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Free Vision Board Printables + Journal Prompts for Manifesting Your Dreams

If you enjoy working with a vision board to help manifest your dreams, you will love these 20 free vision board printables. Along with the printable vision board cards, get 20 related printable journal prompts to go with them! The vision board journal prompts will get you journaling in no time.

Download both the vision board cards and the journal prompts to help visualize and manifest your best life. I think you will enjoy the printable cards and journal prompts. They are so cute and inspiring. So have a look for yourself and see!

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vision board printables

About the vision board printables

These are printable vision board cards that feature positive sayings and “I am” quotes. Post them on your vision board next to your other inspirational images. (Or post them anywhere, such as your bathroom mirror or in your car.)

These vision board printables are so pretty that you will love to see and read them every day! The vision board cards feature pretty watercolor backgrounds, a cute font, and 20 inspirational messages.

As I’m sure you know if you’re familiar with how to use a vision board, reading positive sayings daily can help you train your thoughts to think more positively and to focus on what you want to create in your life. Focusing on what you want helps you manifest your most desired reality. Vision board printable quotes, especially in combination with images of your ideal life, can be an extremely powerful tool in manifesting your dream life.

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The vision board printables include:

  • Focus on the good
  • Enjoy today
  • Relax and breath
  • I am beautiful
  • I can and I will
  • Healthy and happy
  • I am love
  • I enjoy success
  • Peaceful thoughts
  • I am grateful
  • Love surrounds me
  • God is good
  • I am powerful
  • Just laugh
  • Say yes
  • Faith over fear
  • I am magical
  • Life is good
  • I am strong
  • Intuition guides me

These vision board printables have all good stuff and positive thoughts, just for you! Fill your mind with inspiration, get clear on your vision, and make your dreams come true!

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Download the PDF vision board printables here

Simply download and print these pretty cards, totally free!

Post the quote cards on your vision board or anywhere you like. And feel free to share with a friend. These vision board cards are 3” x 3” in size. Here is the link to download:

Free vision board printables

About the vision board journal prompts

These vision board journal prompts were specifically designed to accompany each vision board quote or “I am” statement.

There is one journal question for each vision board card. This is to help you start journaling a bit about each card’s statement or message.

Journaling about your vision board and what you are trying to manifest can help you figure out so much. Journaling helps you gain clarity of thought and understand what you really want versus what you don’t. It helps you identify blocks to success. And also discover what motivates and inspires you.

These vision board journal prompts are meant to be a starting point for journaling to manifest your dreams using a vision board. If you love journaling or journal prompts, please check out many more journal ideas on this website, and I also have a journaling book on Amazon!

Journal prompts book
Now on Amazon, check out The Ultimate Book of Journal Prompts!

20 Journal prompts for your vision board

You can read through the vision board journal prompts here. Find them available as a free PDF download using the link at the end of the 20 journal questions.

  1. What good things can you focus on today?
  2. What activities do you most enjoy?
  3. Name 5 things that make you feel completely relaxed.
  4. What are the most beautiful things about you?
  5. Describe your goals in life.
  6. How can you take better care of yourself?
  7. Describe your relationship with yourself.
  8. What does success mean to you?
  9. What are you most grateful for?
  10. List 10 peaceful thoughts.
  11. Describe what you love most about your closest friends and/or family.
  12. Where do you see evidence of God’s hand helping you in life?
  13. What are you manifesting?
  14. How can you add more humor to your life?
  15. What do you need to take a chance on?
  16. How can you strengthen your faith?
  17. Where do you see proof of magic in your life?
  18. What makes you happy?
  19. Name a few times you have been strong.
  20. How can you further develop your intuitive powers?

Free printable vision board journal prompts

Here is the link so you can download the printable vision board journal prompts. Enjoy!

20 Vision board journal prompts free printable

Concluding thoughts

I hope you enjoyed today’s freebies!

I enjoy designing pretty printable cards, art, and other graphics. Along with writing about positive thoughts and manifesting. So, I figured other people would enjoy the creations! In fact, creating these things for you is part of manifesting my entrepreneurial dreams as a blogger, artist, and writer. Win-win!

Using a vision board to manifest your dream life can be very powerful. Reading positive words and affirmations, along with viewing images of your ideal life is a great way to use The Law of Attraction to create your best life. Like attracts like, so if you are constantly focused on what you want, you are much more likely to attract, manifest, and create what you want. And not to mention that positive words and images are just inspiring to look at!

Please let me know what you think of the vision board printables and accompanying journal prompts in the comments below! And have a lovely day!

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