How to Activate the Spiritual Awakening Process & Start a Spiritual Journey

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There is a lot of talk about spiritual awakening these days.

Spirituality is a hot topic for good reason; everyone wants to be the best version of themselves. And spiritual development is a big part of that. Feeling more peaceful, more connected to God or a higher power, feeling confident in your intuition, and living more authentically are all long-term benefits of being spiritually awake.

If you are intrigued by the idea of experiencing a spiritual awakening but are not sure how to begin, then consider these tips for starting the spiritual awakening process. If you have already begun your spiritual journey, these ideas will help enhance your spiritual growth and development.

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spiritual awakening

Common questions about spiritual awakening

Before we dive into some practical ways you can amplify your spiritual awakening, (or initiate one) let’s talk about some common questions related to spiritual awakening.

How do you know if you’re having a spiritual awakening?

Spiritual awakening begins differently for everyone. Your spiritual journey may start slowly over time or it may come on suddenly. It can be prompted by feelings of desire for change, or greater meaning in life. It may be triggered by challenges or difficulties.

A spiritual awakening can feel enlightening. It can feel inspiring and beautiful. But it’s not always pleasant. It’s just as common for a spiritual awakening to feel like confusion, frustration with the world around you, or being “out of place.”

Although spiritual awakening can sometimes be uncomfortable at first, awakening can lead to amazing personal growth and development. And in the long run, spiritual awakening creates greater happiness. As you feel more spiritually connected, you become more peaceful, intuitive, graceful, and authentically “you.”

What are the signs of spiritual awakening?

Signs of a spiritual awakening can be subtle or extremely obvious.

You may start to notice synchronicities or “coincidences.” You stumble across articles like this one. You feel called to seek spiritual material, and the right books and media seem to present themselves to you. Maybe you meet someone special who inspires your awakening.

During a spiritual awakening, you may begin to reflect on your life more. Or start making changes to better your life. Your priorities in life may begin to change as you seek out deeper meaning or more authentic ways of living.

As your journey begins to unfold, you may begin to broaden your views and perceptions, becoming better able to see multiple sides of things. You may develop greater empathy. Or feel a deeper connection to nature. There are many clues that your spiritual side is evolving. And signs of spiritual awakening can vary for each person.

The bottom line is, if you are wondering if you’re experiencing a spiritual awakening, then you probably are. It’s like wondering if you are an artist- if you’ve taken the time to contemplate the question, that’s usually a sign that you need only to affirm or give yourself permission to answer Yes!

Do you have to experience a big change or a negative event to have an awakening?

Although change or suffering can prompt an awakening, your spiritual journey doesn’t need a huge dramatic beginning.

It’s the ego that wants to compare and contrast our experiences to others. You don’t need lots of suffering to attain wisdom. Just like you don’t need a silver spoon in life to obtain success. You can begin or enhance your spiritual awakening process at any point in your life. Your journey is your own.

Let’s talk about how to begin that journey and the steps you can take to enhance your spiritual awakening process.

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How to Activate Your Spiritual Awakening

1. Ask and pray for a spiritual awakening

Ask God, Spirit, or your Higher Self to start your spiritual awakening journey. During meditation, prayer, or journaling, simply ask for your journey to begin or deepen, depending on where you are at in life.

Phrase your ask however you see fit. Some examples of asking for a spiritual awakening might look like this:

  • God, please open my heart, my mind, and my soul to see and feel your truths more clearly.
  • Universe, please help me connect to you and raise my vibration.
  • Higher self, I’m ready. Please help me on my spiritual journey so that I may live my best, most authentic life.
  • I’m ready to open my mind further to see, feel, and know more clearly.

2. Consent to a spiritual awakening & ask your guides for help

In addition to asking for a spiritual awakening, you must consent to it. This may sound like the same thing, but there is a nuanced difference worth mentioning here.

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Sometimes people think they want something, but on a deeper level, fear holds them back.

Often becoming awakened means facing painful feelings from the past, or confronting problems in the now. It’s common to experience resistance, cognitive dissonance, or mental blocks.

When you consent to a spiritual awakening, you make an agreement with yourself to evolve. You give permission for your higher self to guide you.

You can also grant permission to your spirit guides, angels, and God to help you along your way. This makes things much easier! You are surrounded by positive, loving energies that want to help you. So ask for that assistance, and consent to it if you feel comfortable with that notion.

Pray for your fears or apprehensions to clear. And for your mind and heart to become clear and open. Tell yourself I am ready, and I consent to this awakening process.

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3. Seek new information and spiritual guidance

In addition to using the power of prayer and communicating with your spiritual guides, actively seeking information is important on a spiritual journey. There are many ways to actively seek out knowledge for spiritual awakening.

  • Visit your local spiritual shop and see what you find.
  • Join a spiritual development group online or in person.
  • Sign up for a drum circle or prayer circle.
  • Book a psychic reading with a reputable psychic.
  • Consult wise friends and relatives for deep discussions.
  • Write, make art, and create.
  • Watch YouTube videos on spiritual awakening- an awesome YouTuber is Aaron Doughty.
  • Read spiritual blogs.
  • Read books on spirituality and awakening.

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4. Affirm your spiritual awakening

Along with asking, consenting, and taking actions to develop your spiritual side, it’s helpful to affirm that you are awakening. Affirm that you are a spiritual being who is learning more and more each day, following his or her own divine path.

You might try journaling some affirmations. Or simply remind yourself of your own power, free will, and inner light.

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5. Give yourself grace

Know that there is no right or wrong way to grow spiritually. Never be down on yourself for any time you were less awake. Look to the future with positivity. You are a high vibrational being.

No one maintains a state of positivity all the time. So give yourself plenty of grace. You’ll never feel great all the time. You will get mad, sad, or feel discouraged at times. Negative emotions or mistakes don’t make you any less spiritual. A spectrum of emotions and experiences is part of being human.

6. Affirm the “next level” of spiritual growth

When you feel ready to expand in your spiritual growth, affirm to God/The Universe that you are ready for the “next level.”

Affirming your readiness for the “next level” is incredibly powerful. This technique works well for when you feel content with certain aspects of life, but you sense you are ready for more.

You’re ready for new experiences, happiness, or to master higher levels of “innerstanding” in the matrix of life. Make sure the intention behind this desire to master higher levels is love-based. Rather than fear-based. Ask with a pure heart and trust.

For example, you may be ready to get to the next level in your relationship/s. You may be ready to meet someone new, be it a friend or a romantic partner. Or take the next step in a current relationship. Ask for that heart connection, and trust in the magical process.

Or maybe your sense of a “next level” is more general. You may feel like you’re fairly content with life, experiencing a steady level of happiness in life. Let’s call it a “level 6.” But what would it feel like to live at a “level 9” of happiness? What actions can you take and what thoughts can you think to get you living at that higher level of happiness? There is always more to discover about life, so much we don’t know. Your spiritual awakening process is part of what leads you to that next level of happiness.

But since the spiritual awakening process is not always an easy road to travel, be aware that you might end up going the long, hard way to get to that next level.

I’m not saying you will or should manifest a difficult path, or consent to anything traumatizing. But The Universe will give you what you need to grow spiritually and sometimes it’s not pretty. So when you confirm that you are ready for the next level, chose your words carefully and fill them with love. Then buckle up, buttercup! Because this reality is unexpected at times!

7. Let go

Throughout your life, which will naturally be filled with many levels of happiness and moments of awakening, you must let go of a sense of control. It’s paradoxical- you pray and journal and meditate and seek. But then you go to work. You play with your kids. You are engaged with your day-to-day life not thinking about spirituality at all.

During these times you hold that trust in your heart. And even if you don’t think about that trust once during the day, it remains in your subconscious. All your prayers and efforts to further your spiritual development process run like software in your subconscious. And progress for personal development and spirituality is made even when you’re unaware of it.

You realize this when you start to see spirit signs reflected in your reality, and wow will it make you smile! You see that there is no such thing as coincidences. So, when you meet that person you’ve been waiting for, or that opportunity comes along that you were practicing feeling in your manifestation meditation, you will know!

Final thoughts on the spiritual awakening process

So much of the spiritual awakening process is simply your own perception. That is good and bad news since our thoughts and emotions can be difficult to manage. But with prayer, consent, affirmation, active seeking, and letting go, you can activate your spiritual journey and grow in spiritual awareness. And the more spiritually awake that you are, the more happiness you can experience in life. A wider realm of positive experience is yours for enjoyment.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Please let me know what you think of these ideas to activate or enhance spiritual awakening.

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