Green crystals and stones

31 Powerful Green Crystals and Stones: Healing Uses & Benefits

Green crystals and stones are beautiful products of nature that have many healing uses, benefits, and special qualities.

Most green crystals and stones are formed deep within the earth. They can often be found embedded in ancient river beds and other natural sites. Hot fluids and gases trapped deep within rock cool and solidify in time. This process forms some of our most precious gemstones, like diamonds. Other green crystals and stones are formed from compressed liquids and heat as a result of the earth’s movement.

Green crystals, with or without inclusions (traces or fragments of other minerals) are some of the most beautiful and coveted semi-precious stones or gemstones in the world. Many, such as the emerald, are incredibly valuable.

The magic of green crystals is deeply connected to the therapeutic powers of the earth. Over the years, these gems and stones have been assigned spiritual, emotional, or psychological meanings.

Today we will talk about the meaning of green crystals and stones, their uses, benefits, properties, and more. Discover 30 of the most powerful green crystals and stones to add to your collection. You’ll love diving into this list of green crystals and stones!

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Green crystals and stones

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What Makes Green Crystals Powerful?

Green crystals are powerful because of their association with health, wealth, and prosperity. The color green is thought to have a relaxing, confidence-building effect on people. It anchors us to the essentials of life that are found within our natural environment.

When it comes to green jewels, the wearer may feel a sense of equilibrium while the mood becomes more balanced and the heart-to-mind connection seems to be strengthened.

Green is the color of spring, ushering in new beginnings and new possibilities. When you wear green crystals and stones, you may feel a new vitality and renewed energy. Negative thoughts and sensations are calmed, while your mind is free of stray and unproductive ideas.

Green crystals and stones include some of the most powerful natural objects for good luck, inner healing, positive energy – and investing! Consider the fact that emerald, green topaz, Chrome Diopside, and Apatitie can fetch prices well over $100 per carat, while a green diamond with the right color intensity can cost over $50,000 per carat. Many green crystals are quite rare.

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Excellent Uses for Green Crystals

Light and dark green crystals

1. Green stones for good luck & abundance

Green stones and crystals are often worn for good luck with money, love, and relationships. Green crystals are thought to bring the wearer’s chakra into a state of abundance, especially the heart chakra. When it comes to reaching new heights in your financial or personal life, consider wearing green jade, garnet, citrine, Malachite, or Labradorite for luck in love, finances, or in daily life.

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2. Green crystals for inner peace and mental well being

Many ancient metaphysical traditions are aimed at promoting inner peace. And while many green gems are popular for their rarity as a collectible gemstone, most often they are worn for a sense of calmness and connectedness to nature that they seem to bring.

Unbridled emotional energy drains us of the energy we could be placed in other areas. When you wear green gemstones, there is a level of emotional cognition in which you tend to better recognize daily activities that would destroy your inner peace – and avoid them.

3. Green crystals for natural energy healing

Healing uses for crystals

The most popular green stones are worn for their energy-healing properties.

People who buy green stones and crystals are looking to support and invoke the positive energy of the earth. When we connect to nature by wearing dark green crystals like the deep blue-green of amazonite, turquoise, chrysocolla, and apatite – or the light green Prasiolite quartz, peridot, serpentine, and the green diamond, we bring important chakras into balance. These green stones and crystals nurture our relationships and bring our sense of hope and trust to life.

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4. Green gemstones to balance energies

The Chinese theory of yin and yang speaks of the interconnected forces within a person’s life that tend to be at odds. Green gemstones are said to promote this duality of the personality and the spirit so that the person is more receptive to good energy.

In this fast-paced, modern world, it is important to reduce stress, boost energy, and improve your mood, all metaphysical energies that, when increased, can override the challenges in life.

5. Green stones as rare & valuable collectibles

Finally, there is great excitement to be had in collecting green crystals and green stones. Consider the green diamond and particularly large emeralds, which are both rare and collectible.

One example is the green emerald and diamond-encrusted choker that belonged to Princess Diana and was later worn by Princess Kate.

There’s also Elizabeth Taylor’s Bulgari emerald and diamond pendant brooch, given to her by Richard Burton. And don’t forget Catherine the Great’s Emerald Necklace weighs over 75 carats and was part of the Russian imperial collection for more than 100 years.

There are many examples of green crystals and stones that are collectible, valuable, and treasured for their history and the fame of the wearer. Just having a green crystal or stone in your collection can aid you in feeling a thrilling sense of excitement, wealth, and celebrity.

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31 Powerful Green Crystals and Stones for Your Collection

1. Green Diamond

One of the rarest jewels in the world is a green diamond. These ancient and precious gems are just like regular diamonds, except they have been exposed to radioactive minerals or they can be lab produced by irrigating diamonds with a radioactive fluid. In nature, these green diamonds were likely displaced from their underground homes by volcanic eruptions or severe earthquakes.

If you can afford a green diamond, expect it to feature the same healing effects as a clear diamond. Green crystals can restore energy, delay aging, and promote emotional feelings of joy and happiness.

2. Emerald


Emerald is worn for its value, historical significance, beauty, and healing effects. It is a common jewelry gift that signifies love, passion, and appreciation. Wear emerald which is a crystal that promotes success in romance and love, to promote loyalty in your domestic life. These rich green crystals are very popular for bringing harmony to all areas of one’s life by enhancing psychic abilities such as clairvoyance.

If you need to eliminate negativity in your relationships, wear emerald jewelry, which was thought to treat malaria, cholera, and dysentery in ancient times. Today, it is known for returning vibrancy and exuberance to romantic relationships.

3. Green Apatite

Green apatite is a happy stone with the true colors of nature that range from a deep forest green to a light lime green color. This common mineral is found in rocks all around the world, but it is most common in Morocco. When it comes to both dark green stones and light green stones, green apatite has significant powers that evoke healthy habits and the desire to live life to its fullest.

Green apatite is thought to heal negative emotions such as guilt and shame, while also promoting happy thoughts. It’s one of the best green crystals and stones for enhancing positive emotion.

Physical healing can be found when wearing jewelry made with green apatite for those illnesses connected with the heart, such as heart attack, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

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4. Green Zircon

Green zircon is beneficial to all the chakras that rule the body and mind. The brilliant green luster of this zircon mineral is stunning when set in gold or silver jewelry. Green zircon is thought to balance and support overworked adrenal glands whose job it is to regulate sleep, stress, blood pressure, and produce hormones that support metabolism.  

Wear green zircon crystal jewelry to not only combat evil spiritual forces but to also gather your unused energies and put them to work for insights into love and romance. Differences melt away and partners are better able to see the other’s point of view when wearing these dark green crystals.

5. Peridot

Green peridot

Peridot is a medium-light green crystal that is worn for detoxing the liver, regulating body temperature, strengthening the adrenal system, and for overall improvement of physical health. Peridot is found in ancient lava fields found around Egypt, meteorites, and the beds within the Red Sea. This “gem of the sun” has a transparent, yellowish-green luminosity that is lovely and stunning.

When you need to regulate your internal thoughts against the external world, wearing a peridot helps you embrace the things you may be resisting and tends to create a more harmonious balance between humans and their environment.

6. Jadeite

Jadeite is a rarer form of jade stone and it is a much harder stone. Some of the most intricate jade carvings were made of large jadeite stones found in metamorphic rocks under high pressure. These large deposits found in Burma, Japan, Guatemala, and California are highly valued.

Jadeite often serves as a cabochon set in rings and pendants. Wearing this opaque, smooth green stone is thought to cleanse the kidneys and enhance the body’s entire waste filtration system. It is also a powerful energy healer, enabling the wearer to make their own luck and diminish fears of failure. And one of the best on this list of green crystals and stones for confidence.

7. Green Chrysoberyl

Green chrysoberyl is a yellowish-green mineral crystal that ranges from being totally transparent to translucent. While this crystal is related to both ruby and sapphire, there is a rare variety called Alexandrite that can actually appear to change color, appearing green in the sun and raspberry red at night. 

Wear or carry green chrysoberyl to support self-care, self-healing and to ward off negativity. This gem enables the wearer to think more clearly and evokes compassion and philanthropy, while also encouraging forgiveness. If you need to change negative thoughts to positive energy, then wear a green chrysoberyl pendant, ring, or earrings.

8. Turquoise

Green turquoise

Turquoise stone makes for some of the most unique jewelry, especially turquoise pendants. When it comes to green gemstones, turquoise is a powerful performer in the throat chakra, making communication and verbal expression much easier and more clear. Turquoise is found when mineral-rich water seeps into the gaps of rock. The result is a blue-green stone with copperish veins running throughout.

Wear turquoise jewelry to become more open to manifesting love and other relationships, while also removing the words defeat or failure from your vocabulary. You feel calmer and more at ease when wearing turquoise, so your projects are more likely to succeed. Turquoise is also thought to be protective.

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9. Fire Opal

It may be surprising to think of the fire opal when it comes to green stones, but in addition to the warm orange, yellow, and red coloring, it will have flashes of bright green.

Mexico is a famous source of fire opals with the most brilliant play of colors. The Mexican fire opal brings powerful and positive attributes to life to those wearing it. It is thought to physically heal the kidneys and lower back, while also stimulating the sexual organs.

Carry a fire opal to be delivered from the memories of negative sexual experiences, while also boosting the self-esteem of those who lack self-confidence or tend to be shy. Fire opal is most commonly used to promote healthy sexuality, but it can also be a way to attract more customers or new friends.

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10. Green Sapphire

Green sapphire

Sapphire is a common stone and is found in a range of colors, including the popular blue sapphire. But, it is the green sapphire gemstone that is highly rare and precious, especially when it comes to green stones and crystals.

Wearing a green sapphire necklace, ring, or earrings will certainly add an air of dignity and integrity to the wearer. The green sapphire stone evokes natural attributes of loyalty and trust.

The rare green sapphire gemstone can help the wearer develop more patience and tolerance by filling the heart with compassion and understanding.

11. Grandidierite

This dark blue-green gemstone is rare when it is found in its most transparent form, and grandidierite is very collectible as an investment. If you’re lucky enough to possess one, expect it to uplift and balance your life. If you have a public speaking engagement or some leadership function, then wearing grandidierite will greatly improve your communication skills.

Grandidierite that is more translucent will seem to display 3 different colors, from dark blue-green to colorless to dark green, depending on the viewing angle. Wearing this stone will not only improve your communications with others, it is thought to also improve communications between the heart and mind of the wearer. It’s perhaps one of the best on this list of green crystals and stones for increasing self-knowledge.

12. Paraiba Tourmaline

The vivid, yet transparent paraiba tourmaline gemstone has a lovely blue-green shade. This rare stone is unmatched for its beauty due to elements of copper.

Many choose paraiba tourmaline for its spiritual awakening or healing properties since it is believed that the intense glow from the stone can light up the recesses of the soul. If any bitterness or resentment is in the heart, paraiba tourmaline encourages forgiveness.

Paraiba tourmaline also has many physical benefits, such as being effective in treating injury or disease of the throat, glands, eyes, stomach, and teeth. It can also increase thyroid performance by cleansing the organs and optimizing metabolism.

13. Green Tourmaline

Green tourmaline

Often mistaken for emerald, green tourmaline, also known as Verdelite, rejuvenates one’s life force energies and inspires the heart for love.

If you’re struggling with self-esteem issues or struggling with making important decisions, green tourmaline taps into both emotional self-healing and boosts creative brain power. You’ll be able to look past minor problems, while also identifying the origin of major traumas in one’s life.

Wear green tourmaline to become calmer while also expanding your awareness of which is the best path to take in life. Amid many distractions, green tourmaline can offer laser focus in your pursuits.

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14. Serendibite

If you’re looking for extremely rare green stones with an appeal of exclusivity, then Serendibite gemstones are a luxurious choice. Not only does serendibite offer greater peace of mind, but this beautiful crystal is also renowned for its one-of-a-kind intricate structure. Serendibite enhances your personality, and promotes your effort to achieve new levels, while also reducing stress.

Many celebrities and professional athletes wear serendibite crystal jewelry to enhance their luck, boost concentration, and reduce their stress levels. For greater peace of mind, carrying this pretty precious green stone can be beneficial.

15. Tsavorite Green Garnet

These medium-dark green crystals are said to increase mental strength and confidence, while also allowing the wearer to be more relaxed emotionally.

Tsavorite green garnet is found mainly in Tanzania, Kenya, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan. Like other garnets, it is strongly connected to love principles, so wearing them can improve relationships with your partner. 

Tsavorite garnet is the most expensive and rare garnet stone you can find, so owning one can be a collectible investment. This garnet is a stone of abundance and wellbeing, so placing it anywhere on the body while meditating may improve physical health and manifest desires.

16. Demantoid Garnet

The transparent demantoid garnet has a high, diamond-like luster, which is why it is often called the Star of Garnets. This wonderfully brilliant gem is another valuable form of garnet with a color that can range from yellowish green to a dark-brownish green. Wear the demantoid garnet to remove obstacles in your love life and keep a balanced cohesiveness in your marriage.

The demantoid garnet also may have physical benefits such as potentially clearing blocked arteries, aiding weight loss, improving eyesight and reinforcing the immune and respiratory systems. If you are challenged with arthritis or rheumatism, then carrying these light green crystals can be beneficial.

17. Alexandrite

Green Alexandrite

The Alexandrite gemstone is dense green normally, but hold it under an incandescent lightbulb or candlelight and you’ll see reflections of blood-red fire. Consider the metaphysical properties of this emerald-like gemstone, such as emotional balance, creativity, greater intuition, and more confidence. It is said that Alexandrite gives one a closer connection to their life’s beginnings and a better understanding of the soul.

Physical healing includes a positive effect on the pancreas and spleen, stronger blood vessels, purification of the blood, and regeneration of neurological tissue at the cellular level.

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18. Chrome Tourmaline

This valuable and highly sought-after crystal features rich green color, complex geometry, and amazing sparkle. Chrome Tourmaline has many powerful properties and many uses. Mentally, chrome tourmaline increases wisdom and insight, with better reasoning when it comes to following through on decisions that are best suited for us, instead of what others expect.

Physically, chrome tourmaline can be used to help the immune system, and will relax the body by dispelling anxiety and fears, while also helping to alleviate pain.

19. Chrome Diopside

It is the chromium in Chrome Diopside that gives it a rich green color, but the diopside crystal has many healing properties. It is known to encourage the desire to learn, while also treating headaches, helping with detoxification from substance abuse, and can take one more compliant and less aggressive. Green diopside is connected to the heart chakra and can regulate blood pressure and relieve headaches.

The deep forest green color of Chrome Diopside (also called the Russian Emerald) emits an energy that can unblock negative energy, making it easier for the heart and lungs to function.

20. Green Topaz

Green topaz

Green topaz is found in a wide range of medium to light green crystals, making it more adaptable to a wider range of metaphysical benefits. This destiny stone is said to tie a person’s present life back to past lives, especially when ancient karma is being manifested in current incarnations. Green Topaz is a revealing crystal that may heal by opening awareness to even harsh truths.

Of all the green stones and crystals, green topaz is most connected to negative sorcery and witchcraft. Unfortunately, because of this history, there may be some dark associations. But, that’s not the fault of the stone itself which was created by God.

Wearing a green topaz can bring joy, enlightenment, generosity, and good health. It’s also a good crystal to use for tarot readings.

21. Chrysoprase

Chrysoprase is one of many light green gemstones that has strong detoxing effects by helping to eliminate waste and poison from the body and wasteful thoughts from the mind. If you want to be more relaxed, more calm, and enjoy a more peaceful night’s rest, Chrysoprase is a good crystal for sleep. For weak eyesight or hormonal imbalances, sleep with a chrysoprase stone under your pillow at night for improvement.

Chrysoprase is said to be a one-stop-solution gemstone as it helps anyone recuperate from any illness, while also instilling a sense of security and trust in your home and in your relationships.

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22. Prasiolite

Prasiolite, also known as green quartz, is actually a green variety of quartz crystals that is found mostly in a small Brazilian mine. The stone can be extremely translucent, so it is often substituted for more expensive precious green stones and crystals in jewelry settings.

The prasiolite stone is coveted for eliminating negative emotions and manifesting love and joy in those who wear it. If your desire is to live life in the moment and attract healthier relationships, then keep prasiolite nearby.

Prasiolite is used by many holistic healers to cleanse the body and assist in healing by allowing the body to more fully absorb nutrients.

23. Prehnite

Calm your environment and allow peace and protection to reign by placing prehnite crystals around the home.

Prehnite enhances inner knowing or precognition, which is why many healers wear it themselves. This lovely green gemstone can also work to relax hyperactive children or to help anyone better remember their dreams. Physically, prehnite can repair connective tissue after a sports injury, and heal chest and lung, and kidney and bladder dysfunction.

Keep prehnite crystals around the home to reduce infections in all family members during cold and flu season.

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24. Jade

Jade rings

In Chinese cultures, jade green gemstones are associated with wealth and nobility. In ancient China, powdered jade was mixed with water for medicinal purposes, and it was thought if ingested right before death, it would prevent the decomposition of the body. There are different jade compositions made of minerals like sodium, calcium, titanium, manganese, magnesium, iron, silicon, aluminum, hydrogen, and oxygen, along with water. 

Wear jade jewelry to protect yourself from negative energy, as it is a symbol of purity and serenity. It is also a protective stone that increases feelings of nurturing, love, and sufficiency.

25. Amazonite

Amazonite is a dense, blue-green stone that is worn to unblock the nervous system and dissipate negative energy.  This stone is a gentle healer, quietly assisting with many ailments from thyroid gland problems to alcoholism. This teal-green stone is soulful and can act as a talisman for hope and honesty. Magnify your intentions with a can-do attitude for all your projects by wearing an Amazonite amulet.

Amazonite is very beneficial to the skeletal system, helping with osteoporosis, and reducing tooth decay, calcium deficiency, and calcium deposits.

26. Bloodstone

The mineral, heliotrope, better known as bloodstone is believed to be a powerful blood cleanser, while also offering energetic protection and grounding energy. Dispel any chaotic energy and make better decisions in relationships by wearing this dark green stone with flecks of red around your neck.

If your desire is to have a more stimulating dream life, then Bloodstone’s geopathic powers help create an environment of idealism and creativity while sleeping.

Bloodstone is said to assist in treating HIV/Aids and many blood-related cancers. The stone may neutralize toxins and stimulate the healing of infections and inflammation in the body.

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27. Green Fluorite

Green Fluorite

Sometimes called the “genius stone”, green fluorite has metaphysical properties such as physical balance and stability and is worn to promote those same proprieties in the body, spirit, and soul. This green opaque crystal has strong vibrations in the same range as brain cells, so it has connections to mental intelligence and cognitive abilities.

Keep green fluorite near to promote peace in both the mind and body and to experience clearer thinking, especially when you need to make sense of a confusing situation.

28. Prehnite

For those who wish to strengthen their dream state, then consider placing a prehnite crystal near your bed before sleep. Prehnite is a translucent stone formed in the veins and cavities of volcanic rock. It often features cat-eye details around its bubbly and sometimes smooth form. 

When you desire a calmer and more peaceful existence, along with bone, teeth, hair, and nail health support, then choose prehnite crystal which is thought to balance the lymph and circulatory system, clearing it of toxins and moving the waste from the body more efficiently. Of all the green crystals and stones, this one may be the least heard of, but it’s nonetheless a great choice.

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29. Zoisite

We will all experience times of grief and mourning. When life situations turn unfortunate, then placing zoisite crystals around the home can clear negative attachments and open a path for eternal and divine love.

Certain negative mindsets such as boredom and lack can be reduced with the zoisite stone which replaces these emotions with appreciation, vitality, and happiness.

When you have difficulty surrendering your will to divine purpose, Zoisite can be a breath of light that redirects your thoughts and emotions to higher planes.

30. Moldavite 

If you’re looking for a rare precious stone with extraterrestrial connections, then consider Moldavite.

This evergreen crystal is from the Tektite group of minerals – those which have no clear formulation history. It is found in molten strata layers deep beneath the Earth’s surface. Moldavite has only been discovered in a few places where it takes significant expense to mine.

This magnificent and mysterious gemstone has an intense vibration formed from cosmic flame and otherworldly forces. It may cause a burning sensation in the hand, but it is thought to help align an individual’s future with success by cleansing the spirit and healing old spiritual wounds.

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31. Green Aventurine

For a wide range of mental benefits, consider wearing aventurine stone jewelry to improve creativity and imagination. This stone is said to also have anti-inflammatory benefits that can heal skin eruptions, assist in allergies, reduce migraine pain, and even soothe tired, dry eyes.

Most green and blue-green aventurine is found in India with inclusions that can give it an almost silvery appearance. In addition to jewelry, this beautiful, hard stone is used as landscape stone, in monuments, and in aquariums. Green Aventurine is said to neutralize electronic pollution, so expect a calmer home when computers and televisions are whirring.

The true power of green crystals and stones

Green crystals

Many green gemstones are collectible and rare, while others can be an investment. But the power of green crystals and stones is not in their dollar value alone.

In addition to the monetary value, green crystals and stones are prized for their ability to promote spiritual, emotional, and physical healing. Stressful days become easier, small pains disappear, and family and friends seem to relate better. 

The true power of green crystals may indeed be in how strongly the wearer believes in their magic and energy. Some people who hold green stones and crystals say they feel sensations such as heat or a tingling vibration. Others say they feel an instant connection with ancestors, spirit guides, or the Divine.

Maybe it is the history of green crystals, which date back to the Middle Ages, that gives them a certain mystique. Maybe before we lost out knowledge of magic, magic was used as regularly as technology is today, and perhaps green crystals and stones played a special role.

Whatever your reason for using green stones and crystals, there is no denying that they are some of the most beautiful and fascinating jewels the earth has to offer.

Final thoughts

Wear, carry, or decorate your home with both dark green crystals and light green crystals for unparalleled beauty and many metaphysical benefits. Enjoy all your chosen stones and crystals have to offer, and be open to receiving the positive energy they provide you.

I hope you enjoyed reading this list of 30 powerful green crystals and stones. There are so many incredible choices when it comes to beautiful green crystals, gemstones, and semi-precious stones. Each one holds unique energy capable of assisting you in your life’s journey in many magical ways.

Please let me know your favorites in the comments, and have a lovely day!

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