Mindset Hacks: How to Change Your Mindset When You’re Feeling Down

If you want to change your mindset when you’re feeling down, then check out these simple yet powerful mindset hacks to better your mood. These tips work really well for me, and they may help you, too.

In addition to improving your mood, these mindset hacks work wonderfully for increasing productivity, creativity, and inspiration. They can also help you side-step creative block, perfect for artists and writers. The hacks themselves are all about shifting your mindset using the least effort possible. They are accessible and simple mental hacks for anyone to try.

So keep reading to discover some ways you may not have thought of to improve your mood and hack your mindset!

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*Disclaimer- I’m not a doctor, I’m a writer sharing my unique mindset hacks for positivity and how I change my mindset and attitude when feeling down. Always talk to your doctor about your health concerns including mental health, and before making any health-related decisions. See privacy policy & disclosures for more details.

How do mindset hacks actually work?

The mindset hacks I’m sharing with you today work because they are sensible and simple. You don’t have to fight an uphill battle to change your mindset when you’re feeling down. There isn’t some big, fake effort involved. You’re not convincing yourself everything is Ok when it’s not. Instead, these hacks take a gentle approach to shift your thoughts naturally with minimal effort.

“A bad mood” isn’t necessarily the same thing as depression. So please talk to your doctor. That being said, you can check out this article if you are interested in journaling for better mental health or improved mood:

50 Journal Prompts for Anxiety and Depression {With Free PDF Printable Worksheet}

How can mindset hacks improve your mood?

Mainly, by shifting your focus.

When you are stuck in a bad mood, it can feel like trudging through muck. It can feel so challenging to get yourself unstuck.

In my experience, it’s less about forcing a smile to get out of a bad mood, and more about distracting yourself. And sometimes you almost have to trick yourself into getting distracted. Bad moods are persistent like that- they don’t want to go away. They don’t want you to forget about being grumpy. So you have to get crafty (sometimes, literally!)

Mindset hacks are sneaky ways to trick yourself into a better mood. So without further wait, check them out for yourself!

6 Mindset hacks to improve your mood when you’re feeling down

1. Shift your mindset to awe, mystery, and curiosity

One way to shift your focus when you are feeling down is to look for fascinating, mysterious, or awe-inspiring ideas to fill your mind. Feelings of wonder, curiosity, and intrigue can replace feeling down.

This mindset hack is my favorite way to shift out of depression. There is so much awe and mystery to discover in this world if we start to look for it. Try to focus on positive mysteries and stay away from the darker stuff.

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Examples of awe-inspiring subject matter to shift your mindset:

  • Ancient underwater cities.
  • Pyramids discovered in Antarctica underneath the snow.
  • Tartarian architecture, mud flood, and reset theory. (My personal favorite, here’s a cool Instagram account.)
  • The latest research on using psychedelics to treat mental health and substance abuse issues.
  • Humans who supposedly lived for 250+ years.
  • The discovery of giant human bones.
  • Quantum physics and the fact that observing matter causes it to change.

Any of these fascinating ideas can lead you down plenty of interesting rabbit holes. They may intrigue you enough to shift your mindset out of a bad mood.

Keep an open mind to everything. Just because you are reading up on some mystery or fascinating idea does not make it true or untrue. And it doesn’t necessarily mean you believe it. We are simply being open to possibilities here. Getting interested in thought-provoking topics and distracting our minds with the various subject matter. Try to keep a neutral mindset.

2. Shift your mindset and improve your mood with an amazing book

Reading is an awesome mindset hack. And it’s perfect for introverts.

Try to always have a good book on hand. If you have a kindle, you can get books for free from authors trying to promote their work. Just type ‘free eBooks for kindle’ into Amazon’s search bar.

I’m a huge fan of memoirs, light-hearted fiction, and personal development. I’ll share a few of my favorites below. There are so many amazing authors out there.

Currently, I’m reading Wild Plants of Maine by Tom Seymore.

Tom’s voice is absolutely charming and delightful. He enthusiastically describes all the edible plants around Maine, providing photos of each for easy identification. Do you live in an area where you can forage? If so, consider educating yourself on the bounty of wild foods where you live.

More fantastic books (memoir and fiction):


The Sunset Strip Diaries by Amy Ashbury If you love 80’s hair metal like I do, this book will not disappoint.

I’m With the Band by Pamela Des Barres. An awesome 1960’s memeoir.

Open Book by Jessica Simpson. Entertaining.

Light-hearted fiction:

It’s Not You, It’s Him by Sophie Ranald. 

For Once in My Life by Colleen Coleman.

We’re Just Like You, Only Prettier: Confessions of a Tarnished Southern Belle by Celia Rivenbark. This author is hilarious.

Personal development

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. Totally inspiring.

You are a Badass by Jen Sincero

3. Shift your mindset to creativity to improve your mood

Any sort of art or writing can be an effective mindset hack to improve your mood. Music also works wonders. By shifting your mindset to creativity, you naturally stir up curiosity, joy, productivity, and positivity without having to force yourself out of a bad mood. Simply follow your creative interests and explore new ones.

Need art ideas? Then check out this post:

How to Increase Creativity: Take the Creativity Challenge + 52 Art Ideas.

You may also enjoy: How to Start an Art Journal for Beginners.

Art journaling is super fun and a great hobby to work on alone or with a loved one. It’s the perfect creative activity for introverts, and the joy of art journaling can no doubt help to positively shift your mindset when you’re feeling down.

I also have tons and tons of journal prompts for you if you enjoy writing. Many free printables included!

4. Go outside to shift your mindset to nature

Sit outside quietly and just observe.

Watch the clouds, the squirrels, and feel the wind. Grab a handful of dirt and examine closely what composes it. Take a few deep breaths.

Being out in nature, especially alone, can be an amazing way to shift your mindset out of a bad mood. One of the best mindset hacks there is! Noticing the magic of nature and the beauty all around you can help you see beyond your worries. There’s nothing like the beauty of nature to get out of a bad mood.

If you’re spiritual, you can pray or meditate on God, the universe, or the unseen realms. Maybe look around for evidence of fairies, talk to the birds, try scrying the clouds, or contemplate other magical possibilities. Again, remaining neutral and open-minded. There is so much we don’t know about nature and life, so why not wonder?

5. Use gratitude to shift your mindset

Gratitude truly helps to reframe your thoughts. Try journaling a list of every single thing you can think of to be grateful for, from your eyesight to hot water. Think of how many people would be thrilled with what you have.

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And the more you appreciate what you have, the more you can manifest more good things to be grateful for.

6. Use perspective as a positive mindset hack

With age comes wisdom, that is for sure. When I’m feeling down, I know with certainty it’s a temporary feeling. Unlike in my teens and early twenties, I do not catastrophize. I know that moods shift, that feelings change, and that I have the power to allow a storm of emotions to pass without crushing me forever.

An immense component of what helps me feel better when I’m feeling down is knowing I am often thinking too small. There is always something I don’t know, and there are always undiscovered possibilities to be hopeful for.

I’m telling you this to pass along the wisdom because maybe no one has ever shared it with you. Knowing that you only know what you know and that there is a vast realm of possibilities you don’t yet perceive, can help shift your mindset when feeling down.

So rather than dwell in worry, darkness, and depression, try to shift your mindset to trust in the ebb and flow of life. Trust in the possibilities, and that you are supported by the universe and many unseen energies. This positive mindset hack brings hope.

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A final word on how to change your mindset when you’re feeling down

Using creativity, awe, curiosity, gratitude, and perspective to shift your mindset when you’re feeling down can be extremely effective. And the realization that you’re thinking too small can be an amazing insight to escape negative thoughts.

You may find like I often do, that after a while you simply become bored with your bad mood. Boredom alone may eventually be enough to shift your mindset. Boredom can shift you to productivity and curiosity, so let boredom be a tool.

I hope you enjoyed these mindset shift exercises for positivity. Please let me know what you think in the comments!

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