Free Printable Homeschool Posters: How to Get an A in Homeschool

Have you ever wondered, (or has your child asked)- What does it take to get an A in homeschool?

In our house, an A in homeschool is earned by way of a positive mindset first and foremost. Having a positive mindset, combined with taking action to complete our learning each school day, is how we define success in homeschool. It’s how we earn an A!

Read more briefly on my homeschool philosophy and grab your free printable homeschool poster below- no email required! Chose from 2 different styles, (or get both!) then simply download and print.

free printable homeschool posters

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Mindset plus action equals homeschool success

The concept of mindset + action is what inspired me to create these free printable homeschool posters. So that whenever my daughter is struggling with her mindset or attitude, we can revisit the simple concepts I’ve outlined. I’ll call them the 4 pillars of homeschool success:

  • Positive self-talk
  • Integrity
  • Having fun
  • Taking action

The way I see it, these 4 pillars or principles describe success with homeschool in a holistic way.

If we can use these 4 concepts as our guiding principles, then we will accomplish our homeschool goals (or any goals!) and earn an A.

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Of course, we do not need to use letters such as A, B, C, etc. Homeschool is not public school! We have so much freedom. We don’t necessarily need grades. (The title language is really just for fun, the A being symbolic more than literal.) I’m using the idea of an A because my daughter is transitioning from public school.

What does homeschool success look like?

Homeschool success is more than completing a certain number of workbook pages, or learning multiplication tables at a certain speed. It can’t be defined by achievement alone. Ultimately, you have to define homeschool success for yourself.

I believe when learning is fun, interesting, and kids work with integrity, they are successful.

It is my belief that discipline will come naturally when we use these 4 pillars of success as our foundation of learning at home. These pillars are the base upon which discipline rests.

I know if my child is feeling good about her learning, doing her best and using integrity, learning from mistakes without crying over them, having fun, and taking action, then she will accomplish all that she needs to. Her motivation will come naturally. I tell her “It’s Ok to make mistakes, so please don’t worry. That is how you learn.” And I mean it.

With a positive mindset including these 4 pillars of homeschool, there is no doubt she will be successful. And she will “get an A” in homeschool.

Free Printable Homeschool Posters for Success

You can download and print either of these “How to get an A in homeschool” posters for free below, no email needed. They are each in size 8.5 x 11”. I hope you love these wall art prints!

How to Get an A in Homeschool Floral

free printable homeschool poster

How to Get an A in Homeschool Stripes

Free printable homeschooling poster

I had so much fun creating these free printable homeschool posters! They make wonderful wall art. I’ve got mine on the kitchen wall since we work at the counter a lot.

I am excited to start “officially” homeschooling in September (I’ve been unofficially homeschooling all summer.) I know that’s not a very long time, but I’m really starting to love it. Yes, my child complains, but that’s a big part of her growth and it will get better. The freedom we have to create and learn and have fun is just incredible.

How are you feeling about homeschooling? Is this your first year or are you more seasoned? Please comment below!

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