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How to Discover Your Divine Purpose {Find Your Heart’s Calling}

Do you have a sense that there is something more meaningful to discover in life, but you haven’t quite found it yet? Something you can do for work, something to help other people or something that needs to be expressed within you?

Then you are probably sensing your divine purpose.

Today, let’s talk about what divine purpose is, examples of divine purpose, and how to find this heart calling of yours if you are unsure.

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divine purpose

What is divine purpose?

Call it your life purpose, your destiny, your divine path, your heart’s calling, or any name you wish- your divine purpose is basically what you are on this earth to do. Your main reason for being here.

Divine purpose involves what you love doing and what you do naturally. When you discover your divine path, it just makes sense. Discovering your divine purpose is like turning on a lightbulb.

Your divine purpose is supported by God (or The Universe, or any name you wish.) When you find your divine purpose, you feel secure and sure. You feel inspired and motivated.

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We are all chosen for a divine purpose

Divine purpose is not for a select few. Everyone has a divine purpose, and many people have more than one.

We are each here to evolve our soul’s journey, first and foremost. Many people say that is the ultimate reason for the existence of each person on earth.

We are spiritual beings having human experiences. We exist as extensions of Universal energy to learn and expand our consciousness. Whether or not we find our divine purpose in the process is up to us.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter if we find divine purpose in our lives. Some people aren’t concerned with the concept of divine purpose and are living happily without seeking out the answers to these sorts of existential questions. And that is fine.

Divine purpose only matters if we desire to find it. If we feel that calling and it tugs at us. 

Examples of divine purpose

Divine purpose looks different to every person.

Aside from each of us existing simply to exist as part of infinity, divine purpose varies in terms of time/duration. Divine purpose may involve a long winding life path or be a shorter blip in time. It can be complex or simple.

Divine purpose may include or be experienced via:

  • Having children.
  • Working a certain career or job.
  • Being a part of the great awakening.
  • Helping or saving someone else’s life through words or actions.
  • Completing a certain project.
  • Teaching someone something, however small. (You never know how you might affect someone.)

Ultimately, if you feel a tug at your heart that tells you there is something more you need to do on this earth, a greater reason for living, then you need to pay attention to it. And in fact, probably can’t ignore it. You have to know- where is my heart’s calling leading me and why?

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How to find your divine purpose

Acknowledge your worth

No matter your past, no matter how far you have ventured from yourself, you first must acknowledge that you have what it takes to find and live your divine purpose. Otherwise, you would not feel called to search for it in the first place.

Don’t hesitate to affirm this. Go ahead and say it: I deserve the satisfaction of discovering my path. I am worthy of it, 100%.

You deserve to find deeper meaning in life and to live to your fullest potential.

Not only because you feel the urge in your heart, but for other people, too. Humanity needs you to find this calling of yours. There is a bigger picture, with more people involved. Those people have paths connected to yours, and your paths are intertwined somewhere in the future.

Trust that your heart’s calling to find your divine path is there for a reason. It’s worth finding, and you are worthy of finding it.

Examine your natural talents

Now, take a look at what heart-centered paths might be obvious. So obvious that you completely brush them off. These are natural talents you have that make you a perfect fit for your most joyful divine path in life.

Do some deep self-reflection and ask yourself:

  • What feels natural to me?
  • What is easy for me?
  • How would my friends and family describe my natural tendencies?
  • What was/am I good at in school, or interested in as a child?

Journal the answers to these questions, meditate on them, or ask your loved ones what they think.

Additionally, consider your personality when it comes to finding your divine path. Ask yourself:

  • How introverted or extroverted you are.
  • If you like working in groups, with one or two people, or alone.
  • Are you visual, auditory, hands-on, etc?
  • What inspires you the most.
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Take action

To find your divine path, especially if you don’t know what you’re good at, you have to take action.

Try new things and experiment. You may have to step out of your comfort zone.

Taking action helps expand your self-knowledge about how you best thrive in life.

Do not be afraid to make mistakes. For example, maybe you take a class and you don’t like it. That’s ok! It may be an unfortunate waste of money, but not a waste of time in the long run.

The same thing goes for making a job or career change. Obviously, you have to put in your best efforts, have integrity, and try your best. But if something isn’t working out and it’s not your path, then know when to make a change. Trust your intuition.

Another thing to consider is that sometimes, your ideal career doesn’t exist yet. For me, blogging wasn’t exactly a known career choice when I graduated High School. It barely existed and I barely passed computers 101 (yawn). But blogging is for sure part of my divine path. Ya never know my friend.

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Be persistent

If finding your divine path matters to you, you have to keep searching. Be persistent in heart-centered living. Chase the calls that tug at your heart.

Yes, you need to survive and make money. You may have children to take care of. But you have freedom. You have the whole internet not to mention the library!

Let your spirit become inspired by the fact we live in the realm of infinite possibilities. You cannot predict what future opportunities might come your way. But they are much more likely to come if you keep searching, keep taking action, and don’t give up hope.

I have an entry from an old journal I’d like to share with you. I wrote it many years ago while searching for my divine purpose, not knowing I was a writer. In my journal I wrote:

If I keep searching for the answer, will I find it?

If you have ever asked yourself or God the same thing, I am here to tell you Yes!

Never give up and you will definitely find your divine purpose in life.

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Trust in the timing of your life

Finally, you have to trust that you will find your divine calling. If you feel that sense of greater meaning, it is out there. You may not be at that point in time yet, but eventually, you will be.

Sometimes, you have to go through certain experiences before you discover your destiny.

Other times, you have to heal your spirit or clear old karma.

Always, you have to vibrate at the energetic frequency of your divine path by living as close to your heart as you can. That can mean many things or involve many steps. Finding your divine path is so different for everyone.

Trust that The Universe is on your side. The energy of trust aligns you with the opportunity to experience the thing you desire. It connects you magically. Even if you have no proof of anything to trust in, choosing trust over fear or pessimism is one of your most powerful choices.

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What to do once you’ve found your divine purpose

Set goals to align your life. Even really small goals. Or even a vague idea is fine.

Start small with your actions. Once you have taken the first baby steps then congratulations- you have begun. You are now living your divine purpose. That is your life starting now. The only thing that can stop it is you not continuing to take action.

Stay consistent in working towards the goals you set regularly. That’s pretty much it right there. That is the secret!

Be flexible. Even though you may have big feelings about your divine path, it’s good in a way not to get overly attached. You might change your course for many reasons. If so, that’s fine because sometimes the road of your divine path takes you a way you wouldn’t expect.

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Concluding thoughts

Finding your divine purpose will greatly satisfy your soul. That’s why it’s worth thinking about in detail. Please let me know what you think in the comments!

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