Self Empowerment Tips to Increase Self Esteem & Feel Capable of Anything in Life

Do you know that sense of excitement when you finally master a challenge or meet a goal? That feeling of confidence, happiness, and a sense of relief? That feeling is empowerment, an important yet under-discussed positive emotion.

Feeling empowered gives you the ability to accomplish just about anything in life. When you are empowered, you feel more capable of facing challenges or doing difficult things. You are more confident, self-assured, and feel better about yourself.

Today we are discussing practicle, simple ways to increase the feeling of empowerment. These 10 self-empowerment tips will help strengthen your tenacity, fire up your courage, and lift your spirits. And they will help build more positive self-esteem to face future challenges.

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“Why can’t I accomplish anything?”

If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, I know the feeling. I’ve failed bigly at many things, and there have been times I’ve felt powerless to improve my life.

Feeling stuck can severely damage your self-esteem. But the inspiring truth is that you don’t have to feel like you “can’t” forever.

Self-empowerment is a feeling that can be purposefully cultivated.

Just like any other aspect of personal development, self-empowerment is a muscle you can build and exercise at will. You can make yourself stronger and feel better about yourself and your abilities when you practice doing practical things that give you confidence.

Let’s dive into these awesome self-empowerment tips!

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10 Practical Ways to Feel Empowered & Capable of Anything

Fix it Yourself

One way to feel like “Yes I can!” is to fix something that’s tricky to fix. This could be something like a broken vacuum cleaner, a flat tire, or even sewing a button on a shirt if you’ve never sewn anything before. You could also try building something yourself, such as a piece of furniture.

The point is to push yourself out of your comfort zone and accomplish solving a problem. YouTube videos are wonderful for this. You don’t need any skill or know-how to fix a lot of things; you can learn as you go. Once you’ve completed your project, you’ll feel more empowered to DIY or fix it yourself!

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Drive Without GPS

I’m old enough to remember waaaay back before we had GPS to navigate. I drove everywhere on memory and with a crumpled, coffee-stained paper map.

If you don’t own a paper map of your state, you should definitely buy one as a safety precaution. Better yet, a USA road map (or country map for whatever country you live in.)

Go on a road trip and use your map instead of your GPS. Or, try to drive back from somewhere unfamiliar on memory alone. See if you can do it without getting lost. Maps are also fun to look at and daydream your next vacation.

Cook Without a Recipe

If you’re someone who doesn’t cook, or you feel you need a recipe, why not throw caution to the wind and cook like a pioneer?

It helps to understand the principles of the food you’re working with. For example, root veggies take longer to cook than greens. Searing meat is usually a good idea. Salt and butter help. That sort of thing. When you understand some basic facts about cooking, you’ll find you rarely need recipes.

This will sound very “1950’s housewife” of me, but I’ve debated with people over pot roast recipes. I do not “need” a pot roast recipe; people have been throwing meat and veggies in a pot for thousands of years. There is no one correct way to do it, and I cook it differently each time I make it. Cooking from your intuition can be very empowering.

Go on an Unplanned Adventure

Have you ever packed up and gone on a spontaneous trip? Make a quick decision in the morning, grab a bottle of water and an extra sweater, and go! Being spontaneous is fun and can help break out of your comfort zone. Why not find a new hiking spot, or visit a few towns over. If you live in a city with a bus system, you can also buy a bus ticket to somewhere you’ve never been. My best friend and I ended up in Providence Rhode Island that way once, way back in the day.

Tell Someone What You Really Think

Being honest and direct with your words can be a great way to feel more empowered. This is a skill I’ve developed over time. I now have no problem being very direct. Especially being a Mom.

Being candid can not only strengthen your relationship with yourself but can also earn you respect if you state your thoughts or opinions responsibly. You can be blunt without necessarily being rude. People will appreciate your real, honest take on things.


Being forthright shows you have integrity and boundaries. Being vague, wishy-washy, sugar-coating, people-pleasing… I find very little use for any of it the older I get. That being said….

Keep Your Mouth Shut

Sometimes it is better to keep your mouth closed. Not speaking at times is a sign of maturity, choosing your battles wisely, or not wasting your energy. Having the self-control to refrain from speaking in certain situations can be just as empowering as giving someone a piece of your mind. Consider this quote:

“When you argue with a fool, it’s hard to tell who the fool is.”


Clean and Organize Your Home

Getting your home in order can empower you to get your life in order. Cleaning and organizing can help you feel better about yourself by removing chaos and confusion. Anything you do to raise your own standards of living has the potential to make you feel more capable and feel more confident.

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My method of house cleaning always starts with the kitchen, then overall pick up, then vacuum, laundry, and bathrooms last. Find a routine that works for you, or grab mine below!

Strenuous Physical Activity

How to feel empowered and capable in 30 minutes or less? Go for a run, walk on a steep incline, or try any form of intense physical exercise. Be safe and don’t go too hard but challenge yourself to break a bit of a sweat. Feel your muscles work.

Creating your own challenge in the form of a workout, then conquering your workout goal, is a great way to feel more empowered. You’ll gain a sense of gratitude for what your body can do. And benefit from the discipline required to complete the physical act. All while helping yourself become physically stronger and healthier.

Learn a New Skill

There is perhaps nothing more empowering than learning a new skill. That could be learning to play a musical instrument, refurnish your dresser, or start an online business.

For me, starting a blog and learning how to grow my blog has been one of the most empowering things I’ve ever done. Not to mention opening my Etsy shop. I love writing, graphic design, and being creative. I taught myself everything about blogging and graphic design by reading other blogs and taking a few blogging courses. (Check my recommendations page to see which courses I recommend.)

The key is to find something that interests you and dive in deep. Hush that naysaying voice in your head. Yes you can become a pattern designer or a Reiki instructor or a (fill in the blank___.) You’ll be surprised at how much you can learn and accomplish, especially over time.

Give Extra

How to feel empowered by giving a bit more than usual? Try it and see! Being generous helps you feel more abundant, which can help manifest more abundance.

Think of when you tip a few dollars extra, or buy a really nice gift for someone- doesn’t that feel good? You feel confident you’re doing something good when you give a little extra. You feel empowered to make this world a better place when you help make someone else happy.

We all have many opportunities to feel empowered by giving. And what better way is there to feel more capable in life than to help someone else?

Concluding Thoughts on Practical Self-Empowerment

Self-empowerment can be a daily practice if you’re mindful. There are many small and practical ways to empower yourself throughout the day. Those listed in this article are just a few.

If you actively seek out ways to feel strong and capable, you’ll discover much you can do to improve your life, increase your self-esteem, and feel more confident.

I honestly believe each one of us is writing our own story, and directing our own movie. We are each responsible for our own happiness, and that knowledge alone can make you feel more empowered.

Happiness may feel impossible when life feels out of control, and some challenges we face are extreme. But ultimately, the fact that we each create our own reality is inspiring. So take life one day at a time and create the life of your dreams! Please let me know what you think in the comments!

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