaged, trust has been broken, or positive relationship growth needs to occur. It can help rocky relationships evolve into stronger, more stable ones.

Moonstone is also good for pregnancy and children. It supports motherly and fatherly energies alike. And promotes peaceful & happy family life.

Moonstone bracelet

If you have inner healing to do from your childhood, this stone can help you to heal and move forward. It can help you release your emotional baggage so you can make amends with someone or attract a specific person.

Otherwise, moonstone is helpful for attracting creative, innovative, hardworking people such as artists, mechanics, and those who are uniquely visionary.

8. Pink Tourmaline

Pink tourmaline is the perfect healing crystal for those who suffer from anxiety, especially in regard to relationships. It helps ease worry around new interactions and promotes self-love and confidence.

Use pink tourmaline for attracting a specific person who is kind, honest, and helpful, be it a friend or lover.

Pink tourmaline will help shift your vibration back to love and trust. It will aid you in allowing the formation of new relationship bonds, as opposed to resisting them.

If you have inner hurt or trauma from past relationships, pink tourmaline manifests healing after being badly burned. Use it during meditation for greater self-forgiveness for any part you may have played in the breakdown of past relationships. And for the release of anger, sadness, or grief.

Pink tourmaline will help you discard negative expectations and anxiety so that you do not manifest more negativity in your relationships. If you have been ghosted, rejected, or treated like dirt, this crystal will help you to move forward. It will help as well for healing after the death of a loved one and experiencing intense grief.

Pink tourmaline may help attract the kind of people who want to help you, and who want to be there to assist in your well-being. It may be a good crystal to take anywhere you are seeking assistance from someone else. Such as a doctor, wellness provider, psychic, or another type of healer.

9. Tanzanite

Tanzanite to attract

Tanzanite is a gorgeous indigo gemstone that promotes intuition and higher wisdom.

Use this crystal during meditation to align your energy with a certain person on a mental level. It will attract spiritual, sensitive, and perceptive individuals with greater awakeness or awareness than your average Joe.

Tanzanite may promote psychic or intuitive knowledge of who you need to meet. It helps open your perception up to see what kind of person would benefit your life and the specific qualities of that person. In this sense, tanzanite is helpful for gaining clarity on the specific type of person you wish to attract if you are unsure.

Tanzanite may reveal hidden possibilities in your current life as related to friendship and love.

For example, someone you are friends with or an associate who you need to spend more time with and develop a deeper connection with. Someone who secretly desires your company but is shy, insecure, busy, has fearful emotional wounds or is otherwise feeling blocked from reaching out to you.

10. Amethyst

Amethyst is a crystal helpful for dealing with difficult people. It promotes a calm, reasonable response to people who are challenging. It’s most useful for work and family dynamics that need energetic balancing or support.

Amethyst helps attract people who are good-hearted, sensitive, kind, and loving. It repeals psychic attacks and protects from people’s jealousy, anger, or negative vibrations.

Use Amethyst to keep the peace and protect your energy when a difficult family member visits. Keep amethyst at work if conflicts frequently arise, the vibe from people is stressed and unhappy, or you have a nasty co-worker who you are trying to shield your energy from.

Amethyst lamp

Amethyst may help soften the vibration of a jealous, grumpy, or angry friend. It may help you help others, if you so desire. Amethyst is supportive for friendship and love relationships that need healing or balancing.

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11. Citrine

Citrine to attract

Citrine is a beautiful yellow crystal that will add dynamic energy to your life. It’s the perfect crystal for attracting adventurous types, but also loyal and affectionate people.

Citrine is the perfect stone for manifesting new friendships, along with harmonious relationships at work. It brings positive, light-filled energy representative of sunlight, blue skies, and birds singing.

Wear or carry citrine when you’re out with friends, casually hanging out, or traveling. It may help you attract a new friend or love interest who has similar sunny vibrations as those that citrine inspires.

Citrine will help strengthen bonds of friendship and feelings of trust. It helps repel negative energy, conflicts, and sadness. Instead, it promotes hugs, laughter, and the enjoyment of good company.

Citrine is a healing crystal for pessimism and moving beyond failure. It helps with self-acceptance, trust in The Universe, and forgiveness.

12. Malachite

Malachite is a strong, masculine stone. It’s a powerful stone for attracting a reliable, hard-working, and stable person. Malachite has a serious, dignified vibration.

Malachite attracts earthy, rugged, no-nonsense people. Those who like to work with their hands and be out in nature. Perhaps someone who works in the field of carpentry, land management, or construction.

Use malachite to manifest a person that is level-headed, ruggedly attractive, and family-oriented. And use it to amplify your own inner strength and stability, thus magnetizing that particular vibration. If you want to settle down with a sexy lumberjack-type, malachite is your stone for manifesting that kind of person.

Malachite also helps you to heal from a broken heart, and become whole again. It calms and soothes scattered or anxious emotions, and brings your heart chakra into balance. It realigns you with the stable, natural vibrations of the earth, especially the vibrations of the forest.

Using malachite is wise both for balancing and stabilizing your own energy, and attracting a reliable partner who knows how to use an ax.

How to use crystals for attracting a certain person

Always work with crystals in a way that makes sense to you intuitively. And never rely on crystals alone. They are amazing tools, but it is always up to you to take action. And to align your vibration energetically to manifest that special someone.

That being said, when crystals are infused with your intention, they can be used in the following ways for attracting a specific person.

Final Thoughts

Please take the advice in this article and filter it through your own intuition and understanding of crystals.

Always chose the crystal that feels right to you when attracting a specific person, doing healing work, or manifesting a certain situation. Every person and situation is different.

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I hope you found this information valuable and relevant to your quest to attract someone in particular. Always know that what is meant for you will find a way. Trust in the journey as you refine your own vibrations.

Have a lovely day!

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