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31 Home Journal Prompts to Better Your Home {PDF Included}

Try these simple home journal prompts to better your home. They’ll help you imagine ways to make your home look and feel its very best! {Free PDF included!}

Have you thought much about how to create a beautiful, calming home environment? 

Making your home a sanctuary away from the stress of the world is a worthwhile project. For yourself as well as your family and anyone who visits.

You don’t need a ton of money or time to create a happy home you enjoy. Anyone can take small steps to begin improving their home. Homemaking and many forms of home improvement can be easy and inexpensive.

With some deep thinking about your home preferences, some organization, and decluttering, you will be surprised at how much you can improve your home environment. 

home journal prompts

Here are some journaling questions to help you brainstorm what would improve your home and what your ideal home environment feels like. There are also basic decorating questions, as well as mindset questions to help you analyze your thoughts and feelings regarding your home.

Let’s dive in, and you can grab the PDF printable journal prompts at the end!

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31 Home Journal Prompts to Better Your Home

  1. What do you love most about your home, and what are you most grateful for?
  2. What do you most want to change about your home?
  3. Write a list of areas to declutter in your home.
  4. Name 10 specific things to donate or throw away.
  5. What new items do you need? Make a list.
  6. What colors do you like?
  7. What textures and shapes?
  8. What décor style do you prefer? For instance, mid-century modern, Farmhouse, Victorian. {It’s ok if you like many styles, or if you’re unsure!}
  9. Write about anything stopping you from home decorating or homemaking projects (such as money, needed repairs, upgrades, cleaning, or decluttering.)
  10. Why is a nice home important or not important to you?
  11. What less-than-ideal home characteristics or issues can you live with?
  12. What needs to change immediately?
  13. Describe the energy of your home.
  14. How are the relationships in your home?
  15. How is the community and neighborhood you live in?
  16. What is your ideal home?
  17. Can you create or have your ideal home? Why or why not? When? How? 
  18. How does your home make you feel currently? 
  19. How well does your home support the following: Adequate sleep, rest, relaxation, social time, family time, quiet time, cooking healthy food, reading, fitness, education/personal growth, spirituality.
  20. Name a few places you’ve always wanted to live.
  21. What is your mindset regarding moving and changing your living situation, if you have any desire to?
  22. Describe any stress in your home. If present, how can it be neutralized or changed? Can the problems be solved or dissolved?
  23. What do you need your home to provide for you?
  24. List 10 activities you enjoy doing at home.
  25. List a few activities you would like to do at home that you currently can’t or don’t do.
  26. Is there anything blocking you from organization? Cooking? Cleaning? Decorating? Maintenance? Rest? Relaxation? 
  27. What are you giving up on around your home? (Sometimes you have to “let it go” about the wall color or the broken tile.)
  28. Describe your standards of living.
  29. How materialistic or non-materialistic are you?
  30. For your home, how important are brand names, image, and “keeping up with the Joneses”?
  31. Describe any judgments about yourself related to your home, either positive or negative.

PDF Printable Home Journal Prompts

Grab these journaling prompts for home below:

Home Journal Prompts PDF Printable

Feel free to share with a friend, and enjoy!

How Journaling About Your Ideal Home Helps

Sometimes just thinking deeply and journaling about your ideal home can lead you to some “aha” moments that will help you improve things.

Some improvements are super easy- such as rearranging furniture. And some improvements are difficult but can still be carefully planned out step by step and accomplished. 

It’s always nice to improve upon your home in any way that you can. Homemaking should be more revered in our society than it is, in my opinion.

A comfortable home brings so much joy. Home is where the heart is, after all. 

Home maintenance, another aspect of homemaking, is extremely important for health, safety, and maintaining your home’s value. So why not start your homemaking or home improvement projects by brainstorming and planning, journaling, and daydreaming? Then you can start to take action!

Final Thoughts

I hope you’ve enjoyed these basic home journal prompts to improve your home environment. They were a joy to write, as I love homemaking and decorating myself.

Do you know someone who has created a beautiful home? What do you admire about their space? What inspires you? I can think of a few lovely women off the top of my head.

Please enjoy these home journal questions. And let me know what you think in the comments!

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