Wondering how to boost creativity? Then you might enjoy this creativity challenge!

Learn to boost creativity with this creativity challenge.

If you’re worried that you’ve lost your creative spark, believe me, I’ve felt that way before. There was a time I thought my creative side was simply gone.

But rest assured: you can’t lose that part of yourself, even if it feels like it’s been on the back burner for far too long. You’ll always be creative; you have to affirm to yourself that you are an artist, even when you’re not producing any work.

That’s a huge part of the challenge of art that people can miss- mindset and commitment.

Other times, you feel committed, but what you need is a new creative medium to work in. Something that makes you feel inspired and excited. Something that reminds you that your creativity isn’t gone at all. It sure feels great to unlock creativity and dormant energy.

These 52 creative art and writing ideas will help you to do just that. So why not spark creativity with some new art ideas and feel as effervescent as Champagne bubbles!

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The Creative Lifestyle Mindset

First, let’s talk about the elusive nature of creativity. It seems to ebb and flow, doesn’t it? It’s the first thing to go when we get busy and life gets in the way of fun. That’s for sure.

That’s why, if you’re struggling to be creative, find art or writing ideas, be motivated to create, or express yourself, it helps to recognize one fundamental truth: a creative lifestyle is a commitment. It’s an intentional lifestyle choice that you must claim.

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Creativity Challenge Part 1:

Saying to the universe “I’m creative and I commit to being creative” is all you have to do to begin. This part of the creativity challenge is about your mindset first. We will talk about taking action to boost creativity in just a second.

Without having a committed-to-art mindset and artist identity first and foremost, it can be easy to not feel like an artist. Even if you’re creating tons of art, you can still feel like “not enough.”

This feeling can mess with your creative drive. It can truly get in your way. All because you don’t fully realize you’re an artist or have never confirmed it to yourself as your identity. Until you do just that, you may not be thriving creatively.

Being an artist starts with a mindset of committing to being an artist, no matter what. No matter how much crappy art you make. You certainly don’t need talent. What is required more than anything is a mindset full of commitment to creativity and self-belief.

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There’s a quote I read somewhere… “Every artist has a basement full of old shitty paintings.” (Something along those lines.) If you know who said that, please leave it in the comments!

Once you affirm something along the lines of “I’m creative and I commit to having a creative life,” then you can begin with true purpose and intention. That’s when the inspiration really starts to present itself and work through you to manifest into the physical realm. Your creativity boost absolutley starts inside of you first.

But what if creative inspiration doesn’t strike?

That’s where your commitment to being an artist comes in handy. You simply sit down and force yourself to make stuff. You can even trick yourself by setting up your art or writing area while you think about something else. For example, open your computer and pull up your word document then go flip the laundry. Then sit down to write. Work in “micromovements” of 5-15 second intervals. Let there be no such thing as art blocks or creativity blocks.

This commitment to being creative is called, (as Steven Pressfield says in The War of Art ) “being a professional.” This means you push past the resistance which blocks you from getting started. Waiting for inspiration, as he puts it, “is for amateurs.

So if you want to really boost creativity, make sure you claim your creative power with intention. It really is vital to your spirit. Then try working in some new art mediums to boost creativity.

Next up are some fresh creative ideas to inspire you. These art, craft, and writing projects are great for kids, too!

Creativity Challenge Part 2:

Try one new art medium or art project per week, every week for the next month or year. (Or whatever timeline works for you.) Don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed; take it one project at a time. Make the commitment to try something new creatively. You could keep track of your creative projects and ideas in a journal if that helps.

If you find you really like an art or creative project, then spend as many weeks or months or years as you want on it.

If you don’t enjoy a project you’re working on, then stop working on it. There is nothing wrong with abandoning creative ideas. You may return to the project later, or not. It’s all good either way. The key is to have fun. Let me explain further.

You don’t always need to feel obligated to finish an art project. Instead, listen to your intuition. Learn to feel the subtle difference between pushing past resistance while working on something you love, and accepting when it’s time to shelf a project. Is that a challenging feeling to grasp? Yes, it can be. Keep trying stuff until something really fires you up.

52 Creative projects to boost creativity

  1. Start a personal journal.
  2. Start an art journal.
  3. Try pointillism.
  4. Paint with DIY alcohol inks. (To make: Take the ink cartridge out of an old marker, put it into a bottle, then add 99% isopropyl alcohol.)
  5. Make graphic design images on Canva. You can use the free version.
  6. Draw with oil pastels.
  7. Zendoodle in ink pen.
  8. Make earth art.
  9. Make art out of trash or recyclable materials.
  10. Learn to watercolor paint.
  11. Make collages from scrap paper and acrylic paint.
  12. Knit.
  13. Learn encaustic painting.
  14. Get a drum, keyboard, or other musical instrument.
  15. Make slime.
  16. Practice photography.
  17. Start a blog.
  18. Start a novel.
  19. Write short stories.
  20. Write a memoir.
  21. Draw with paint markers.
  22. Make hairdryer art.
  23. Make a concoction out of random ingredients in the kitchen, (don’t necessarily eat it.)
  24. Start a band.
  25. Cook a new style of cuisine.
  26. Design your own tarot cards.
  27. Create a gorgeous Instagram account.
  28. Write poetry.
  29. Sew clothes and make fashion.
  30. Paint with India Ink.
  31. Make beaded jewelry.
  32. Make your own soap, lotion, deodorant, laundry detergent, etc.
  33. Build snow forts.
  34. Or sandcastles.
  35. Create crystal grids.
  36. Draw on graph paper.
  37. Use fluorescent paints to create black light art.
  38. Learn to decorate cakes with fancy frosting tips.
  39. Become obsessed with Gelli art, (*raises hand.)
  40. Dried flower art.
  41. Use paintbrushes made out of sticks and leaves and vegetable juice to paint.
  42. Paint rocks with acrylic craft paint.
  43. Try adding gold leaf.
  44. Yarn art.
  45. Try hand lettering or typography art. (See this inspiring episode on Netflix.)
  46. Make stuff out of twigs or driftwood. Examples- windchime. Jewelry hanger.
  47. Try embroidery.
  48. Sea glass art.
  49. Self-portraiture ala Cindy Sherman.
  50. Create stamps out of found objects.
  51. Copy a famous artist or art style- example: Impressionism, Jackson Pollocks’ drip art.
  52. Make some art that makes people say WTF. Examples right here.

Concluding thoughts on boosting creativity

Challenge yourself with art and don’t give up. You are a committed artist. It’s your lifestyle. Art on.

In the book Big Magic, author Elizabeth Gilbert writes “failure asks of us if we still want to create.” (I may not have that worded perfectly, but that’s about what she says.) So with art, let the answer always be “yes”.

Even if you suck, keep making. Creativity is not about skill whatsoever. That’s ego. Being an artist is about keeping an artist’s mindset, plus a doing of the work. A willingness to explore the unknown, push past resistance, and express yourself.

I hope this way of looking at things helps you boost creativity and feel more confident as an artist and creative person. Please let me know what you think in the comments.

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