Hag Stone

Hag Stones Meaning, History, Magic, Folklore & Uses

Hag stones, which are unique stones with naturally occurring holes, are a captivating addition to any rock and crystal collection.

These rare finds have a rich history steeped in fascinating magical folklore, making them a source of intrigue for those exploring the realms of symbolism and mysticism.

If you’ve only recently discovered hag stones, you’re likely eager to learn of their meaning, traditional uses, and mystical significance.

Hag stones have an enthralling history and magical folklore. whether you’re a seasoned collector or a newcomer to the world of hag stones, this comprehensive guide will provide you with a deeper understanding of their allure, magic, and many fascinating uses.

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Hag Stones

What is a Hag Stone?

Hag stones are stones with naturally occurring holes going all the way through them. These stones form in nature over time, commonly by water erosion. Think of a stream of water cascading into a rock for many years, eventually creating a natural hole through the stone.

Hag stones also go by different names including:

  • Adder stones
  • Witch stones
  • Fairy stones
  • Odin stones
  • Wishing stones
  • Holy stones
  • Eye stones
  • Glain Neidr
  • Serpent stones
  • Snake eggs
  • Serpent eggs.

Hag stones are coveted by witches and magical practitioners for their powerful water energy, along with their many magical properties.

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Hag Stone Meaning and Symbolism

Considered a sacred object, the hag stone meaning is tethered to power, protection, and strength.

Stones with a naturally occurring hole are believed to bring good health, abundance, and good fortune to those who possess them.

These unique stones are particularly known for their ability to ward off the evil eye, protect from witches, and ward off evil spirits.

Furthermore, the discovery of a hag stone is often regarded as a symbol of wisdom and power. Finding such a stone is seen as a testament to one’s wisdom and inner strength, signifying their deserving possession of this unique and revered artifact.

How Rare are Hag Stones?

Hag stones are exceptionally rare. Many people believe that a hag stone will seek you out, rather than the other way around. The rarity of finding a hag stone adds to their mystique, as such stones are often seen as precious treasures bestowed upon those deemed worthy.

Interestingly, discovering a hag stone is considered even more lucky when the discovery occurs during Samhain, which falls on October 31st. Samhain is a Celtic festival marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter, and it is steeped in ancient folklore and traditions. Finding a hag stone during this auspicious time is believed to bring an abundance of good luck and blessings to the fortunate discoverer.

It is best to stumble upon a hagstone, rather than purchase one. The act of serendipitously encountering a hag stone is a blessing from the natural world, which is why finding a hag stone is so meaningful and magical.

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Hag Stone History and Folklore

Hag stones have a connection to various regions in Old Europe through their folklore and traditional uses. In many parts of Europe, including the British Isles, France, and Germany, hag stones have a long history of being regarded as protective, lucky, and magical.

The term “hag stone” finds its roots in the ancient belief that many ailments were attributed to hags, meaning witches. These stones were not just relics of superstition but were actively employed as protective talismans against witchcraft.

Hag stones were believed to possess the ability to ward off witches and protect individuals from their malevolent influence. This protection was linked to the belief that dark spells could not be cast in the presence of moving water, and hag stones, with their naturally occurring holes, were seen as conduits of powerful water flow energy.

Moreover, ancient Britons held the conviction that only positive forces could pass through a holey stone, while negative entities were barred entry. This notion extended to the idea that only positive intentions could manifest through a hag stone.

Furthermore, it was believed that peering through the hole of a hag stone could reveal the true identity of a witch in disguise, effectively stripping her of her cloaking powers and exposing her for what she was.

Hag Stones and Fairies

In addition to being used as protection from witches, hag stones were believed to possess the power to provide glimpses into the fairy realm.

It was thought that by peering through the hole in a hag stone, one could perceive the hidden world of fairies and other magical beings that exist alongside our own. The hole in the stone was seen as a portal or window into the supernatural realm, allowing humans to catch a fleeting glimpse of the enchanting and ethereal creatures that inhabit it.

In folklore, people would often carry or hang hag stones in their homes, gardens, or around their necks as protective talismans. It was believed that these stones not only allowed one to see fairies but also served as a barrier against their mischief and malevolence. In this way, hag stones were not only used for curiosity and fascination but also for practical purposes, offering a connection to the fairy world while safeguarding against unwanted interactions with these unpredictable beings.

Hag Stones and Snake Bites

According to Welsh and Celtic traditions, hag stones, known as “Glain Neidr” or “Snake’s Egg,” were believed to protect against snake bites and venom. It was thought that these stones, with their natural holes resembling the patterns on snake eggs, had a strong connection to serpents and their symbolism.

The belief in their protective qualities stemmed from the idea that hag stones could counteract the harmful effects of snake venom. In essence, they were seen as talismans capable of warding off the dangers associated with snakes.

While the exact mechanisms of this protection were not always clearly defined, hag stones were considered a potent safeguard against the potential harm and bad luck inflicted by snakes, reflecting the deep-rooted reverence for nature and its protective elements in Celtic and Welsh folklore.

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Traditional Uses for Hag Stones

1. Household Protection

Traditionally, hag stones were placed inside and outside homes, to serve as protective talismans. Hag stones were used to guard against negative energies and malevolent forces, including witches and evil spirits.

These stones were often passed down through generations, becoming cherished family heirlooms used to manifest good things such as vibrant health and fertility.

2. Doorway and Window Guards

When hung in doorways and above windows, a holed stone was believed to deter witches from entering, as these openings were considered places where witches were at their weakest.

Because witches were believed to struggle to traverse these specific spaces, people believed hanging hag stones in these areas would stop any witches from entering.

3. Health, Wellness, and Good Luck

Carrying hag stones in pockets or as amulets was thought to maintain personal health, protecting against illnesses and misfortune. People often carved intricate designs or symbols on their hag stones to amplify their positive and protective energies. It was also common to use a hag stone as a wishing stone or good luck charm.

4. Safeguards for Sailors

Sailors hung hag stones on their fishing boats to protect against sea witches and storms, ensuring a safe voyage and a bountiful catch. These stones were held in high regard since they were believed to calm turbulent waters and aid in spiritual protection at sea.

5. Dream Protection

Another common belief was that hag stones safeguarded against nightmares and malevolent spirits. It was customary to cleanse and recharge hag stones periodically to maintain their effectiveness.

6. Key Keepers

Hag stones served a practical purpose as well as being connected to folk magic. Tying keys to this type of stone was thought to prevent the keys from getting lost.

7. Pocket Charms

Carrying a hag stone in one’s pocket was considered a source of good luck and constant personal protection. Many believed that the hole in the stone served as a conduit to attract positive energy.

8. Fairy Seeing

As mentioned, hag stones were used for seeing fairies. Peering through the middle of the stone was believed to provide a view into the fairy realm.

9. Divination

Looking through a hag stone was also thought to reveal glimpses of the future, making them powerful tools for divination.

10. Barn Guardians for Animals

Hag stones were hung in barns to protect livestock from harm and ensure their well-being. Their presence was seen as a form of insurance against illnesses and mishaps that could affect farm animals.

10. Fertility Aids

Some women wore hag stones as protective amulets to aid in fertility, believing they could ward off a witch’s hex of barrenness and encourage pregnancy. These stones were often gifted to newlyweds as symbols of good fortune and prosperity.

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Where to Find Hag Stones

Hag stones can be found in many coastal areas, including along rocky beaches and near water inlets. You might also search in a river bed.

A good time to look for a hag stone is after a storm when interesting things tend to wash ashore.

If you must purchase a hag stone, you might consider purchasing through an individual on Etsy who found the stone themselves.

Final Thoughts

Hag stones hold a unique allure for those passionate about rock and crystal collections and for those fascinated by the realms of magic, folklore, and mystery. Who wouldn’t want a magical stone in their collection, after all?

If you are near coastal water, keep your eyes open for hag stones. But, even if you live inland, don’t be dismayed. You never know when you might find a hag stone. One could appear just about anywhere if it wanted you to find it.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments, and have a lovely day!

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