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Free Angel Card Printables for Gifts, Greetings, Home Décor, & More

Today I have for you 12 free angel card printables!

These angel cards are 5 x 7″ in size. They feature pretty angelic imagery and inspirational angel messages of hope, love, and beauty. Messages that will leave you feeling positive and knowing you are supported by angels at all times.

A range of designs and colors are used, along with pretty fonts.

You can download these free angel cards at the bottom of this blog post, no email is required. Then simply print and enjoy!

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free angel cards

Why free printable angel cards?

As the saying goes What you seek is seeking you.

This means, for example, that if you enjoy creating something, practicing a hobby, or have a desire that is pure and from the heart, then the enjoyment you get from doing what you love has a boomerang effect-  other people naturally enjoy what you have to offer.

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I created these angel cards because I love graphic design & writing. I love creating graphic art and offering free printables on my website, especially artwork and inspirational quotes that can inspire other people or bring joy.

Everyone enjoys getting something for free. Free stuff is just great! And free printables bring blog traffic. So sharing free printable art on my website just makes sense. I love being creative and sharing my designs and ideas. Creating art that people will appreciate makes me happy and helps me grow my blog.

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How to use the printable angel cards

These angel cards have many purposes. My hope is that they will inspire you and give you a sense of happiness. And that they will bring hope, love, and joy to anyone you might gift them to.

They can be used in many different ways. Here are some ideas:

  • Use as greeting cards
  • Get well cards
  • Sympathy cards
  • Get well cards
  • Graduation cards
  • Major life event cards
  • Holiday cards
  • Home decor
  • Wall art
  • Gifts

What not to do with free angel cards

These cards are free to print and share as much as you would like. Please gift these cards freely. Enjoy them to the fullest. But please do not sell.

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Envelopes that will fit the angel cards

If you need envelopes for these free angel cards, the size envelope that will fit a 5 x 7″ card is 5.25 x 7.25.” You can find this standard envelope size many places, including Staples, Walmart, etc. Or, purchase 5 x 7″ envelopes right on Amazon. 

Picture frames for the angel cards

In case you are giving these free angel cards as gifts, there are many types of pretty picture frames to go with them, such as these 5 x 7″ white picture frames or these 5 x 7″ black picture frames.

Ok, without further wait, let’s have a closer look at the card designs. As mentioned before, you can download the angel cards at the end of this blog post. (In case you are unfamiliar with how to download free printables from a website, here is a handy article about how to do that.)

The PDF download contains all 12 cards. But of course, only print the cards that you want.

Angel cards to inspire and bring you joy

1. Trust and believe in angels.

Angels are all around you. You are always supported.

angel cards free


2. Thank your angels.

Give thanks for your many blessings. This angel card would make good wall art, especially for a metaphysical shop or some place of that nature.

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angel quotes

3. There is never a time when your soul is left unattended.

You are never alone. We all have many different angels and spirit guides.

This inspiring angel card would make a good gift for someone going through a difficult time.

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angel quotes

4. Feathers appear when angels are near.

Angels give many signs of their existence. Feathers are one of the most well-known angel signs. Another common sign is triple numbers such as 111 or 444. 

*Right after creating this blog post, I saw this quote in the back of a magazine. Another sign!

angel quote5. The presence of an angel quote

Angels can always be felt in the heart. What a beautiful quote by Mary Baker Eddy.

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angel quote

6. Surrounded by angels quote

This quote is a beautiful affirmation of angelic love and support.

angel quote

7. Peace within, angels all around.

Knowing our angels are always present gives incredible inner peace. This angel card would be lovely to give for the holidays.

angel quotes

8. Angel guidance quote.

Ask for answers and answers shall come to you. This card would make a lovely gift for someone entering a new career path or a new phase of life.

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angel cards

9. Listen to the angels.

Your angels love you. They want you to feel encouraged and to manifest wonderful things.

angel quotes

10. May angels light the way.

This quote would make a lovely holiday card. It could also make a terrific greeting card or be given as a gift to someone who is embarking on a journey or entering a new phase of life.

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angel cards

11. Peace, good luck, and angel blessings.

Here’s hoping these words and well-wishings will brighten up your day. May you enjoy many angel blessings!

angel cards

12. Walk with angels quote.

“If you walk in love, you walk with angels.” I’d love to know who said this quote originally. It’s so inspirational! This angel card would make lovely home decor. Just print and frame!

angel message

Free angel card printables

Download your free angel cards using the link below to get all 12 cards. Print only the cards you love.

12 Free angel cards for greetings, gifts, and more!

If you enjoyed these designs, please check out my Etsy shop Dream Dash Designs with affordable printable art of all types, from abstract to quotes to kids’ stuff!

Final thoughts

I hope you loved these angel card printables. Let me know how you used them and what you think in the comments! I’d also love to hear any ideas for other inspirational art, printables, quotes, and more that you would enjoy.

Please remember that angels are indeed all around you. And that love, luck, and happiness surround you. Even and especially during tough times. Keep praying, keep listening. Have a beautiful and angelically blessed day!

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