Trippy pictures

Free Trippy Pictures & Psychedelic Art {PDF Downloads!} 

Do you love trippy pictures and psychedelic art?

Then you will want to grab these 25 free psychedelic art prints!

These groovy printables are available as digital downloads in size 18″ x 24” which is a nice large poster size for your walls. Simply download, print, and hang.

The colorful trippy pictures I’m sharing with you today are perfect for your bedroom, dorm, living room, or any other cool space. They make good wall art or drawing inspiration. There are also some coloring pages included for you to enjoy.

Links for the free art can be found at the end of the article. Check it out!

Trippy pictures

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Here’s what’s included:

  • 5 Psychedelic art prints.
  • 5 Dark aesthetic trippy art prints.
  • 5 Light aesthetic trippy art prints.
  • 5 Trippy mushroom pictures
  • 5 Trippy Pictures to color or draw

Again, these poster prints are all size 18″ x 24.” They are perfect for hippies at heart, or anyone who likes colorful artwork.

25 Free Trippy Pictures

Psychedelic art

1. Groovy vortex.

trippy pictures
2. Cool trippy flower print.
trippy flower
3. Blurry psychedelic art.
trippy pictures
4. Melted smiley face.
trippy pictures smiley face

5. Trippy black & white checkers print.

trippy pictures

Dark aesthetic

1. Black and pastel vortex.

trippy pictures
2. Psychedelic eyeball attack.
trippy pictures
3. Trippy dark aesthetic butterflies.
trippy pictures
4. Black & yellow trippy smiley faces.
trippy pictures
5. Trippy abstract ripple.
trippy pictures

Bright and light aesthetic

1. Magical pink and blue vortex.

trippy pictures
2. Psychedelic trees.
trippy pictures
3. Swirly colorful abstract art.
trippy pictures
4. “Stay Trippy” rainbow vortex.
trippy pictures
5. Liquified psychedelic vortex.
trippy pictures

Trippy mushroom pictures

1. Colorful mushroom with a checkered background.

trippy pictures mushrooms
2. Mushrooms from another realm.
trippy pictures mushrooms
3. Mushroom trio blacklight-style poster.
trippy pictures mushrooms
4. Peace out mushrooms. 
Trippy pictures mushrooms
5. Invisible mushrooms which are slowly revealing their presence.
Trippy pictures mushrooms

Trippy pictures to draw or color

1. Trippy quotes and 60’s catchphrases.

trippy lettering

2. Swirly leaves coloring page.

trippy coloring page

3. Unicorn coloring page drawing inspiration.

trippy coloring page

3. Zebra-esque lines coloring page.

trippy pictures black and white
5. Abstract flowers and leaves coloring page.
trippy pictures to color

Download pictures here:

These are PDF files. Download all of them or just certain batches to get the print/s you like.

All 5 Psychedelic pictures

All 5 Dark aesthetic

All 5 Light aesthetic

All 5 Trippy mushroom pictures

All 5 Trippy Pictures to color or draw

Getting pictures printed

The download itself is entirely free. For inexpensive picture printing, you can go to any number of places in person including:

  • Fed ex
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Walgreens

Or have your trippy pictures printed & shipped directly to you using an online company such as:

  • Printify
  • Printed Mint
  • Uprinting
  • Printiful

What you can do with these trippy pictures

This art is for personal use only.

You can print as many copies as you want of any of this art to hang up, use in an art journal, color, draw, or use in any creative way you want.

You can also give any of the art away as a gift. And of course, feel free to share your favorites on social media.

But, please do not sell the art.

Want even more free art?

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Final thoughts

I hope you enjoy these colorful trippy pictures!

This was a fun article to compose. Creating and curating art collections is a joy. Especially colorful and groovy art.

You will find this psychedelic artwork easy to hang up as a collection for a gallery wall if you desire. Or, just print a few and hang them as posters separately.

These prints aren’t exactly traditional blacklight posters (since we can’t send that cool fuzzy black texture through the interwebs.) But they could still be hung with blacklight posters for a cool look.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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