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How to Get Into Energetic Alignment: Align Your Vibrational Energy

Lately, there seems to be a lot of talk around energetic alignment and discussions about how to align your energy. Especially as related to manifesting.

But what does it mean to be in energetic alignment with something or someone? And how exactly do you align your vibrational energy to match the energy of the thing you are trying to manifest?

Let’s talk about the steps needed to align energy when manifesting. And ways to know when your vibrational energy is in positive alignment with your desire.

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energetic alignment

What is energetic alignment?

The term “energetic alignment” comes from the Law of Attraction teachings by Abraham-Hicks. It is based on the principle that like attracts like, and that everything in the universe is made of vibrational energy.

When you are in energetic alignment with something or someone, your energy vibrates at the same frequency. You are a vibrational match.

Positive energetic alignment is a happy and wonderful state of being. Vibrational alignment allows relationships or situations to exist joyfully.

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Signs you’re in energetic alignment

When you’re in positive energetic alignment with your goals or another person, you feel happy, joyful, and at ease. You feel like yourself. It’s easy and natural.

In a positive state of energetic alignment, you’re inspired, in love, or happily “going with the flow.” You feel satisfied and full in spirit.

A feeling of energetic alignment is a sure and confident feeling. There is no lack or doubt. It’s usually quite obvious to you that you’re in that joyful vibrational alignment because you feel so good. Things are harmonious.

So how do you get into joyful energetic alignment? How do you match your energy with the energy of what you are trying to manifest? Let’s demystify energetic alignment.

How to get into energetic alignment

1. Clear your energy

To align your energy, the first thing to do is to clear your energy. To clear your energy, you must find your vibrational blocks.

We all have vibrational blocks in various forms. Blocks exist as fears, doubts, limiting beliefs, low self-esteem, and more.

To clear blocks, they must be brought to light and examined. Then mentally and emotionally processed. Doing this will allow you to heal and/or release them.

This can be simple at times but is usually the least fun or easy part of getting into a positive vibrational alignment.

It can take time to clear your energetic blocks, depending on what they are. But doing so empowers you to align your vibration to a higher and more joyful frequency.

Ways to uncover blocks and clear your energy include:

  • Meditation and prayer
  • Journaling, art, and creative endeavors
  • Talking with trusted people who can support you

Clearing your energy is the first crucial step in aligning your energy to manifest your desires and change your reality.

2. Focus on what you want

To get into energetic alignment, be crystal clear on exactly what you want. Use all 5 senses to focus on what you want.

  • Visualize your desire or goal as clearly as possible. See it in your mind’s eye.
  • Hear your goal. What noises are associated with reaching your goal? What words are spoken? Hear them as clearly as you can.
  • Smell your goal. What does your new home smell like? Your celebration dinner? Your dream partner’s cologne or perfume?
  • Taste your goal. How is your coffee in your new office?
  • Feel your goal physically. How does your body react? Feel your posture, body language, and the stretch of your smile.

To help your mind focus, write about your goal in detail, draw it, or speak it out loud. Leave nothing out.

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3. Use your emotion

Emotion is the most important component of vibrational alignment. You must use your emotions to feel the energy of the thing or person you want to manifest in order to align your energy with that thing or person.

But wait! You say.

How can you know what an unfamiliar feeling feels like? How are you supposed to align your vibration with an energetic vibration you have not yet experienced?

There is a way. I call it “feel the feeling of knowing” or “feeling vibrational alignment.”

How to feel vibrational alignment

Let’s use a random example to illustrate how to feel the feeling of knowing, aka the vibrational alignment feeling.

Think of something you already have a feeling of knowing about. How about a puddle of water?

If you touch a puddle, it feels wet. That is non-negotiable. You know water feels wet and you don’t question it. You know what certainty feels like when it comes to puddles = wet.

Now think of a positive thing you have already. Anything good you have.

Feel the energetic vibration of having the joyful thing that you have. Take a moment to understand that you are in energetic alignment to that thing. There is no lack, doubt, or uncertainty. You have or are experiencing that thing harmoniously.

Now apply/merge that joyful “having/experiencing” feeling to the thing or person you are manifesting. Feel your manifestation through the joyful having/experiencing vibration.

When you are at the point where you are able to maintain that positive “having/experiencing” feeling with complete certainty, your desire has no choice but to manifest in perfect timing.

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4. Have positive expectation

Positive expectation helps align your energy by creating a magnetic frequency of attraction.

One way to train your mind to have positive expectations (and expect the things you want to happen to manifest) is by using affirmations.

Affirmations can be thought, spoken, or written. They help train your brain by creating new neural pathways. Affirmations can help dissolve blocks such as limiting beliefs and also help you feel the feeling of knowing, aka vibrational alignment as we discussed.

For example, if you are looking for love, you can affirm something positive about aligning with your soulmate:

Love is right outside my door. My soulmate and I are aligning. Our energies merge beautifully in perfect timing.

Any statement that creates strong positive emotion can help align your vibration.

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5. Align your actions

We cannot talk about using our thoughts and emotions for energetic alignment without talking about the practical side of things: the actions you take to align your energy.

Say, for example, that you want to get into alignment with your ideal body. You want to look your best and be at your ideal weight. Then you have to align your actions as well as your mindset.

No matter what you’re manifesting, you have to act like someone who already has that thing. What would a person successful at (fill-in-the-blank) do every day? What would their routine look like, what choices would they make, and how would they behave?

Consistency, self-care, and not being too hard on yourself is important. It’s ok to take your time getting into alignment to reach your goals. Or to make mistakes along the way. Just keep refining your vibration through trial and error with your actions, thoughts, and feelings.

Final thoughts

Whether you are aligning your energy to your divine purpose, more financial abundance, a new home, or your ideal romantic partner, the steps to vibrational alignment are the same, although they needn’t be in perfect order.

And by no means must you be some special version of yourself to align your energy to manifest. But clearing blocks, getting clear on what you want, using your emotions, positive expectations, and taking action will allow you to make big changes and many positive shifts. It’s just a matter of time to manifest your goals because alignment doesn’t always happen overnight (although it can!) Trust the timing and all you learn in the alignment process.

I hope you enjoyed these words on energetic alignment. Have a lovely day!

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