Hag Stone Meanings, Uses, & Where to Find Them

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Do you love collecting rocks and crystals? As of yet, does your collection include a hag stone?

Hag stones make an excellent addition to your rock and crystal lot. Not only are they rare to find, but hag stones have magical folklore. They are really quite fascinating.

If you’ve just recently heard of hag stones, then you’re probably intrigued by the history and folklore surrounding them. And you may want to seek one out in the near future. Finding a hag stone is super exciting.

Let’s learn all about hag stones; their meaning, where to find them, and how to use them.

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Hag Stones

What are hag stones

Hag stones are stones with naturally occurring holes going all the way through them. These stones form in nature over time, commonly by water erosion. Think of a stream of water cascading into a rock for many years, eventually wearing a hole straight through. 

Hag stones also go by the names fairy stones, adder stones, witch stones, serpent stones, oddin stones, or serpent eggs to name a few. They are highly coveted by witches and magical practitioners for their powerful water energy, along with their many magical properties.

Hag stones have been used since ancient times for spiritual protection, healing, luck, to glimpse the faerie realms, uncloak witches in disguise, and more. Their use and folklore originate from the Druids of pre-Rome Britain.

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Hag stone meaning and symbolism

Hag stones are considered to be a stone of good luck. They symbolize protection, good health, abundance, and strength.

In addition to being lucky, many believe that finding a hag stone is symbolic of wisdom.

If you find a hag stone, it means you are wise and powerful enough to have possession of it. Moreover, manifesting a hag stone is a spiritual sign of your maturity. 

No doubt, hag stones are a rare find. In fact, they say a hag stone finds you, and not the other way around. If you find a hag stone during Samhain, (October 31st) then even better luck is with you. (And indeed it is best to find, rather than to purchase, a hag stone.)

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Hag stone history and folklore

The name “hag stone” originates from the ancient belief that many illnesses were caused by hags, meaning witches.

Hag stones were believed to ward off these witches and were used traditionally for protection from them.

Hag stones were thought to cure or prevent any illness conjured by a witch since dark spells cannot be cast in moving water. And the stones contain powerful water flow energy.

Ancient Brits believed that only good things can pass through the hole, while evil cannot fit. And only positive intentions manifest by way of a hag stone.

It is said that by looking through a hag stone, you can spot a witch in disguise. You can “uncloak” her, so to speak, and cripple her powers in doing so. Additionally, it’s been said that looking through a hag stone allows you to glimpse faerie worlds, or peer into the future. 

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Traditional uses for hag stones

Traditionally, hag stones were placed outside a house, within the walls of a house, above door frames, above windows, in barns, and in other spots around the home for spiritual protection.

Regarding their placement in doorways and above windows, it was thought that witches were at their weakest when passing through doorways and windows, and hag stones could block them from entering.

In times of old, people also carried hag stones in their pockets or handbag for good luck.

Families would use hag stones for fertility, to promote good health, and to protect themselves and their animals from sickness and death. What’s more, hag stones were used in barns as protection from horse thievery. Hag stones were also used to thwart swindlers and other thieves.

Sailors would hang hag stones on their boats to protect them from sea witches and storms. It was thought that hag stones would keep the men safe at sea and manifest an abundant catch.

Furthermore, it was said that peering through a hag stone would allow a glimpse into the spirit realm, and even aid in communication with faeries.

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Where to find hag stones

Hag stones can be found in coastal areas, especially rock and gravel beaches and near water inlets.  A good time to look is after a storm when interesting things tend to wash ashore. You may want to dig around a bit.

I just found my first hag stone about a year ago on the beach in South Florida. There was a jetty nearby. I’d had my eyes open for a hag stone for a few years, and finally found one! Several of them, actually. 

Traditional ways to use hag stones

Some historical ways to use hag stones include:

  • Hang them over your bed to protect from bad dreams and spirits messing with your sleep.
  • Hang a hag stone above your doorway to ward off dark energy, witches, and spirits entering your home.
  • Wear the stone around your neck as a pendant to stay well and avoid sickness.
  • For sailors, use to ward off sea witches and protect from storms.
  • Tie it to your keys to not lose them.
  • Keep in your pocket for good luck.
  • Peep the fairy realm and glimpse the future.
  • Hang in your barn to protect your animals.
  • Wear to encourage fertility.

More ways to use hag stones

  • During meditation for greater insight and wisdom.
  • To connect with spirit guides, faeries, and ancestors.
  • As a divination tool.
  • Incorporate into a dreamcatcher.
  • For astral travel.
  • As protection from bad dreams and to empower nighttime prayers.
  • Keep nearby when recovering from illness.
  • For spells, manifestation, and magical rituals.
  • For inner healing and shadow work.

Final thoughts

Hag stones are truly special rocks. Those seeking unique additions to their rock and crystal collections may find hag stones quite desirable. As well as folks interested in magic, folklore, and mystery 

If you are near the ocean, keep your eyes open for hag stones. But, even if you live inland, you never know when you might spot a hag stone. One could appear just about anywhere if it wanted you to find it. 

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments, and have a lovely day!

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  1. I have hundreds of hag stones they find me a drive-by beaches, and they called me water that runs through giant ones I found that water will bless you and give you good luck for life I’m on TikTok as Westcider

  2. I found a very special hagstone last year walking along a river by my work my name starts with a D and I found a hagstone in the shape of the letter D that’s when I knew it was specially meant for me and when I saw it I took a deep breath.

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