Have you ever thought about who you were in a past life or wondered how to do a past life regression meditation?

In this article, learn the steps to experiencing a vivid past life regression session. You can practice this past life regression on your own by reading through the questions and then going into a meditative state. But having a friend mediate your session is highly recommended.

Please note that this meditation for past lives is for entertainment purposes only. It is also intended for those 18 years and older. This past life regression session is not a substitute for professional therapy, professional mental health care, or medical care. And results are not guaranteed. Please talk with your medical doctor about any health concerns you may have including mental health concerns. For more information, please see privacy policy and disclosures.

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past life regression meditation

What to expect from a past life regression meditation

Absolutely no results of any kind are guaranteed from this past life regression meditation. You may have no past life visions or intuitive feelings, or you may have a powerful and vivid experience of your former life/lives.

There is no definitive scientific research to prove the existence of past lives or reincarnation. But there are many fascinating stories and accounts of those who claim to know about their past lives. Your own perceptions, sense, and intuition is your best guide.

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My own past life regression experience

In 2014, I went to a metaphysical shop and had a professional past life regression/ meditation experience with the help of an intuitive healer. It was extremely eye-opening. What I saw from my past life both made complete sense on an intuitive level AND caught me by absolute surprise. I could never have guessed what I saw.

I was a young man, but I was myself fully. I felt like myself as I am now. I had a female spirit/soul.

To be me inside a male body was truly shocking. As someone who identifies as highly feminine, I never imagined being a different gender in a past life. I figured I would still be female.

In fact, I never imagined being me at all in another life. I thought I would be a completely different person on the inside as well as on the outside in a past life. This was not the case.

What I encountered in my meditation was a traumatic former life. There were parallels to my life now. I came out of the session in tears. But I’m glad I had the regression experience. It explained alot.

Your past life may have been quite happy. I’m sharing my experience to let you know that your past life/lives could range from happy to horrible.

I won’t get into further detail here. If you’re curious, ask me in the comments and I will elaborate.

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For best results with your past life meditation session

1. DO NOT read through the past life meditation questions before your session.

This is so that you don’t think of the answers to the questions before your actual past life regression session.

The past life meditation questions should be unknown to you before you begin your meditation. Then the answers that come up during meditation can be more authentic.

If you have no intention of performing this past life regression or are simply curious, go right ahead and read the questions any time. But if are looking for a pure experience, don’t read the questions until the time of your meditation session.

To make it easy for you to not read the questions beforehand, the questions and instructions for the meditation session are available as a PDF printable download. They are free to download and print at the end of this article through the link provided, but they are not typed within the content of this article.

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2. This article is for entertainment purposes only.

This article and the past life regression session questions are not a substitute for professional therapy or medical care of any kind. Please talk to your medical doctor about your mental health.

What you will need to begin

To get started, you will need a quiet, semi-dark room.

There should be no shadows, no glint of light coming through a crack in the door. Just a calming, darkened (but not pitch dark) room.

You should have no sound distraction. No chance of a cell phone beeping, and no outside noises.

There should be no smells, other than possibly some incense, sage, or a scented candle.

And you need a comfortable place to lay down on your back. Not too cushy, not too many pillows, just a simple spot on the rug will do. Get comfortable but not as if you’re going to sleep for the night.

Make sure you are not too full, or hungry. Make sure your body feels comfortable and relaxed.

Ultimately, what you are aiming for is minimum sensory distraction. That means minimizing anything that draws attention from your 5 senses (sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell.) This is so that you can have clearer and more powerful access to your 6th sense.

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Why you should have a friend read the past life regression questions

As mentioned, it helps to have another person read you the past life regression questions presented in this article.

The person reading the past life questions is known as the mediator of the session, while the other person (you) has the actual meditation experience.

Having a mediator enables you to think about and feel/sense the answers to the meditation questions more easily. This is because a mediator helps with eliminating distractions. For example, having a mediator read you the meditation questions eliminates the distraction of reading the questions yourself. And of holding the PDF printable questions in your hands.

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What the mediator needs to know

To be clear, the mediator needs to be incredibly mindful of how important their role is in your past life regression experience.

The mediator should be in a calm and peaceful energy state before working with you. They should be aware that you need minimum sensory distractions from them (such as perfume smells, giggles, eating snacks during the session, etc.) They should take their role seriously.

Past life regression mediation can be incredibly powerful and bring up strong emotions. For this reason, your mediator should be a trusted friend or family member. The mediator should be capable, (on a maturity level- emotionally, mentally, and spiritually) of their special role in your experience and always be respectful.

Preforming a past life regression mediation alone

It is possible to perform a past life regression session solo. If you would prefer to have the past life experience in private, then you can prepare yourself accordingly.

First, calm your body and mind. Make sure you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally well and balanced. It would be wise to plan to call a friend after to discuss your experience. Or plan on journaling about it.

Make sure you are in the right kind of environment as described earlier in this article. (A darkened, quiet room with minimum sensory distraction.)

While sitting upright, read through all the mediation questions. Let the questions exist in your mind for a minute without thinking of the answers to them just yet.

Next, lay down. Relax your body and get into a meditative state of peaceful calm.

Then think over the questions one at a time, allowing your mind to meditate deeply into the questions and freely sense the answers that emerge.  *Further instructions in the PDF printable.

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Imagination versus authentic experience

You may be wondering, What is the difference between imagining a past life and actually having an accurate vision or experience of a past life? Well, it comes down to knowing yourself and trusting your intuition.

It can be a fine line between imagination and authentic vision/ experience. It may take time and practice to be able to slip into the kind of meditative state needed to experience a past life regression. Or, you may enter your meditation experience with ease.

My best tip to enter a meditative state is to focus on the regression questions loosely. This is hard to explain, but what I mean is not to overthink anything. Let information about your past life seep into your mind via your 6th sense. If you lose your vision at some point in the meditation, let your thoughts go loose again. Don’t try real hard to focus or re-focus. The energy is about allowing, rather than trying.

Final thoughts before you begin

Again, this article is for entertainment purposes only and not a substitute for therapy or medical care of any kind. Still, expect that strong emotions may arise during or after meditation.

*Again, for best results, DO NOT read through the questions before your session. This is so that you don’t think of the answers to the questions before your actual past life session. The questions should be unknown to you before you begin your meditation. Then the answers that come up can be more authentic.

Alright. Now let’s get into the past life mediation questions so you can begin your session.

Simply download and print out the past life regression questions with instructions below:

PDF printable past life regression meditation questions.

Final thoughts on past lives versus the present

Most of us have no idea who we were in past lives. But some of us have vivid memories of multiple past lives. It is fascinating to think about who we might have been before.

Sometimes there are connections between past lives and our current lives. For example, having the same scar on your body. Or attracting the same people, such as in the case of soulmates. Karma may play out over multiple lives. And life lessons may repeat.

But although past life theories are interesting, and past life regression can be fascinating, it is important to stay focused on the present. On the life we are living now. The past is gone, whether in this life or a previous life. We can learn from it, but the present moment is where all the power resides. Always.

Brian L Weiss, MD, the author of the book Many Lives, Many Masters believes most of us have lived hundreds of times before. If reincarnation fascinates you, I recommend checking out his book if you get the chance.

I hope you enjoy the PDF printable past life regression questions and your past life meditation session yields interesting and/or helpful information for your life.

Please let me know what you think! Comment if you have any questions, or would like to share your past life meditation experience!

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