Future Self Journaling

25 “Future Self” Journal Prompts for the You of Tomorrow

Who is the you of tomorrow?

Using future self journal prompts is a fun way to begin writing about who you are becoming. Use them to think about your ideal future and create the best version of yourself.

Journaling is a wonderful way to gain insight into who you are and who you want to be. Journaling about the future helps you think about changes you would like to make in your life, goals you would like to reach, and much more. It’s an easy way to get clarity on all aspects of your life so you can create your ideal future self.

These 25 journal prompts will help you to identify how to feel like your best self so you can be the best version of yourself tomorrow, the next day, and the next. Download these journal prompts as a free PDF printable so you can journal them anytime you feel like it.

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How future self journaling works

Future self journaling helps you to brainstorm and plan for who you are becoming in the future.

Writing about your idea future self helps you identify experiences that you want, things you want to manifest, and your ideal lifestyle. But most importantly, future self journaling helps you envision who you want to evolve into as a person.

We all want to be the best version of ourselves. We aren’t perfect, and although it’s super important to practice self-acceptance, it’s also good to reach for the stars. This is your movie that you are directing and starring in. You create your reality, so might as well make it a good one!

So, without further wait, here are the future self journal prompts! Get the free printable journal prompts at the end of this article, along with some examples of how to write about your future self.

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25 Future Self Journal Prompts for the You of Tomorrow

  1. Describe what the best future version of you looks like.
  2. What does the best future version of you act like?
  3. What is your ideal future daily life like? Describe your ideal daily routine and work schedule.
  4. Describe what you love most about your future self? What are her best qualities?
  5. How do you want to feel on a daily basis? Name all the emotions you want to feel regularly as your ideal future you.
  6. What would the future you 2 years from now say to the now-time you? How about the you from 5 years into the future?
  7. What new hobbies or activities does your ideal future self engage in?
  8. What bad habits, negative tendencies, or self-destructive ways did your future self overcome?
  9. And now list the good habits your future self practices.
  10. How do you carry yourself as your ideal future self? What energy or vibes are you giving off?
  11. In the future, who are your closest friends and loved ones? Who are the new people you are attracting? Who are you letting go of?
  12. What surprises you most about your future self? How has she changed?
  13. How do you see your current problems coming to a resolution in the future?
  14. What good things continue to grow and evolve into the future?
  15. What new skills or knowledge does your future self have?
  16. Describe the most exciting aspects of living as your ideal future self.
  17. How is your health, mentally and physically, as your best future self?
  18. How does your best future self help or positively influence other people?
  19. Describe your ideal lifestyle in 1 year, 2 years, and 5 years.
  20. How has your ideal future self evolved spiritually?
  21. How has the ideal version of yourself in the future learned to cope with stress better?
  22. What are your finances like as your most ideal future self?
  23. Describe your home life as your ideal future self.
  24. What adventures do you take as your ideal future self?
  25. What do you love most about living in the future and what blows your mind.

Free printable future journal prompts

Grab your free printable future self journal prompts below:

Future self journaling prompts PDF printable worksheet

Feel free to share with a friend! Next up let’s discuss examples and how to do future self journaling.

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Future self journaling examples

When writing about the ideal you of the future, you can focus on many different areas of life. It’s ok to cover everything you can think of, from finances to love to health. There’s no such thing as thinking too big.

Here are some examples of how to write about your future self.

  • My future self is healthy and makes healthy, self-loving choices. She feels confident, energetic, and accepting of herself.
  • I am becoming a successful business owner making more money than I ever imagined.
  • My future self is in love with my ideal person. The future me says “Don’t worry, relax and know love is coming!”
  • I continue to grow into the woman I know I truly AM.
  • I am blessed beyond what I thought possible. My future self is in awe!

How to do future self journaling

To do future self journaling, simply find a quiet place that is free of distractions and begin. Pour your heart out, and hold nothing back.

Be completely honest with yourself, and don’t limit yourself in any way.

Know that if other people can create amazing futures, despite their struggles, so can you.

Let me give you a personal example. There was a time I wondered if I’d ever met the right person. I struggled so much in relationships. I was so sad and heartbroken by a past love, plus I was an absolute trainwreck in other ways.

But I journaled the future I saw for myself: Married, kids, write a book, have lots of BBQs, etc.

That was 15 years ago. I’ve been happily married now for almost 13 years, have 3 kids, a book, and BBQ frequently. You can have what you want too, my friend.

How mindset creates your future

Because you have the power to change your mindset, you have the power to change so much about your life. When you change your mindset, you change the energy you are giving off. And importantly, your actions and life choices change, too.

If you can hold a mostly positive mindset, then you can emit mostly positive energy. You can create a better reality with your choices and who you attract.

A positive mindset can help you grow into your ideal self. There’s a saying by Dr. Wayne Dyer (RIP) that says:

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Ultimately, you hold the key to being your best self. You can improve any aspect of your life. You can align with and manifest your desires.

So when journaling for your future self, you are journaling for the best version of you that you have the power to create starting right now, in this very moment.

Concluding thoughts for the future

Journaling about how to become your ideal future self can be incredibly powerful.

Planning and dreaming about your ideal future doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate things as they are. Or that there is anything wrong with you or your life now. It just means you love yourself and want to grow, evolve, and live to the fullest.

We all have plenty of room to grow because we are all infinite beings. Self-growth is a wonderful thing!

There is so much you can uncover about your hopes, dreams, and goals when you start to journal. In fact, journaling can be one of the most powerful practices to gain clarity and make progress in your life.

Journaling can help you manifest your ideal future self because journaling is akin to casting spells. That’s why writing is called “spelling.” So, why not cast yourself into a beautiful future?

I hope you enjoyed these 25 future self journaling prompts and that they gave you some inspiring ideas to write about. And please let me know what you think in the comments!

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