How to Manifest Money

How to Manifest Money- 12 Law of Attraction Tips That Work

Manifesting money using the Law of Attraction involves tapping into the power of your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs to attract wealth and abundance into your life.

In this article, learn how the Law of Attraction works, and how your thoughts affect your manifesting capabilities.

Get 12 practical but powerful tips for manifesting money using the Law of Attraction. All of these tips are interesting, creative, and fun. They are easy to try and bring positive energy as well.

Let’s get right to it!

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How to Manifest Money

How the Law of Attraction works

The Law of Attraction states that we will attract what we predominantly think about, feel, and focus on. In other words, we create our reality with our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

Everything in reality is essentially vibrational energy, and similar energies attract one another. Furthermore, all that exists in the physical realm initially exists in the non-physical realm, including the wealth and abundance in our lives.

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How your thoughts affect your ability to manifest money

Negative thinking is a major block to financial abundance.

As the Law of Attraction says, like attracts like, so seeing yourself as someone who is incapable, unfortunate, from the wrong side of the tracks, or lazy will create an energetic vibration that is out of alignment with the energetic vibration of wealth and abundance.

From a Law of Attraction standpoint, a negative vibration will not attract a positive vibration. You’ve got to start feeling more capable and positive about your abilities. Please understand how powerful you are!

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12 Law of Attraction Tips for Manifesting Money

1. Try journal prompts to uncover subconscious beliefs

Journaling can reveal beliefs about money that may be hidden. Start by thinking about where your money thoughts come from. Use these journal prompts to get started:

  • Why do I believe I can or cannot be wealthy?
  • What did I learn about wealth growing up?
  • How did where I grew up affect my thoughts about money?
  • What do I want to change about my money mindset?

By recognizing the influences and experiences that have shaped your perceptions, you gain greater power to change your thoughts and to manifest money.

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2. Use meditation to improve your mindset

Along with journaling to identify and improve your thoughts, try meditation.

Meditation can bring clarity to your money mindset. Ask, what are you currently manifesting with the Law of Attraction money-wise? Envision yourself where you want to be instead and hold that vision.

The key is to focus on the feeling or sensation of wealth and abundance while meditating. That feeling of wealth is one element of manifesting money using The Law of Attraction.

Feel the gratitude and love you have for financial freedom. See yourself living the lifestyle you want, spending money confidently. Practice feeling “as if” you’re already living in that state of wealth. Imagine and feel what it feels like to go shopping without looking at price tags, for example. Align your energy with the energy of wealth and financial freedom. Using positive affirmations can help.

The thing not to do is to wish and want, effectively creating a vibration of lack. Wishing you had the money means you don’t have the money.

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3. Take action to power your manifesting

For the Law of Attraction to work, you have to take action.

Start by examining anything about your life standing in your way of creating wealth. In addition to your mindset, this could include your environment, relationships, skillset, or health.

Start making the changes you need to make. (Even if you have to take small steps.) For example, maybe you need more positive relationships. Or better self-care.

Taking action to manifest money using the Law of Attraction is also very much about taking practical steps. If you want to manifest a better job that makes you more money, you have to put in your resume or application. You may have to take classes or develop new skills.

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4. Practice letting go to manifest money

Another element to successfully manifesting money using the Law of Attraction is to practice “letting go.”

Letting go does not mean a lack of action. It has nothing to do with action at all and is instead a mindset you can cultivate.

Letting go means not reaching and grasping (which the universe reads as desperation and lack.) Letting go is about releasing urgency, control, and neediness.

This can be challenging when you really need money. But it’s a way you can train yourself to think and feel. Release the feelings of need, want, and lack and settle into a vibration of trust.

This may take practice, but a vibration of trust will invite money to flow your way much more effectively. If trust feels impossible, aim for neutrality.

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5. Have gratitude to manifest money

Being thankful for what you already have is an important part of manifesting money as well. When you hold an energy of gratitude and are thankful for what you already have, The Universe often responds by giving you more. A vibration of authentic gratitude is a lovely feeling and is integral to the Law of Attraction working for you.

You can practice gratitude journaling to strengthen the energy of your thoughts. Each day, simply make a list of what you are grateful for and hold that emotion close to your heart.

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6. Identify your passions

You don’t need passion or inspiration to develop a skill that can manifest money. But you do need passion and inspiration to joyfully manifest money with the Law of Attraction. Happiness is key.

If you have no clue what your passions are, then start actively searching. Try new things to discover your interests. You may have to leave your comfort zone, so buckle up, buttercup:)

Make a new friend, join a gym and try CrossFit, take a pottery class, throw a party and network, start writing, check out Skillshare for online classes for cheap, volunteer at a soup kitchen… anything to put yourself in a new environment and learn something new. This will also help you learn what you do not like, and that knowledge is equally helpful for your life path.

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7. Sidestep your left-brain thoughts and get creative!

Try something new, such as fiction writing, art journaling, watercolor painting, singing, dancing, earth art, or creative cooking. Practice any creative activity to shift your vibration into having fun creatively.

The main way being creative helps you manifest money from a Law of attraction standpoint is that being creative distracts your mind away from thoughts of lack and need. It raises your vibration from insecurity to joyfulness.

Being creative will also help you discover potential interests you could monetize, (such as writing) and passions you could capitalize on (like graphic design.)

For a fun creative project that is helpful for manifesting, try making a vision board about your goals and dreams. A vision board can be a powerful Law of Attraction tool for manifesting money, wealth, and your ideal lifestyle.

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8. Identify your natural skills

I can assure you it never occurred to me that my love of journaling could morph into a business. It blows my mind every time I think of it.

The truth is, that everyone has natural innate skills that can be developed. And everyone has something to give to society. When you are living the best version of yourself, doing whatever you like to do, you are giving the best of yourself to this world.

When you give the best of yourself, you can use the Law of Attraction more effectively because you are coming from a positive joyful place of being “in the flow” of what you enjoy doing.

By giving, you’ll be better able to find ways to manifest money because you’ll be existing in this flow state. You will thrive in this flow state.

You will vibrate on an energetic level with abundance. And be able to use the Law of Attraction to manifest not only money, but also fresh ideas, creative inspiration, and supportive people. Try some journaling for self-awareness to discover your skills.

9. Try the “shift to wonder” mindset hack

A mindset hack you can use anytime to shift your money mindset is what I call “the shift to wonder.”

This mindset hack is helpful when your money mindset feels crappy and your hope feels small. You can pull this trick out of your hat anytime you’re struggling with money mindset. It also can work wonderfully for other negative mental states.

“The shift to wonder” is all about marveling at the natural world and the wonders of the universe. Take a long hard look at the unknown and unseen realms. Read up on fractal patterns, quantum physics, and ancient underwater cities.

If you feel stuck or hopeless, realize you are thinking too small. That realization can really help your money mindset.

There is so much opportunity, magic, and abundance in this world. There is so much to learn, discover, and explore. Focusing on wondrous things changes your energetic vibration, which empowers your ability to manifest using the Law of Attraction.

10. Be less frugal to manifest money

Although being frugal is smart, and sometimes not much of a choice, penny-pinching can make you feel poor. It can keep your identity poor. Your ability to use the Law of Attraction to manifest money may be less effective if you have a frugal mindset all the time.

If you have any wiggle room in your budget, experiment with spending “as if” you already have the money you desire. (In responsible ways, of course.) Here are some ways you can spend less restrictively (yet rationally) to shift your energetic frequency to abundance and wealth:

  • Don’t always buy the cheapest. Go for better quality where you can.
  • Give stuff to others.
  • Buy some organic food instead of cheap generic food. Especially fresh organic vegetables.
  • Splurge on books, art supplies, an online class, or whatever your need for your personal growth and development.
  • Avoid looking at price tags for certain items to make your purchase decision based on value, not dollars.

11. Be persistent in using the Law of Attraction

To use the Law of Attraction to manifest money takes persistence.

Manifesting money using the Law of Attraction can happen quickly, but sometimes it doesn’t. So hang in there. Keep learning, improving your money mindset, taking action, and developing practical skills. Allow the flow of money into your life by being open and receptive to it.

The alternative to not creating wealth and financial freedom is to give up. Considering just how infinite and magical a world we live in, that alternative is boring.

12. Be willing to fail

Be brave, be willing to fail, be willing to risk.

Never beat yourself up over “failures.” There is no such thing.

You have got to make mistakes to learn and grow. And you have got to give yourself grace when something doesn’t work out.

I cannot begin to tell you how many times I’ve failed. I used to feel really bad about myself for it, too. Until my understanding of failure expanded and my mind awakened.

The only failure is in giving up on yourself. Even then, even at rock bottom, you can always re-emerge and try again.

Concluding thoughts

The Law of Attraction is both practical and magical. Using Law of Attraction techniques to manifest money involves mindset work and taking action.

Manifesting money effectively can take time. But, manifesting can just as easily happen quickly. Sometimes all it takes is a flash of insight to see things differently. Insight can lead to actions that manifest success.

I hope you find these Law of Attraction tips helpful for manifesting money. Please let me know what you think in the comments below.

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