Free Mandala Printable Art {4 Piece Set Colorful Wall Decor}

Free mandala printable art you can download for your wall decor needs!

Looking for some fun and colorful boho-style artwork for your living space? Download and print this pretty mandala printable art for free! It’s perfect for rooms with blues and greens in the decor.

The link to the free mandala printable can be found at the end of this article. Enjoy!

mandala printable

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This 4 piece set of mandala wall decor would look great in any boho-style or beachy home. It would also make a great gift. All you need are some pretty frames!

The mandala printable is a blue and green watercolor design. Each print is 8.5 x 11 inches and looks best printed on white cardstock paper.

One-quarter of the mandala is on each printable page, so that when you hang the 4 pieces of the mandala together, the 4 pieces create one whole mandala. A cute, boho-style, easy wall decor idea!

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Why offer a free mandala printable?

I created this design to hang in my living room because I need wall decor STAT. We recently moved and I really don’t like looking at blank walls.

I knew right away I would offer this mandala art as a free printable on my website. (I’m finally getting around to that now, a few months later, lol!)

Art printables are fun to create. And people enjoy them, especially when they are free. So I figure that art printables make a great addition to my blog. It’s like a win-win!

I also have an Etsy shop, so if you love cute & colorful printables, check it out! Most of the art is only $3.89- $5.00. It’s called Dream Dash Designs on Etsy.

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Frames for the 4 piece mandala printable art set

As you can see in the picture below, I framed each mandala printable in the 4 piece set in a separate white frame. I got my frames at Micheals.

mandala printable

To be honest with you, I should have gotten my husband to space the prints closer together when he hung them. (I leave the tough jobs to him LOL.)

You can find frames anywhere. I always like looking at Goodwill unless I’m in a hurry to decorate. (As I was.) Here are some more frames found on Amazon:

How to use the mandala printable art

You can print as many copies of the 4 piece mandala printables as you would like. You can frame and give the set as a gift if you want to. But please do not sell the printables.

This artwork would make a great gift for anyone with a boho or beachy style. The blues and greens are bright and are recommended for people who enjoy a little color!

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How to download and print

If you are unsure how to download the mandala printable art, here is a handy article about how to do so. Downloading and printing art from a website online is easy peasy.

As mentioned, this artwork looks best printed on slightly thicker cardstock-type paper. (Regular printer paper just won’t stand up to the job.)

Mandala Printable Art Set- 4 Piece Set

Download and print using the link below:

Mandala printable art


Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoy this free mandala printable wall decor! Making digital art is a passion of mine, along with blogging of course. I’m glad to be able to share my designs with you!

Please let me know what you think of this mandala art in the comments. And be sure to subscribe for more free printables and interesting, creative, and random blog articles!

mandala printable

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