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Easy Healthy Morning Routine- Printable Checklist Included {Free PDF!}

Do you struggle with getting ready in the morning, intending to follow a healthy morning routine, but end up eating a bagel as you run out the door?

It can be hard to feel motivated or productive first thing in the am. But your mornings don’t have to feel rushed, energy-draining, or uninspired. Instead, morning can become your favorite part of the day. All it takes is an easy morning routine to support your overall health, happiness, and wellbeing.

Learn how you can build a healthy & luxurious morning routine that will set the tone for your entire day. Once established, your healthy morning routine becomes a habit, taking almost no thought or energy whatsoever. Easy peasy.

To get you started, read through these 7 easy lifestyle upgrades for morning time, plus grab your free healthy morning routine printable. It’s a fun & healthy morning checklist to inspire you and get you off to a fabulous, productive start each day. Simply download and print the PDF!

morning routine printable

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Why is a morning routine important?

Morning time sets the tone for your entire day. When you start your day with a healthy morning routine, you start your day feeling brighter and happier.

A healthy morning routine increases energy and productivity. It can also help you feel more in control of your mood and inspire you to make healthy choices and good decisions throughout the day.

What is the best morning routine to follow?

A morning routine works best when it’s easy, intuitive, and enjoyable. Building some fun into your morning routine is key. Can healthy habits be fun, you might wonder? Yes, they can! The healthy habits you create in the morning can be enjoyable and thus boost your mood for the entire day.

Read through these 6 steps to a healthy morning routine. Then download your free PDF morning routine printable checklist at the end of this article!

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Healthy morning routine in 7 easy steps

1. Proper wake-up time

A proper, relaxed wake-up time is the very first thing you need for a healthy morning routine. For a proper wake-up time, the first thing you need is… a bit more time. This may mean starting a habit of going to bed earlier. Take at least 15 minutes, up to 1 hour for a proper, leisurely wake-up. Let that time be as luxurious and relaxing as possible.

During this time, you must be up and out of bed. This is the time for your hot morning beverage of choice; a delicious cup of French press coffee (so much better than regular coffee, and so luxurious!) organic tea, keto coffee, or hot water with lemon. If you don’t enjoy a hot beverage, then have a glass of plain water or juice. Sip it slowly and try to remember your 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B07CR748FG

Go ahead and enjoy some light reading material, including on your phone. But, no negative news.

2. Self-care, grooming, and getting ready

Next up is a shower or wash-up. Brush your teeth and get dressed, (it helps to lay out your outfit the night before.) Apply makeup if you wear it.

An upgrade you may enjoy for getting ready in the morning is a good-quality electric toothbrush, organic toothpaste, and natural herbal 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B07WWJ8YVGir?t=dreamdash07 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B000WSV82Y

3. Eat a healthy breakfast

Try eating a grain-free breakfast that includes protein plus fruit and/or vegetables. I am a huge advocate of eating grain-free as grains cause me to have severe chronic pain from inflammation. Read my whole story here:

Self-Diagnosed Grain Intolerance: Discovering My Back Pain Root Cause

For a healthy anti-inflammation breakfast, try eggs with sautéed baby spinach, avocado, leftover sweet potatoes, or other veggies. You could also go for fruit and nuts; banana plus almond butter and dried coconut is easy and filling.

If you have a cereal/toast/muffin/bagel habit, break it. Just for a few days at least, and see how you feel. It is highly likely you will notice you are much less hungry throughout the morning, and your energy is better.

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4. Easy 5-minute exercise routine

You can include your easy-peasy exercise routine anytime- I often do mine before I eat. All you need is a space big enough to stretch out.

Do a few minutes of light stretching, including your back. Touch your toes. Limber up your body.

Next, try a downward dog yoga pose. Then two 15-30 second planks. 5 Squats. Real simple, no more than a few minutes.

Another thing you can do during your 5-minute workout is to use a foam roller. A foam roller helps relieve tension and pain in your body and increases blood flow to your fascia. It feels much like a deep-tissue 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B071P2MQ5D

Stay consistent with your easy peasy 5-minute workout each morning and you will notice an improvement in both your mood and physical strength, however subtle.

It’s unlikely you will lose weight or notice a huge difference in your appearance, but that is not what this exercise routine is for. The exercise is for self-care, plain and simple. It’s to do something good to care for yourself, and it may inspire more healthy choices too.

5. Make time for mental health

Always include some time for your mental well-being in the morning.

Spend a few minutes in prayer or meditation. You can do this while exercising, or in the shower if you are short on time. According to your own spiritual beliefs, ask for guidance, signs, luck, peace, or whatever you need.

If you have time, write in your journal for a minute or two. Try some journal prompts if that helps get the ideas flowing.

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If something is bothering you, write a sentence or two about that. Think of what is in your control versus out of your control. Give yourself grace in dealing with whatever it is.

6. Plan for the day list

Make a short to-do list to plan for your day. Include at least one chore to keep life running smoothly, such as laundry or shopping. Doing at least one chore a day can really help you maintain order in life and be productive. (This of course depends on if you have kids- you may need to list more than one chore!)

The other important component of your list is writing down something you are looking forward to for later in the day. This could be a special dessert, a movie,  or a walk in the park after work- anything that sounds like fun.

7. Grateful thoughts for a positive mindset

Finally, take a moment to think of what you are grateful for. Focus on feeling thankful for the good things in your life. This mindset habit helps train your mind to feel more positive. You may like to include this in your journal writing.

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How do I stick with my healthy morning routine?

Adjust the suggestions here to fit your needs, then commit to them for a few days to test them out. You may not feel the need to journal every day or give up your bagel for good- it’s ok. Just give these ideas a try for a day or two and see how you feel.

A healthy morning routine becomes a habit first by committing to it. After you commit to a healthy morning routine and it becomes a habit, then it becomes your lifestyle. Part of your identity. Part of how you roll.

The key is, that once you get accustomed to your healthy morning routine, your routine should feel like a lifestyle upgrade, not a chore.

What you want is to feel leisurely and luxurious. You want to create a sense of wellness and vibrancy using positive self-care habits for a good morning, every day. These good feelings will increase your productivity and success naturally.

Free healthy morning routine printable checklist

You can grab your free healthy morning routine printable checklist below. This way you don’t have to think about any of the steps to your morning routine. Simply hang the list on your refrigerator or leave it on your counter each week. Then use it to build your healthy morning habits into a routine that feels intuitive and natural.

Healthy Morning Routine Checklist PDFmorning routine printable

Concluding thoughts for creating the best morning routine

Your best morning routine starts with taking a minute to enjoy waking up. Then, make healthy choices to support your well-being. Your morning routine becomes a habit through commitment. And it will prove itself effective by adding value to your life.

I hope these healthy morning routine ideas inspire you to give them a try. A morning routine makeover may end up being an awesome lifestyle upgrade, so try it! And please do adjust according to best fit your needs.

This morning routine is perfect for my everyday life, especially the leisurely wake-up time. I need my coffee, that’s for sure. Coffee time is one of my favorite times of the day. I would let it go until 10 am every day if I could. I also enjoy getting some chores accomplished and feeling productive first thing in the day. What’s your favorite part of the morning? Please let me know in the comments!

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