Weather magic and manifestation

5 Easy Manifestation Techniques Using the Magic of Weather

If you are looking for easy yet powerful manifesting techniques, you will love learning about manifesting with the weather.

Weather, such as hot dry sun, cool pouring rain, or sparkling crystal snow is a powerful and completely natural manifesting tool.

The nuances in energy from different weather conditions have the power to perfectly enhance your own manifestation energy. Simply put, weather + human magic/intention/prayer =  powerful natural manifesting. 

Different forms of weather can be used for manifesting love, money, better health, and more. For example, water has many potential uses depending on its natural state.

Keep reading to learn easy yet powerful manifestation techniques using 5 different kinds of weather. Because when you combine your intentions, prayer, and personal magic with the powerful energy of nature, you can see amazing results. These manifestation methods are easy, free, and fun, so why not try? Discover some intuitive natural manifesting techniques you may not have heard or thought of! (Although they are probably ancient!)

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how to manifest using weather

What does manifesting naturally mean?

Manifesting naturally is all about visualizing what you desire while feeling “as if” you already have what you desire.

To manifest naturally, there is an element of effortlessness involved. Manifesting is not the same as reaching a goal. Although it feels similar, manifesting does not involve the same effort as reaching a goal. When you are trying to manifest, by definition you are trying. But the trying has a completely different vibe. It’s an effortless, unattached trying.

What does manifesting feel like?

The trick to natural manifesting is to feel completely at ease about what you are trying to manifest. You must feel no sense of urgency, no anxiety at all. You cannot overthink it. Instead, practice feeling like you already have that which you desire. Like you have the thing or live the life you want already. You must feel full of trust, security, and inner knowing that what you desire is already yours.

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Imagine a feeling that is detached, and with an undeniable knowing. To imagine that feeling, think of something you already have that you take for granted. Something so natural to you that you barely notice it. Or something that there is no argument about, like the fact that birds fly. You must feel certain that you already have the thing you want. As certain as you are that birds fly. That inner knowing, that feeling of something already existing is what you are going for when you’re trying to manifest naturally.

I think it’s important to note that you don’t need expensive herbs, essential oils, or crystals to manifest. Although all of those tools are valuable and wonderful in their own right. They can help amplify your energy. But you can also harness the magical powers of nature using just what God gives you in the form of weather, and in accordance with the seasons.

Weather for manifesting is perfect- it’s free, powerful, and easy to incorporate into your prayers or visualization techniques when manifesting. Manifesting magically with weather is an ancient practice.

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Using the magic of weather for natural manifesting

Weather is a powerful tool for manifesting change and moving things forward in life. You can utilize different forms of weather to increase abundance and love in your life, let go of sorrows, forgive the past, and so much more.

The 5 types of weather we will be talking about using for manifesting naturally are:

  • Sun
  • Rain
  • Snow
  • Wind
  • Storms

It’s important to note that you do not need, for example, snow to manifest something specific to snow energy. Although snow can be used intentionally in a certain way, if you live in Hawaii, it’s not that you can’t manifest certain energy because you don’t have snow.

Manifesting is not about worrying about having specific elements or tools. It’s about the powers and tools you do have. And a can-do, trust-in-the-magic attitude. The magic of manifesting naturally is found in the method of ease and effortlessness described in the beginning of this article. The magic is inside of you, first and foremost.

You could manifest the same energies one would try to manifest using snow by using an element of weather or nature that you do have on hand. If you have no real snow, You can instead visualize the snow, feel the snow, know the snow.

We must adjust accordingly for our location and the season.

That being said, let’s now go into detail about how each kind of weather can best be used for prayers, magic, manifesting, and more!

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Using the magic of the sun for manifesting

The sun may just be the most powerful manifestation tool we have. There is nothing like the sun to make us feel good; happy, energized, hopeful, relaxed. The most ancient stress-reducer in the world has got to be the feeling of warm sun on your skin.

The sun can be used easily for any type of prayer and for powerful manifesting. Here are some ideas for manifesting with sun energy:

  • Use the sun’s magic for manifesting wealth and abundance.
  • Sun energy for love and romance.
  • Sun energy for friendship, family love, and togetherness.
  • Manifest peace, calm, and ease of anxiety.
  • Manifest physical health and wellness.
  • Balance and harmony of mind, body, and spirit.
  • Good mental health.
  • Creativity and business ideas.
  • Manifest more leisure and luxury.
  • Sun energy magic for healing old mental trauma and depression.
  • Helping to trust in God and feeling the love of God.

Simply sitting in the sun with your eyes closed while feeling what you want to manifest is all it takes. A simple prayer, some affirmations, and visualization/feeling what you desire. Absorb the powerful, magical sun energy. Feel the feelings of what you are trying to manifest so that those good feelings can become your reality.

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Using the magic of rain to manifest

Rain has a wide energy spectrum for manifesting. You have light warm rain on a summer day. You have heavy, gushing, blowing rain on a chilly November morning. And every type of rain in between!

Because rain is such a spectrum, and each rainstorm so unique, there are many nuanced ways to easily use rain for manifesting. Here are a few ideas:

  • A light sprinkle of warm rain can be used to naturally manifest inspiration and creativity. Warm rain is pure magic!
  • Use a drizzly day for manifesting willpower, strength, and lasting motivation for long-term goals.
  • Use flash rainstorms for manifesting quick results.
  • Meditating on a foggy day to strengthen intuition and connection to spiritual realms for powerful manifesting.
  • Rain energy for manifesting healing and forgiveness.
  • Rain energy for washing away sorrows and manifesting emotional growth.
  • Use rain mixed with sun to manifest luck, (especially if you see a rainbow!)
  • Heavy rain on a cold winter’s day manifests physical healing.

Manifesting techniques using the magic of snow:

Like rain, snow has a spectrum of uses because of its different presentations. Sleet, big fat snowflakes, and blustery flurries all have different energy which you can connect to for your manifesting purposes. And what about that gorgeous magical sparkly snow that shines like a zillion diamonds across the fields after a storm? That’s where the snow faeries play, I tell my kids!

**If you don’t know a lot about snow, here’s a fun fact: There are 2 types of snow which are good for winter fun: “snowman snow” and “sledding snow”. The snowman type is sticky and makes great snowballs but is not as good for sledding and skiing, and the sledding type won’t make good snowballs. My friend from Texas was surprised to learn that when she moved here to Maine.

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Here are some easy ideas for manifesting naturally with snow:

  • Use freshly fallen sparkly snow for manifesting love. (Just ask the faeries!)
  • Sparkly snow is also great for manifesting magic and miracles.
  • Fat snowflakes can be used to manifest more fun into your life.
  • Use busy snow flurries to manifest energy, motivation, inspiration, and action.
  • Snow flurries for better communication.
  • Ice for manifesting temporary solutions that can easily accommodate change in the future.
  • Sleet for untangling stress.
  • Slush for manifesting dealing with difficulties more easily.

Again, your manifestation methods should feel natural, easy, and effortless.

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Manifesting techniques using the magic of wind:

Wind is a really fun weather element to use for natural manifesting. The feeling of being outside when a big gush comes along is so powerful! Here are some interesting ways and methods to use the natural forces of wind for easy yet powerful manifesting:

  • A gentle breeze can be used to manifest an initial connection to angels or guides.
  • Gentle breezes for positive interactions with others.
  • Gentle breezes for more peace and less stress.
  • Breezes for fun and playfulness.
  • Heavy gusts of wind can be used to manifest big life changes- any you can think of.
  • Heavy wind for letting go of the past.
  • Use wind to let go of anger; let it all blow away.
  • And wind for manifesting power and strength.
  • Wind to shift your financial situation for the better.
  • Gentle wind to bring more love to your life.
  • Meditate on a windy day for fresh new opportunities and change.
  • Wind to bring you new business ideas.

Powerful manifesting techniques using storms:

First, a word of caution: Stay safe and do not go outside in dangerous weather!

Different types of storms and wild weather have powerful and magical manifesting energy potential. From nor’easters to hurricanes, to thunder and lightning, each storm brings massive earth energy. Storms are forces to be reckoned with.

Some storms such as hurricanes and tornados can be extremely devastating, as can other types of extreme weather. My heart goes out to those who have been harmed in any way by these forces of nature. I’m not trying to make light of such storms in this article, but rather find a silver lining in them.

If you feel so inclined, and if your intuition feels good with it, go ahead and use storms for positive, powerful manifesting. But be careful with storm energy- out of all the weather types, storms carry the most energetic “baggage” so to speak. By this I mean other energies or even entities may ride the wave of storm energy into our realm. Protect yourself from the “hangers-on” powerful storm energy with white light. Call on your spirit angels to assist you. (I had to mention this, I’m superstitious like that!)

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Here are some ideas for weather manifesting techniques with storms:

  • Storms to unstuck ancient stagnant energy easily.
  • Manifest drastic changes with storm energy.
  • Storms energy to manifest cutting ties with someone.
  • To manifest the end of a situation.
  • Storm energy for manifesting emotional healing.
  • Manifest new beginnings more powerfully at storm’s end.
  • Extreme wind manifests inner wisdom.
  • Lightning manifests magic.
  • Thunder manifests sudden changes as it breaks some invisible layer in the atmosphere. As it breaks sound barriers and rips through the sky.

Many more weather manifestation techniques exist

These easy manifestation techniques using weather are just a fraction of what’s possible in using natural energy to manifest. Any earth element has powers that can enhance your natural manifesting abilities. Think of sand, waves, flowers… the list goes on.

Furthermore, the ideas and methods here are just starting points for manifesting techniques using weather. Please take what resonates with you from this article, disregard the rest, then use your own intuition to guide your own practices, along with how you feel about a certain type of weather.

Weather manifesting is so individualized. Different people will use the sun or rain differently for prayer, meditation, and manifesting. Different forms of weather stir up different emotions, sensations, and memories for everyone. Isn’t weather energy magical?

A final disclaimer: Manifesting with weather can be easy, but your results may not always be quick and are not guaranteed. We have to let things happen at the right time. Again, trust that what you want is coming. And trust is your higher self, your angels, God, or the Universe to help you along.

I hope you enjoyed learning about these 5 easy manifestation techniques using weather. Please let me know your ideas in the comments below!

How to manifest using weather

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